Wednesday, September 3, 2014

My Secret Hotel Episode 5 - You Say Tomato and I Say Tomahto

Just when we were really getting into the murder mystery aspect of this drama, it decides to change gears and instead focus on romance and thankfully, our OTP (one true pairing).   But don't think that this simplifies the story since these two's history and present become just as complicated as any murder plot.  That, and there is a good chance I might kill someone if they do not start communicating soon.  Usually I am chanting at the OTP to just kiss already.  But here, I would be satisfied with just one conversation where they don't misunderstand each other. 
You know that magical moment in a drama when the main couple are completely in sync with each others thoughts and they have an open dialogue of their feelings, dreams, and frustrations? The way it makes you feel that all is right with the world, and true love can conquer all opposition?  Yeah...............this is not that type of a drama.  Rarely have I been so frustrated with two romantic leads.  It is not even that they don't let each other talk, they just misinterpret what each other says.  Add in a healthy dose of bad timing and you have a drama which is driving me nuts!!!!!
We start episode 5 with surprise, surprise, more miscommunication.  Sang Hyo surprises Hae Young at his offices.  The poor schmuck is so happy to see her, but that joy is soon turned to anger as Sang Hyo begs him to let their hotel redo his wedding.  Sang Hyo doesn't even explain why she needs to host it (remember she is going to be fired if she can't pull it off) just begs and begs, argues, then begs some more.  You can even see poor Hae Young wavering until she mentions her boss (supposedly her fiancee) and Hae Young kicks her out.  We at least get a bit of a cute moment while he is constantly looking around, just waiting for Sang Hyo to surprise him in some weird disguise and beg him again.  I also half expected her to appear, but Sang Hyo was too busy trying to convince Hae Young's witch of a fiancee to give the hotel a 2nd chance.
Yeo Eun Joo is stretching her Chaebol muscles as she forces Sang Hyo to carry her bags, put her shoes on her feet, and eventually kneel in the middle of the mall in an attempt to win her over to the 2nd wedding idea.  Sang Hyo sucks up her pride and does everything requested, only to be told that there is no chance that they would go back to Secret Hotel since the staff are so spineless.  Hae Young comes at the tail end of the kneeling apology and yells at his fiancee then grabs Sang Hyo's wrist, dragging her out.  Eun Joo is of course baffled as to why her fiancee just left with the wedding planner.  
We finally get to my favorite moment of the episode as Hae Young drives to a secluded location by the river (since that is the only place for couples to go for any bonding, crying, fighting, clandestine meetings, suicide attempts, or just to look at the pretty sunset).  He then allows her to have some time alone in the car to cry.  For once not communicating actually works for them, but how long can one person cry?  When Sang Hyo began crying it was daylight, by the time she finished the sun had already set.  Someone get that girl a water bottle ASAP.   Unfortunately for them, as well as the viewers, the couple begins to talk. Miscommunications run rampant, resulting in the OTP angrily separating......again.

Our 2nd lead, Sung Gyeom, was pretty quiet this episode but he sure finished it up with a assertive cliffhanger move.  While Sang Hyo was having her cryfest at the river, he was wining and dining Eun Joo and her father.  He gets them to agree to give Secret Hotel another chance (wow that smile sure can get things moving).  The deal is confirmed when Hae Young calls and announces that they will be doing their wedding at Secret Hotel and Eun Joo just has to deal with it.  
So everyone is now aboard the Secret Hotel wedding train......ummm yay?  Kinda sorta?  It just goes to show that no one at this point is really thinking of cancelling the wedding.  You know that Hae Young is having doubts, but those doubts have not lead to anything but moping and stalking.  When is someone going to make a definite move? 
As a thank you, (Sang Hyo thinks that the 2nd chance at the wedding was all thanks to Sung Gyeom) Sang Hyo offers to treat Sung Gyeom to dinner.  Later as he walks her home, Sung Gyeom asks her if she knew that love could happen within three minutes?  And then a follow up question "Do you want to date?"
Why does it have to end there?  And just in case you are not aware I was screaming out an emphatic "NO" at that point.  However, I have had a few days to reflect on the direction the story is going and have decided that although I don't want her dating Sung Gyeom, I am OK with the concept of a relationship being one of the plot points.  It is obvious that although she is still emotionally hurting over her failed marriage with Hae Young, she (at least at this point) has no thought of getting back together.  If you had any such hope, you would never agree to plan the love of your life's wedding.  
If anything, this is the problem I have the most with the drama so far.  Yes, they had this epic love that is still ongoing on both sides 7 years, one failed marriage, and one almost marriage, later.  Hae Young is practically worshiping at her feet with his longing looks, anguished misunderstood pleas,  and moody drinking.  But on Sang Hyo's part, most of her interaction with him is work related and a need to escape, rather than go towards him.  It can be very frustrating to see your female lead so against rekindling the romance.  It is very understandable that maybe an attractive man who wants to date you (who most importantly is not getting married) is a good 2nd choice.
Random thoughts: 
Hae Young obviously likes a certain style of architecture since his office and house are very very similar.  Or the production company could not afford two locations.  Hmmm  I suspect the latter.
Is Eun Joo dating her driver?  And if she is, why does he put up with her horrid and vapid behavior?  Now that is the true mystery of the show.

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