Sunday, September 21, 2014

Kmuse's Top 10 Actor Challenge - #9 Ji Sung

I'm back with my #9 favorite Kactor!  I know it has been a bit longer than a week, but with all the fun new shows and recapping "My Secret Hotel" and "Blade Man", things have been busy here at TCA.  But I have not given up on the project and hope to continue sharing my favorites each week.
So you might be asking. "Kmuse, what is the Top 10 Actor Challenge?"  In a nutshell, it was where a friend on FB told me to write down my top favorite kdrama actors and then challenge others to do the same.  It was surprisingly hard, giving out numbered spots to my favorite bias's, but I was able to accomplish it and pass on the kdrama love.  As I was looking at my list, I thought of how fun it would be to share it with the blogging world, but instead of all at once, I am going to make it into a weekly post.  This way you might learn something about the actors as well as see what dramas they have starred in and maybe even get ideas for your kdrama queue.
The ever talented Ji Sung comes in at #9 with his easy smile, distinctive swagger, and wide range of characters.  Never one to be pigeonholed, he has played smart lawyers, crazy chabeol's, magical historical seers, and romantic stalkers. Truly an actor that is not afraid to take risks.

I first watched Ji Sung in the over the top romantic comedy "Protect the Boss" where he played man child Cha Ji Heon.  Full of paranoia, psychosis, and all around quirky habits, Ji Heon was the chaebol who just could not get things right.  Lucky for him, it only took an aggressive secretary to turn his life around.
Ji Sung changed things up by going Sageuk next in "The Great Seer".  Playing the deposed noble turned seer who helped establish the Joseon dynasty.  Starting strong, the plot began to drag towards the end (way too long in my opinion).  But even though the drama dragged, Ji Sung continued to keep my interest and looked dashing in Hanbok.
But it was the come from behind hit "Secret" that really cemented him as a must see actor.  Written by an unknown writer (won a screenplay award which got the drama produced) this drama started from nothing and become the ratings breakthrough hit of the year.  Ji Sung played the leading man, Jo Min Hyuk, who vowed revenge against the woman who killed his girlfriend and unborn child in a hit and run.  The only problem was his growing obsession with the perpetrator, leading us to a story which takes an uncomfortable stalkerlike turn. 
2013 was also the year that the khottie actor tied the knot to the amazing actress Lee Bo Young.  Between the two of them, they remained at the top of the ratings for the majority of 2013 and are now one of South Korea's power couples.  Here are some of their official wedding photos which are equal to anything you might see in a drama.
I look forward to watching his future projects as well as checking out his classic works (there are a ton of dramas Ji Sung was in that I added to my queue).  Be sure to check back to find out who my #8 sexy actor is.  Just a hint, he rocks longer locks and even the occasional facial hair!  Any guesses?
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