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Pinocchio Episode 3 - My Mother is A Witch

This episode was a great transition episode as we leap forward and our OTP (One True Pairing) must grow up and join the real world.  Will they sink?  Will they succeed in a world that is stacked against them?  Will they ever declare their love?  Only time will tell, but this episode gives us a really good push in the right direction.

1. Time Jumps
Hello eight year time jump! You are actually appreciated since this means we get to skip all of the boring schoolingand jump into the nitty gritty.  The family has moved from the island to the big city where Dal Po drives a taxi and In Ha is attempting to find a job as a journalist.  In Ha's dad is obviously pissed at his daughter over her career choice.  Not that things are really going well since she has been rejected at 32 different interviews.  I love that Dal Po is still living with his fake family and doing everything he can to support them.  And it is hilarious that "Uncle" Dal Po is constantly having to say he has new girlfriends to escape his matchmaking grandfather.  Suspiciously, every time he comes up with a new girlfriend they all have characteristics that describe his "niece".  In Ha's father is obviously concerned over his fake brother's interest in his daughter since he is constantly observing their interaction with a furrowed brow.
Quick side note - Did anyone catch that his made up "girlfriend", Hye Sung, had the name of his leading lady in "I Hear Your Voice".  Hehehehe, all these hidden gems scattered throughout are just so cute.
2. An early morning feel-up
There were parts that I enjoyed during the dream sequence that opened up the episode.  And some moments that just felt jarring and distorted.  I did not like the majority of the dream sequence.  It just felt out of place to me and for some reason irritated.  I found it so sad that Dal Po was so happy to have his family back and very telling that when thinking of his family he added In Ha into the mix.  Also what kind of foreshadowing was it that we never saw Dal Po's brother other than a pair of hands adjusting a tie.  Has he somehow forced him from his memory?  I swear if Dal Po does not recognize his brother when the reunion finally happens, I will be pissed.
I did like the whole waking up part where he was cuddling and pretty much feeling up poor In Ha, who had gone to wake him up.  In Ha's expression as he caressed her skirt just made me laugh.  Park Shin Hye is doing a great job on creating a very expressive character without making her seem cartoonish.  I am just thrilled to be still liking her three episodes in.  By this time in her past two projects Park Shin Hye was already starting to annoy me so this is a good sign of things to come.
3.  New Candidate for the Worst Kdrama Mother EVER!!!!!
Time has not softened mommy dearest, if anything she is as much a hard hearted witch as she was 10 years previous.
 Not only is she still a total witch, but she is the world's worst mom as In Ha arrives for her interview and her mom fails to realize that it is her daughter.  Seriously?  How many Choi In Ha's do you think there are running about with "Pinocchio" syndrome.  This also is concrete proof that the number she has been texting for 13 years is NOT her mothers. Our poor heroine realizes this, as she waits for her mother and confirms that Mommy Witchiest did not have the cell phone she had been calling forever.  Despite learning this sad truth In Ha tells her mom that she had missed her.  The Witch, quickly putting the situation together and conscious of her coworkers in the background, gives her daughter a hug.  But quietly states, "it is too bad since I was never bored enough to miss you".  WOW......That takes cold Korean mother to a whole new level.  I was wondering if there was going to be some semblance of redemption with the mother desertion storyline, but judging by this scene, I am guessing not.
4. Almost a Reunion - Darn you twisted winds of fate
Who else was screeching at the tv for Dal Po to turn around and see his brother behind him.  How cruel is it to create this "almost" meeting only to deny us our bromantic moment.  I am sure that there is going to be some serious hurt feelings when the time finally comes for the brothers to reunite, but I am still anticipating.  Almost as much as my anticipation of Dal Po finally getting a haircut.
5. 2nd Lead is a Texting Hottie
I loved how they brought the second lead, Seo Bum Jo (hence to be known as text boy), into the storyline.  Seems Bum Jo has moms old cellphone number and has been receiving ......... heartfelt texts for the last ten years (makes you wonder if Mommy Witchiest switched her number to avoid her daughter).  Silently reading them our pretty Text Boy never responds until today when he sends her one simply reply "fighting" in answer to her excitement over her interview.  I am sure he, like all the rest of us, could never imagine Mommy Witchiest's horrible behavior.  Text hottie looks devastated that he caused emotional harm to In Ha and I can already smell the unrequited love in the air.  I also am stoked that we find out that he is a Momma's Boy to the nth degree and she is thrilled to help him connect with the woman he has fallen in love with.  
Is it just me?  Or does this sound like a wonderful storyline for an actual OTP (One True Pairing).  I would totally tune in for the story of a khottie falling in love via text, and tracking her down to live happily ever after.  Too bad it was used for a 2nd lead who is doomed to disappointment.

6. A Surprise Cameo
SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Lee Bo Young's (leading lady from "I Hear Your Voice") cameo in this episode was awesome.  Did you miss it?  In case you did, go back and listen to the voice of the GPS system that Dal Po constantly talked to in his taxi.  You might realize that it sounds very familiar and squeee along with me at the, cute beyond words, meta humor that this show is producing.  I am a huge fan of well done cameo's. Cameo's where there is actually a clever connect, not just a throw the character in for the sake of it (I am glaring at you "My Love From Another Star" and the stupid Suzy cameo).
7. A Puppy or A Wolf
Dal Po's intelligence as well as his restraint was tested as he unexpectedly has an encounter with Mommy Wichiest. Having just seen poor In Ha devastated from her encounter with her mom, it obviously took a lot of restraint to not yell at the woman.  However Dal Po handled it like the genius he was, asking pointed questions about In Ha's failure and Mommy Wichiest's involvement, introducing himself as In Ha's "Uncle". My favorite moment was at the end where MW tells him that he should stop attacking her like a wolf when he is just a puppy who has no notion of what it takes to be a journalist.  Dal Po agrees, saying that he will leave until he has the knowledge to come back and attack her like a wolf,  He then gives her a hard smile that would give any horrible person pause (I love that he can go from carefree to hard so quickly.  Sign of a great actor).
My thoughts:
I find it interesting that up to now ........... has based his whole life (at least post fire) to his new family.  First he hid his intelligence and charismatic good looks to fit the country simpleton persona that grandfather expected.  Then he broke through that facade when In Ha needed his help in high school.  Followed by ditching any thoughts of college so In Ha would have enough money to go.  Finally Dal Po is now willing to become a reporter (his most hated enemy) to help his lady love, In Ha, to succeed.  Dal Po really is the the gift that just keeps giving, which makes me excited for when he finally starts living for himself and not just others.  I almost see the last eight years of Dal Po's life as a type of hibernation.  By hiding his extreme intelligence, he was able to stay stagnant and escape the pain of his previous life.  But now Dal Po is going to have to clean up and face those demons head on and I for one can not wait!  And no, it is not only because we will finally be cutting that horrible hair. 
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