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Kmuse's End of Year Countdown - Favorite Kdrama Actresses of 2014

It's time to give the ladies their due as we countdown the best female characters of 2014.  I know that I tend to focus on the leading men most of the time (I have been married for 14 years and 3 kids, an Ahjumma needs to enjoy the pretty)  but there actually have been some amazing performances so they deserve their moment in the TCA sun.

So in no specific order, here are the actresses that rocked in the year 2014!
Lee Yoo Ri - Jang Bo Ri
Quick apology to my mom for the language, but this meme says it all in reference to the evil Yeon Min-Jung (Lee Yoo Ri).  For such a short actress, she sure brings in the big guns when it comes to all things evil.  Jang Bo Ri was a decent drama once you got past the annoying kid section, however it was Min Jung and her narcissism that kept me tuned in each week.  For once we had an evil character that did these horrible over the top evil things, but was so believable and played the character so straight (not overacting) that she almost had you understanding her side.  At least until you remembered that she was bat crap crazy.  She was so talented that I almost have the urge to seriously start her other drama "Yellow Boots".  Now I just have to find the 60 hours or so needed  to make that happen.
The next two actresses actually starred in one of my all time favorite dramas EVER.  Although it started in 2013, the majority of the drama aired during 2014 so it counts for this year.  Also my poor memory can not recall if I commented about it in my last end of the year countdown (probably not).  Either way it deserves to be referenced again and again until you all run to watch.  With an episode count of 108 episodes, it might seem like a daunting task, but at only 35 min a piece the time really flies by while watching.
 Seo Woo - King's Daughter Soo Baek Hyang
Playing the vain half-sister Seol Hee, who because of jealousy and ambition, steals her sisters birthright as Princess Soo Baek Hyang. She plays the court intrigue like a concert violinist, and pits king against his son and daughter, doing everything in her power to remain in the royal family.  This is yet another villainess that deserves the attention.
Seo Hyun Jin - King's Daughter Soo Baek Hyang
Seo Hyun Jin rocks this drama as the spunky yet sweet Princess Soo Baek Hyang/Seol Nan.  Torn between her younger sisters greed and her unknown royal family, Seol Nan does her best to support them all.  This is very difficult when our leading lady falls in love with her supposed brother (thankfully not related) and must turn away from the road her heart is taking her.  In a drama full of intrigue and birth secrets (very good dramatic birth secrets) Seo Hyun Jin makes us care about the fate of her character, those of her loved ones, and even the whole country.  A wonderful drama with an amazingly talented cast.
An Ady - My Pig Lady
 I have to put this next actress in context so you will know why I chose a Tdrama star to be added into my "best of" list.  Lets all admit that 99% of all Tdramas have their heroines either over acting to the nth degree, or even worse, attempting to overact but can't seem to change the blank expression on their faces (looking at you Tia Li).  So when I find a Tdrama actress that is engaging and can actually emote I tend to take notice.  That is why An Ady made my list for her sweet romantic comedy "My Pig Lady" (a.k.a. Go Single Lady).  I have thoroughly enjoyed her portrayal of  newly rich pig farmer, Wang Man Ling, who hires Mike He to teach her how to be classy so she can hook herself a high class man.  She is just so likable so onto the list she goes!
Ha Ji Won - Empress Ki
Ha Ji Won has proved yet again that she really knows how to successfully play a strong female character.  When other actresses remain demure and pretty, she is willing to get dirty and sweaty if that is what the role requires, or in this case, pretend to be a man.  I have to admit that Ha Ji Won was not a very realistic male and anyone who did not see past her disguise was just an idiot.  That aside, Ha Ji Won had great chemistry with both the leading men, but it was her feelings for the Emperor that won me over.  And feelings she had in spades.  Disgust, to friendship, hate, more hate, marriage, indifference, fear, and finally love and despair.  Add a healthy dose of political intrigue and she managed to keep the long drama interesting and a must watch.
Choi Soo Young - My Spring Day
Soo Young is officially my new favorite actress from the idol/actress category.  Her sweet sincerity not only won over the hearts of everyone who watched "My Spring Day" but also this ahjumma who tends to not be a fan of the idol turned actresses crossover (there are exceptions but when it comes to the girls, they are far and few).  Given a second chance in life due to a last minute heart transplant, Lee Bomi lives every day to the fullest helping others get through the trial of being hospitalized.  Going through life giving back to others, Bomi really doesn't start looking for her own happiness until she meets widower Kang Dong Ha. One half of one of my favorite couples of the year, Soo Young shines in this drama and has made me look forward to her future work.
Han Groo - Marriage not Dating
It is hard for an actress to truly embrace the crazy in order to successfully play a character.  Usually the actresses want to look fun, yet pretty, so do not completely commit.  Han Groo committed and then some to bringing character Joo Jang Mi to life in all her zany glory.  Han Groo did such a good job that she was able to make over the top Jang Mi seem totally reasonable, despite her erratic behavior, and made her one of my favorite characters of 2014.
Uhm Jung Hwa - A Witch's Romance
I am not sure if I really love this actress in general, but her portrayal of  Ban Ji Yeon, hard nosed journalist turned cougar, was spot on.  Jung Hwa was very believable as a strong career woman who uses work as a shell to hide her personal pain. She also had great chemistry with her boy toy, played by Park Seo Joon, which made the whole situation even more believable.  Fun comedy, fun romance, and for a kdrama, it had a lot of steamy skinship scenes.  That makes "Witch's Romance" a must watch for those that have a soft spot for romantic comedies.
Sucharat Manaying - Full House (Thai Remake)
We are taking a trip south to Lakorns (Thai Dramas) for our next actress.  Thai took a break from its usual simple over the top programming to do a remake of kdrama classic Full House.  Sucharat Manaying played leading lady, Aom Am, who loses her house to a hot idol.  Various cohabitation hijinks occur when she refuses to leave which eventually lead to a fake marriage and real love.  She is yet another actresses who's character is just so likable, that I had to add her to my end of year review.  So if you are looking for something a little different then be sure to check her out in this drama.
Park Shin Hye - Pinocchio
I take back all the mean things I said prior to Pinocchio (although they were all true at the time).  Turns out she can actually act beyond the sweet cute innocent damsel in distress persona.  And finally, after 5 years, Park Shin Hye actually produced a good skinship/kissing scene.  So for once I totally understand her hype and am loving her character from the drama "Pinocchio".  Unable to tell a lie, In Ha goes through life being extremely honest, and often over the top blunt. It is a nice character trait in a heroine since for once we don't have to suffer through 8 episodes of miscommunication.  To recognize her vast improvement from last years "Heirs", I would like to award PSH the honor of being "most improved" of the year.  I might even learn to look forward to her being cast in a drama someday.  Will reserve my judgement after she proves herself in at least one more show before I do anything crazy like sign up for her fan group.
That concludes my list of Favorite actresses for 2014. Sorry to all of those that did not have their favorite make it onto my list, but you are in luck. Feel free to make your own list in the comment section below, or join us on our FB page and let me know who I forgot.  We love hearing from you here at The Crazy Ahjummas.

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  1. My favorites this year were Jang Na Ra in Fated to Love You; Kim Sae Ron in Hi School Love On (which was sucky apart from her performance); Gong Hyo Jin in It's Okay, That's Love.

    1. Enjoyed those performances as well. I really wish I did not have to cut down my top list. But if I didn't we would be here forever trying to read the post:)


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