Monday, September 22, 2014

Blade Man Episode 4 - Am I a Monster?

It has been an insanely busy weekend for me, so you are getting a mini recap of episode 4.  More of a Kmuse's musings if you will.  Because sometimes real life just does not seem to want to fit into my blogging schedule.  Not to mention there are two new kdramas (Secret Door & The Greatest Marriage) plus a ton of US shows premiering this week that somehow need to fit into my life. Because heaven forbid I miss something good.....or sub-par....OK, I will watch almost anything, but at least I dropped the horrible US reality TV out of my life.  See I made sacrifices.  HAHAHA
So my first comment is about the cute little gaggle of geeks that follow Se Dong around.  A fellow kenthusiast from one of my FB discussion groups, was wondering if we are going to get to know the khottie geek squad more one on one.  I personally hope this doesn't happen since I love the feel of this group of boys as a whole.  I don't really care about their stories.  It is enough to know that they are all total geeks, devoted to their noona, and that they are cute following her around.  I don't want any type of romantic love triangle with any of them because it would just feel off.  It seems that the writers are gearing up to break one of the khotties off from the group (the guy in the hat. See don't even care enough to learn his name) and make him romantically invested.  But when it comes down to it, I JUST DON'T CARE.  Remain one of the crowd, I will like you a lot more.
I know that the little boy is traumatized and still young.  I know that I should be feeling great sympathy for Chang's emotional turmoil.  But it is hard to feel anything when I am trying to stuff marshmallows in my ears due to the overuse of this kids absolutely horrible, nails on chalkboardesque, kill me now so I never have to hear it again, crying.  JUST USE YOUR WORDS!  I am totally siding with Hong Bin on this one.  That horrible sound is enough to drive any parent batty and I literally had to start using the mute function every time he started again. Let's hope that Chang settles down and starts communicating some other way then wail.  Might I suggest carrier pigeon, interpretive dance, mimery, or even smoke signals.  Anything has to be better than the current status quo. 
I start giggling every time Se Dong says "wow".  How flipping cute is she, and it is even funnier when she does it over and over.  Poor Hong Bin's embarrassment on the bus when she kept "wowing" at every little thing was so cute.  That said, we saw a few weak points in Se Dong's character.  She is wonderful when she has a goal, when she is on a mission to take care of those she loves, when she is fighting the good fight.  But put her in a situation where she just has to be "herself" without plot moving her about, and she falls a little flat.  While beautifully filmed, the scene of her going to the country with Hong Din and Chang left her with nothing to do except be nice arm candy.  And instead of shining, the character felt a bit simple.  I hope that the writers realize this and keep her very active and solving other people's problems in the near future.
Talking about the filming of the road trip to grandpa's house, how beautiful was the scenery and the composition of these scenes?  I was highly impressed and wonder if they put this storyline into the show, just to support this cinematography.  Makes me want to travel to South Korea and take a meandering excursion through rural countryside.
It's time to stop ignoring the elephant in the room, or more like the giant sword sprouting gorilla, as we see Hong Bin go all King Kong during a lightning storm.  I still am not sure how I feel about the literal growing of swords all over his body.  On one hand, cool, it is cheesy but different.  Not to mention, Who doesn't think Wolverine is sexy?  Nothing wrong with a khottie having a iron problem.  But then you have the sword suit. I know we have not really gotten a good look at it yet but from what I could see in silhouette and through the rain, I am feeling underwhelmed.  Instead of pulling off the concept I feel the director is trying to work around the scenes without showing us anything.  When I watched the opening clip I totally had impressions of classics concepts such as Frankenstein, King Kong, and Harry the Angry Hedgehog.  I am just not sure if it is working for me. But at least we get to be amused as Secretary Studly finds his charge climbing up the cell tower.  I totally remember having that same expression the first time my son tried to go up the cupboards in my kitchen.
I, of course, saved my favorite scene of the episode for last.  Namely, Secretary Studly piggy backing his boss through downtown in their robes.  How did this come about you might ask?  It seems that Hong Bin is starting to retain some memories of his hedgehog nights.  There are only so many passed out moments, unexplained cuts, and property damage that can be explained away, even for a narcissistic like Hong Bin.  He demands answers.  Answers to questions, such as why does he always pass out?  Why doesn't Secretary Studly take him to the hospital?  How did SS get that huge slash on his arm? Why do I dream I am a human shish kabob?  Hong Bin tries to trip up Secretary Ko by asking questions fast and fierce, but this is not our secretary hottie's first rodeo and he is quick on his feet......literally.  In an effort to prove that he really did carry Hong Bin from the hotel to the gym, he retraces his supposed route with his boss hanging off his back.  If he doesn't make it within 5 min and 36 sec, it will be proof that he lied and who knows where that would lead.  In my opinion, this is one of the funniest scenes I have watched this year.  Comedic gold.
I am finally seeing a bit of fraying on the edges of this drama.  Episode 4, while still highly entertaining, saw some strain on the characters development.  Will it be able to bounce back?  Or is it going to sink into the melodrama pit of doom?  And why do I expect that every episode is going to end in a writing apocalypse.  I kind of feel like the writers are Dread Pirate Roberts from princess bride.  "Well done Blade Man.  It's truly tragic that I'll most likely kill you in the morning".
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