Tuesday, December 30, 2014

T-ara: All About the Fist Pumpin' but First...Who Are You?

Hello readers of "The Crazy Ahjummas"~
I am Esra *waving*, a new once-a-month guest blogger, who goes by the name 'Blogger E.' I am current ownership of a kpop/kdrama/k-EVERYTHING blog called "Say It Like It Is Kpop" (which I will link below) and I write about events/news, kdrama, do kpop recommendations, and pretty much anything and everything related to Korean entertainment. "Say It Like It Is Kpop" is meant to be a blog where people can discuss, critisise, and share opinions and thoughts about any and all issues. Even though it is relatively new, I hope everyone gives their support and contributes. Note: I LOVE GIFS! Now then, onto the post!

(*overly excited*)

New years is very close now and you want to have a party with rockin' music to club-style dance to. Who should you most definitely pick? THE QUEENS OF AWESOME BEAT: T-ARA! Almost ALL of their songs are funky, dance-able, and just amazingly fun to groove along with. 

(Group Photo: T-ara)

Since not everyone likes the same "tempo", I've split some of their songs into categories! They consist of: HR (Hard Rave)MR (Medium Rave), and SR (Soft-core Rave). *fanning face* I'm a genius, aren't I?

 (LIKE THIS! *booty shake* I'm actually very sorry for this gif...)

Now, beginning from SR (Soft-core Rave), you know, since everything has to start of soft before it can harden. That was not meant to sound sexual in anyway, but it did, and to be honest, I'm not very sorry about it. Anyways, the SR song that  I would like to introduce is *coughing* "Number 9"! This is a great song to sway and wiggle your butt to, but for me personally, unless I'm going to fist pump my hand off, it ain't hard enough for me. This is kind of for dancing at MBLAQ's level...

(*cringe* Yeah, keep going...*cringe*)

("Number 9" - T-ara)

Next on the list is MR (Medium Rave) which is only a bit more than SR, and that is "Sexy Love"~ I actually really like the beat of this song, and the video is amazing. Seriously. It's something to shake with, but make sure to play it LOUD! The next song on the list is: "Lovey Dovey". It's great, but still a little slow. I wanted to put it under SR but *shrug* I don't know, I'll just leave it here anyway. Before you watch the MVs, lemme just tell you...they are a little weird...just a tad...

("Sexy Love" - T-ara)

("Lovey Dovey" - T-ara)

FINALLY! THE HR (Hard Rave) SONG! AHHH! *pumped* I love this song a lot, by the way. Actually, all of these songs are great to lift your mood up. But it's mostly because I like to hake my butt and air pump. *giggle* Now, the final song is..."Sugar Free"! Yes, their comeback song of 2014! Ahhh, I loved it. A lot. Like A LOT, a lot. It's just my cup of tea: sugar freeeeeeee~ Ok. Even I have to admit that way kind of lame. Anywho, this is the effect of the song on me:

(*bump and grind*)

And this is the song itself:

(One of the MANY versions of the song that has been released)

So that's about it. I hope y'all have a great new years, and keep coming back to my blog for more stuff!

- Blogger E.

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