Friday, December 26, 2014

Multiple Personality Dramas "Kill Me Heal Me" & "Jekyll Hyde & I" Release First Stills & Teaser

As expected, the competition of the multiple personalities starts off hot and heavy......OK, maybe more of a "Look we actually are in production........See?  See?" with the release of stills for both dramas.  

First, we get a photo of khottie Hyun Bin looking very uptight and controlled next to leading lady/circus performer Han Ji Min.  Loving her look with the red tinted hair and relaxed smile.  A nice contrast to Hyun Bin's standard Chaebol continence.  Personally I am hoping his second personality comes with its very own wardrobe and maybe a slightly sexier hairstyle.  But either way, I am sure I will fall in love with his character just like I have fallen in love with all of Hyun Bin's characters in the past.  It is kind of Hyun Bin's thing, that he takes a while to grow on you with every new drama.

True to its concept that more is better (still mind boggled over the fact that this drama is going to have us delving into seven different personalities), Kill Me Heal Me releases a larger number of photos containing our talented siblings played by leading lady Hwang Jung Eum (Endless Love) and Park Seo Joon (A Witch's Romance).  From what I understand, both are genius's in their fields but hide behind facades due to traumas.  Guess we will have to see more before we really get a handle of their characters.  If I understand it correctly they are siblings, but not actually related by blood, so we will have to see if the writers make Park Seo Joon's character a contender for our leading ladies affection. We also have the first teaser which gives us a glimpse into the seven personalities of Ji Sung.  All I can say is that he is going to be very busy trying to give each personality its time in the sun. I also hope that the comedic vibe of the teaser continues into the drama itself because I do not think that seven melodramatic characters would be fun for anyone to watch.


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