Thursday, August 7, 2014

King of High School Episode 16 - Cute Filler and Complications

Hey loyal readers, this is going to be a very brief post since I am currently packing and getting all my last minute errands done for my flight to KCON!  At 4am tomorrow morning I will be at the airport and making my way to LA!  So since I am quickly running out of time, this is going to be more of just a few thoughts that have been rambling through my brain after watching the episode rather than a traditional, or even mini recap.  On an up note, at least this is a great episode for this to happen since I was getting filler episode vibes as I watched.  Not that it was bad filler since the characters are all so enjoyable to watch, but filler none the less.
I think my biggest problem with the episode is that they really beat the concept, that their relationship is not going to work right now, into the ground.  Yes I know Min Seok and Soo Young have a huge age gap to deal with and yes there are going to be problems that arise with overcoming that specific issue.  But it felt like the saved all of the "problems" and smashed them all into one hour rather than spreading them out a bit.  I have a feeling that despite the preview we saw for next week, there is going to be a time jump on the horizon.  I understand why they do the time jump (mostly to make the whole underage aspect feel less scuzzy) but for once I wish the writers would just let a couple grow together and not make them separate to make them more presentable.  Let them  figure out how to deal with the trials they have and not expect everything to work out in the future just because you are suddenly at a presentable age.  Life is not like that, and going through the trials of relationships together is how a couple really becomes stronger.  There is a reason why people say long distance relationships are doomed, because they rarely work out despite how Kdramas portray them.
My favorite moment of the episode was the chicken and beer scene between Jin Woo and Min Seok.  There was something just so cute with the two of them relaxing and having a bit of a bromance.  I really wish that Jin Woo and stalker would end up together because these two men as brother in laws would be epic.  Talk about some fun and competitive family reunions.  I will miss hearing Min Seok calling him a $#*%#$* Weasel.
That is all for me this week!  I told you that it was going to be very short and sweet.  I am also behind on my recaps for "The Joseon Gunman" and hope to sneak one last recap in before I go, but will have to see if it happens.  I also plan on bringing back the weekly countdown as well as some other new blogging segments once I come home and get things back to normal.  I am very excited for changes coming to our blog in the upcoming months so be sure to stay tuned.  Be sure to check in next week as we reach the finale of this drama and say goodbye to these amazing characters.
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