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My Secret Hotel episode 8: the honeymooners

Wow. So yeah, these two episodes this week took us in a little bit different direction than we were thinking, right? Or maybe that was just me.  A bride switch?  Pretty ingenious, I must admit. I wish I could be totally happy right now though. And let me be clear, I am not. Nope. I am definitely, not at all, in any way, happy. Why? Because it was ruined!!!!!!   The perfect moment that I had dreamed of and hoped for - that of her walking down the aisle to him - was spoiled by the fact that these two nutty kids still haven't figured their "stuff" out yet. An insincere wedding (at least on her part - he of course is all in which only adds to my frustration) is worse than no wedding at all. Okay, maybe not worse than him marrying the bimbo, mind you, but still not the joyous occasion that I have been waiting for.

But I'm getting ahead of myself a little here. I'll talk more on the after-the-wedding stuff in a sec. First, let's address the dead body and the weird way that this episode began. In episode 7, we leave off with Bride Sang Hyo walking into the bathroom, turning on the light and EEEKKK!!!! Dead body in the tub. 

She passes out and... boom.  That's where we end it. Cut to the beginning of 8 now. She's waking up and supposedly mistaken about the dead body. She is told that Dead Girl is alive and well and working right now. Huh?

She, and we as well, are totally confused. Wait. So, what really happened? At what point did she pass out? What is real and what is dream? Yeah, I hated this part. Not going to lie. I was frustrated and confused and wanted to scream. Why do they have to mess with my head like this? Not fair. Long story short, yes, it all actually happened. They were married and there really was a dead coworker in the honeymoon suite.
I love how the detective is grossed out by the corpse

The hotel is trying to hush it up in order to protect their own interests, and maybe even Sang Hyo's, so that she can go on her honeymoon without worrying about the reality of her stumbling into a crime scene on her wedding night. Think they are being that considerate of her? Maybe. Her groom is. He knows the truth of the dead body since, as we learn later, he was the one to come running in and pick his passed-out bride off the cold bathroom floor.

I love how the secrets are just multiplying here, don't you? So yeah, dead body and bride, thinking dead body was a dream, is whisked away for her honeymoon.

Everyone thinks they know who the culprit is

Too bad not all is well in the land of wedded bliss. Sang Hyo quickly makes it clear that she married him to save the wedding and the hotel's image and in no way shape or form did it because she has any feelings for him.

He of course married her because he thought it was a fulfillment of his destiny and he loves her. But do they talk about this? No. She freaks out, completely checks out emotionally, and he just stands there, blankly staring and unable to get the words "I LOVE YOU YOU CRAZY WOMAN!!!!"  out of his mouth. Seriously, I am at my wits end here with these two. One. One freaking conversation between them where they are both being honest and truthful about what is going on would be so flipping fantastic, I can't even tell you. I don't know how much more of this I can handle.

Meanwhile, Sang Hyo kind of has this boyfriend that kind of has no idea she married her ex, and this boyfriend is kinda sorta staying at the same resort that our newlyweds are honeymooning at. Yup, already can see how well that one is going to go. Oh! And get this! Guess who else shows up to the party?!  Uh huh. The ex-fiance. She ran off with her chauffeur and her parents cut her off and boyfriend is penniless, so she of course takes off for the room that she was supposed to be honeymooning in, stumbling upon our actual newlyweds.  And interrupting something promising in the process!!!

Remember the bags packed for them?
 And how they ended up in this favorite drama predicament? Stumbling and falling into bed on top of one another?
 He's about to say something...
Seriously, if the man would just talk faster and stop using her name, because every time he opens his mouth to confess something, an interruption happens...

Meet "Interruption"

Seriously? Seriously. They went there. Ex showing up on the honeymoon. Fan-freaking-tastic. 
I'm telling you, there's something significant about this whole "wait for me" theme we have going on.

She is under the mistaken assumption that she is a substitute bride in his eyes. Girl has some serious trust issues when it comes to this guy. Makes me wonder why.
I hear ya, I hear ya. I'm all angsty too.

 Yeah, so it's all one big unhappy, dysfunctional mess. A bride who wants nothing to do with her groom, sharing a room with not only him but also his ex-fiance and her boyfriend. This, all while her in-the-dark-to-her-current-marital-status boyfriend walks around the premises, nearly missing them, oh, so many times. And I sit here, pulling my hair out and wondering how in the world I get myself into these things. This is fun?  This is entertainment? No. This is torture.  Pure and simple torture. I wish I could fast forward to the end, make sure that it is a happily-ever after and then come back. It would make this batcrap crazy stuff sit easier with me.
Camping outside - better than honeymooning in a room with Bimbo and Boyfriend
Hahaha! When he scared her out of the tent by mentioning bears and snakes and rats. Smooth move there, Cassanova! But notice how she cried out for him and ran into his arms?

Hey look! He's trying to say something significant to her again. Cue the interruption...
Ah. Right on time. Hello Interruption.

Look how cute they are both looking at their wedding they spend their honeymoon night separated from each other - Her with her man's ex-fiance and Him with the guy his fiance left him for.

Now, before you think that I hate this drama, I actually don't. I'm frustrated with it, but I'm actually really liking it. The characters are really very entertaining. Even Sang Hyo who I want to strangle so very badly is so stinking sweet and cute that I can't bring myself to do it. I like her. Curses, but I do. Heaven help me, I like them all. Yes, even the bimbo ex-fiance. I know, I know. But seriously, I can not handle any more of this "failure in communication" business. We have got to get this chatty thing going between our lovebirds soon, or I'm going to lose it.

Now, so let's talk about the newest little twist in our love triangle pentagon. Some rando girl comes running up to our Director fella excitedly calling him "oppa" and an entirely different name.
Look at him checking her out as she leaves! He's a total womanizer!!! I still like him, but he has these moments that make me question my taste in men.
But, she's not just calling him "oppa". No, apparently they are married. Yes, married. *smh* Seriously people. I can't make this stuff up. Really? We're going here now? We are now to suspect that he has some other identity that he doesn't know about and that this identity of his is married and she just so happens to be hanging out at this resort. While he's there. While his girlfriend is there on her honeymoon that he doesn't know about yet. While the ex-fiance of the groom is there with her boy toy. Good grief.  Just.... *sigh* Yeah, so now there's this mystery woman who's a bit off her rocker and he picks up a heart shaped rock that he's not supposed to lose because if he does, he will lose his love.

**Post edit** It has come to my attention where this character is from. These two actors were "married" on a variety show, and so this is supposed to be a comedic nod to that. Okay, that's fine. I can dig it. They were taking a big risk though assuming that everyone watching would pick up on the reference. There must be others out there, who, like me, watched this part scratching their heads and wondering what was up. Thank you to those that helped clear it up for me - I truly appreciate it! ***

When he is tossing the rock around casually, is this supposed to be symbolic of how he treats his love? Things that make you go "hmmmm".

This whole rock thing is, I'm sure, supposed to be foreshadowing, but it sucks.  Sucks, sucks, sucks lame heart-shaped mystical rocks. Wow. I really didn't mean to be so vicious in this review. I'm sorry. I didn't feel this way while watching it, but as I put it into words, yeah, I just can't help it. If the cast wasn't so intriguing, I do believe I would be dropping this drama after this recapping. Don't worry, I'm not. At least not that I plan on. But anyway, moving on....

I don't know what to say about the murder or any of the other ongoing investigations. At this point it looks like unintentional manslaughter more than murder, and it would seem that Ms Picasso is our unintentional killer. It would seem, and we still don't have this confirmed at this point, this is just what we are meant to assume at this stage in the game, as if she intentionally hit her over the head with a candlestick (oh yes, you read that right - a candlestick. As if this show didn't already reek of the game called "Clue" enough, yes, we get a candlestick as a murder weapon) causing her to fall into the tub, hit her head and die. Why she clocked her over the head and whether or not she knew that the girl died before taking off, we still don't know. Oh, and why was dead girl originally the one holding the candlestick that clocked her? So many unanswered questions still. And that's all I'm going to say on that.

We end the episode with our newlyweds encountering the bride's boyfriend/boss and a very uncomfortable and awkward scene.

First though, before all that, our star-crossed newlyreweds were about to have an important conversation...I think we all know what to expect next...
...interruption! Miss Guess Who shows up, after being given a credit card by Hae Young in order to solve her money issues and get her the heck off his honeymoon. She's forgotten her phone and asks "the help", Sang Hyo, to go get it for her.

Instead of saying, "go get your own damn phone, we're talking here", Hae Young goes to get it himself, saving Sang Hyo the trouble. Boy has GOT to get his priorities straight here and learn to say no or he's never getting anywhere. Learn to say no as well as talk faster. Or find a locked room on a deserted island far, far away from any other people.

While he is gone, Bimbo spills the beans to Sang Hyo about Hae Young's ex-wife and how she was a total flirt and horrible person that ended up leaving him for another man.
Omo she didn't!

Hae Young walks up after this revelation and, POW! Right in the kisser!

Sang Hyo nails him a good one, righfully pissed off at what he has apparently been saying about her behind her back post-divorce. He's dumbfounded (shocker) and NOW is when the boyfriend walks up. 

They all just stand there gaping at each other in shock and I'm left dreading what is to follow next week.

So, have I properly offended anyone with my recap here? I certainly hope not, as that was not my intention. I am honestly not trying to knock the drama. I sincerely like it. Or at least enough about it to continue watching. I love both guys. I do. I love her with both of them for different reasons. I want to see her end up with Hae Young. I do. Part of me is starting to question though which one of our guys is the legit lead. Usually the lead male is the first guy to show up in our female lead's story, and in this case, wouldn't that be Director Jo? Honestly I can't remember. Nah, I'm sure she's going to end up with Hae Young in the end. Once they have a conversation and hash things out. Clear the air. Unload some baggage. Without interruption after painful interruption. I get the sense that she was hurt very badly by whatever happened in their relationship which is why she is running scared now. She's terrified of him. Not in a "he's scary" kind of way, but in a "he hurt my heart and I'm not going to let that happen again" kind of way. He's kind of oblivious to how badly she is scarred, I think. I don't know what happened in their past, but they obviously really need to talk about it. Maybe hit up some couples' counseling or something. Whatever they need to do to fix it, they need to do to fix it because I can't keep going on like this. I will lose my mind.

And there you have it. Episode 8. Whatever will next week bring? A straight jacket for Dongsaeng? Who knows? Anything's possible.


  1. Their total complete lack of communication is driving me nuts also. Completely on the same page. I just want to smack them both. How hard is it to say I love you still you idiot. The girl who has the lookalike husband is actual his "wife" on the variety program "We Got Married". Even the whole rock heart is part of this meta moment. Unfortunately most people don't realize that and are going "WTH is going on?" I knew about the cameo so found it amusing, but for others I could see where it just was not a good plot decision.

  2. The random girl who said she was married to the director was just a little meta joke. That actor's name is Nam Goong Min, and he's also on the current round of "We Got Married", paired with actress/singer Hong Jin-young, who played the random girl. (Although why TvN would want to promote a variety show on MBC doesn't really make sense.)


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