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Kmuse's End of Year Countdown - Best Secondary Characters of 2014

Have you ever gone into a drama and instead of liking the main couple or lead actors, you instead fall in love with one of the supporting characters?  Come on, admit it, it is impossible to not have those warm fuzzy feelings for some of the side characters.  They might have only been on screen a small portion of the drama but your heart and soul are caught and you begin to wish that they were the leads.  I personally am a total sucker for a good actor, especially when they are paired with a good character so here are my top characters/actors that I wish would star in their own dramas.

Jung So Min - Big Man
Character Kang Jin Ah is quirky, emotional, and funny.  A big difference from all the blah characters that comprised the rest of the cast.  I don't know how the writers managed to mess this one up so badly, but Jung So Min was by far the only thing worth watching during this 16 hr snorefest.  Every time she came on screen with her supposed big brother/1st love she just shined.  Surprising since I have never been a huge fan of hers before this role.  Guess it really does just take the right director/role to bring an actress out of her shell.
Song Jae Rim - Inspiring Generation, Surplus Princess, & We Got Married
I think that we can all agree that this has been the year of Song Jae Rim.  Quite the accomplishment considering that he did not have one lead role, rather a mix of secondary characters and variety programs.  But he is obviously an actor who knows how to make the most of a role since everyone tended to outshine the leads.  We first watched him kick some literal butt as the gangster leader Mo Il-Hwa in Inspiring Generation and then we got to appreciate his "apple" butt in Surplus Princess (still pissed he did not get the girl), but it was in the variety program "We Got Married" where Song Jae Rim became a household name.  His mix of brash romance and constant skinship has not only won over his fake wife, but all of Korea and beyond.  Lucky for us we get to start 2015 right, by watching Song Jae Rim finally get a leading role in the drama "Unkind Women".  Lets all take a second to appreciate these photos and pray to the kdrama gods that 2015 will be the start of his elevation as an actor.
Yoon Hyun Min - A Witch's Romance, Inspiring Generation & Discovery of Romance
I dare anyone to say something bad about Yoon Hyun Min's performances from the last year.  My only complaint is that this awesome actor did not get more screen time.  Hyun Min has perfected the best friend 3rd lead character, chirping away in the background with quick one liners or having the occasional snarky look tossed about.  It is hard to find an actor who is so adept at playing both serious and comedic characters, but in Yoon Hyun Min you have both.  I was seriously praying to the kdrama gods that Yoon Hyun Min would finally get a leading role in 2015.  There is still hope for the latter half of the year, but he is soon to be reunited with his Heartless City costar Jung Kyung Ho.  The epic bromance is back as they battle it out as romantic rivals in the upcoming drama, "Fall in Love with Soon Jung".  I guess if I have to wait yet again for him to climb the drama ladder, it might as well be in a drama with Jung Kyung Ho.  My only concern is having a case of second lead syndrome.
Kim Seul Ki - Surplus Princess & Discovery of Romance 
Look at me being all equal and all, there is yet another girl on my best of list!  I will admit I tend to be a tad bit boy biased in my focus.  I am a long time married housewife ahjumma after all.  So when a girl (especially a secondary character) catches my eye, it is usually something to blog about.  Kim Seul Ki is the new "it" comedy sidekick.  She played BFF characters at the same time in Surplus Princess and Discovery of Romance.  Seul Ki has also been a longtime cast member on the Korean version of Saturday Night Live.  She recently left SNL and I hope that means that more dramas are in her future.  I am all for more variety in the female half of the acting pool and hopefully her success will open the door for other entertainers that might not fit the heroine mold. 
L - My Lovely Girl
Those of you who made it through "My Lovely Girl" understand me when I say that L was by far the most interesting thing to come out of that drama.  I am not sure if it was because everyone else was written to be oh so boring, or if L suddenly became a much better actor.  Either way, his scenes were the only ones that had any spunk to them and I personally was thankful that something helped get me through this Valium infused drama
*Would like to clarify that I don't think Rain is a bad actor, I just think that his character was written to be very very very bland.  As for Krystal, well, her character and acting spoke for itself*
I personally hope that L will receive that coveted bump to lead in this next year.  I am not talking anything Misaeng level acting, more like a nice high school/college romantic comedy.  Just because I am enjoying him does not mean we have to do anything crazy that will demote him back to B Lead status.

Sung Dong Il & Lee Kwang Soo - Its Okay Its Love
Awww...these two had me at first twerk.  They are maybe some of the zaniest roommates ever to be found in a kdrama.  And since the whole premise of the drama is about mental "quirks" so it is no surprise that the roommates of our OTP (one true pairing) also have some issues dealing.  This comedic duo not only kept the tension of the house from boiling over, they also provided us with some truly heart warming scenes full of loyalty and friendship.  These friends left me laughing to the end and I truly got an overall sense of family within the drama thanks to their antics.
Kim Sung Oh - Inspiring Generation & The Night Watchman's Journal
 Oh Night Watchman's Journal, you were just so wonderful at being bad.  And we are not talking bad as in "you bad boy you" kind of bad, but more the cult classic, "Oh my gosh this drama is so horrible......but in a funny way" kind of bad.  And no one was better at being over the top bad then my last actor on the list.  Kim Sung Oh is the king of secondary characters.  He has done it all, thugs, underlings, secretaries, and now he can add power crazed immortal wizard carrying an oversized snake stick to his resume.  With his dynamic eyes and over the top evil acting, Kim Sung Oh stole the show as the wizard Sadam.  
Was his acting style way way way over the top?  Yes it was, but if you think about it, acting so over the top on purpose is actually really hard to do.  
It was thanks to Sung Oh making Sadam such a fun character, that kept me coming back for more. If for no other reason, than seeing Sadam be thwarted over and over.  Imagine Wile E Coyote and his constant attempts in getting that road runner and you have the Sadam kdrama equivalent.
Han Jung Soo - Blade Man
This last character is being added in post listing just for two friends that made me admit that no list would be complete without adding in the awesome, almost terminator like, character or Secretary Ko.  This is for both of you!  Secretary Ko is the right hand man/handler of angry Chaebol Joo Hong Bin.  Not only does he have to deal with the usual stuff that comes with working for a pampered anger addicted tyrant, but he literally has to be with his boss 24/7 in case swords start growing from Hong Bin's back.
Secretary Ko has won over our hearts with his dry sense of humor (he is the perfect straight man) and his giant heart.  And it also helps that he is pretty sexy in his own right.  I would love to see more comedic roles played by this actor in the future.  Or action roles since he also showed some pretty sweet moves in the boxing ring.  Or really just any role that requires him to take his shirt off.  See this ahjumma is not picky at all.
This completes my list of favorite kdrama secondary characters.  I hope you had as much fun reading it as I did compiling it and be sure to check back throughout the week for more 2014 countdowns! 

Did I miss your favorite secondary character? Feel free to leave your list in the comment section below.  Or come follow The Crazy Ahjummas on Facebook or Twitter for info on all our newest recaps, posts, and to join in our kdrama discussions. 


  1. When I read that Kin Sung Oh was the last person on your list I instantly began to compose (in my head) my outrage at Secretary Ko not being on this list so imagine my relief when I scrolled down and there he was. A perfect list Amber. You got them all.

    1. I was convinced to add him in last second. He had been on my original list that I shortened due to time problems. Glad I added him on though since he was one of everyone's favorites.

  2. I'd nominate Jin Tae Hyun, who played Roman Lee in Hotel King. He brought real warmth to a makjang role, and made me believe in the depth of his affection for his mother and brother.

    1. Haha, Belinda. He actually was on my list but I ran out of time because of family commitments so I deleted him and Secretary Ko off my list. But then there was so much outrage about SK I added him on last minute. Guess i should have gotten Roman Lee as well.

  3. Oh gee! How could you forget Byun Yo-Han? He was so good in Misaeng!

  4. Love the list, Amber but would also have loved to see Yo-Han from Misaeng included in it. He was fantastic! :-)


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