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Kmuse Top 5 Kdrama Countdown - Most Memorable Fashion

Whether it is good or bad we all focus in on the wardrobes and style (hair & makeup) while watching a drama.  We discuss it with other kdrama enthusiasts ( I made the mistake of trying to explain the many male hairstyles and their significance to a non kdrama friend.  I received some very very weird looks, so now I usually just discuss with others who understand my obsession) and squee at mid-drama hairstyle changes.  So come join me as I countdown the good and the bad of drama fashion.  Also, as usual, feel free to let us know your favorites that I might have missed in the comments or topics for future top 5's.  We at TCA love hearing from the readers.
#5 The Night Watchman's Journal
Oh Night Watchman's Journal, you are as crazy with your fashion as you are with your plot line.  All in all we love you, but sometimes you just don't make sense.  This is the case with several characters (we will never forget the dream induced outfit that SiDam wore during the sacrificial ceremony in episode 1) but the one that drives me crazy is the Pocahontas themed mini skirt of our leading lady Do Ha.  Why?  Why are you going around with your midriff peaking out and your skirt high up your leg?  Even for a fusion Saguek it just does not make sense.  You might give the excuse, "Kmuse, it is the outfit of her tribe." to which I reply.............are you kidding me?  No one else (including her sister) was sporting that much leg so how could this be a traditional dress.  And why does it look like an outfit you would see a hostess at an Indian Casino Bar wearing?  And even though I was not a fan of the Pocahontas dress, I did not wish the ugly outfit she replaced it with.  Her pants and shirt combo are ill fitting and make her look kind of frumpy.  Not a look you really want your leading lady to have.  I guess we will have to leave it to Jung Il Woo to be the fashionista of the drama.
#4 Winter the Wind Blows
When I could take my attention away from Jo In Sung's beautiful face, my eye was caught by his extremely stylish wardrobe.  Full of textured sweaters, colorful coats, and my all time favorite use of suspenders, he brought an old world charm into a modern drama.
#3 Secret Garden
Anyone who has watched this drama, and even many of those that have not, probably know why Joo Won's wardrobe made it on to my memorable fashion list.  Unfortunately, it was not for good fashion, but for a series of truly horribly beaded tracksuits.  These clothes will be imprinted in your mind after watching the drama, and you will now understand the many inside jokes in other dramas (Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, Greatest Love).  One of my favorite moments from the whole show was when the lead, Joo Won, found that his tracksuit was being used by the promoters of a hostess bar.  Truly a fun and ridiculous fashion.
#2 City Hunter
For a show about revenge, murder, and intrigue, there sure was a whole lot of fashion going on with the male lead.  Most of my time was spent ogling Lee Min Ho in his tight pink pants and those deep, deep, deep, V t-shirts.  What cracked me up the most was the fact that he wore this sexy chest showing clothing to work (the Blue House, no less) and even acted like all that naked chest was completely normal.  Why can't my workplace be like that......on second thought, I would hate to see most of the men I know showing more cleavage then me. 
#1 Lee Joon Gi
I have yet to see Lee Joon Gi look unfashionable in anything he has done.  Whether it is Sageuk (historical) or a modern drama, he makes his clothes his own and owns his style.  That is why Lee Joon Gi has earned his place on the most memorable fashion list.  If I had to pick my favorite it would have to be the many styles from his most recent drama "The Joseon Gunman".  While the drama itself lost some of its luster, Lee Joon Gi shined from start to finish in his suits and vigilante garb.

Honorable Mentions 
The following were also fashion that came to mind but just did not hit my top 5.  But since they are so distinctive I thought they deserved a quick mention.
Yoo Seung Ho's Mane of Glory
I consider Yoo Seung Ho to be one of the best actors (only 6 more months til he is out of military!) and always a memorable leader of fashion.  But one of his best features, is the fact that he can really rock the sageuk "mane of glory".  As the hot genius assassin in Warrior Baek Dong Soo or as the Jade Emperor (totally stole the show with his scenes) in Arang and the Magistrate, his hair was truly something to behold.  Let's hope that Yoo Seung Ho and his hair have a long career ahead of him upon his release.
Hotel King
Lee Da Hae was the queen of bringing high fashion to the small screen as her character Ah Mo-Ne worked her way through same crazy wardrobe changes.  I remember rolling my eyes at the start of the drama, but by the finale I was sad to see Mo Ne and her memorable style go.
This concludes my Fashion countdown.  Unfortunately there are so many looks that could be discussed but only a limited amount of time to blog.  I am also hoping to be doing another recap soon if any of the new dramas coming out tickle my fancy.  So be sure to check back soon.

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