Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Kmuse's Favorite Things: Airing Kdrama Edition

It seems like forever since I have done one of my "Kmuse's favorites" countdowns (at least one that has nothing to do with the end of the year) so I thought now is the perfect time to pop one out before I am obsessed with all things Hyun Bin.  Yup that is right, 24 hours til Hyun Bin's return to my TV.  WOOT WOOT!!!!!!  Prepare for the fangirling.  Oops, but I digress.  As I was wondering what my theme should be, I began to reflect how many amazing dramas I am watching right now.  Seriously!  What nation did we save in a past life to have so many stellar dramas start all at once?  So it was obvious that my first favorite things post of the new year has to be about my current crack dramas.  So without further ado, I give to you my top 5 favorite things about the current airing dramas.
5. Lottery Halmeoni From Legendary Witch
 I love the addition of Kim Soo Mi (as Kim Young Wok the lottery winner and all around troublemaker) to the cast of Legendary Witch (Legend of a Witch).  Her smart mouth, hilarious antics, and need to control people adds that little bit of spice to an otherwise sugary sweet cast.  I also noticed that on her dramawiki page it had her character as a cameo.  I wonder if it was meant to be a smaller part but since it was well received, she got an increase in screen time? (Or it could be a typo on Asianwiki's part).  Either way, I am happy to watch her and look forward to more of her petty over the top antics.

4. Jang Hyuk's Laugh
Some of you might have thought that actor Jang Hyuk's laugh was developed just for his character in "Fated to Love You".  If so, then you thought wrong.  The laugh is really Jang Hyuk's natural laugh and can be found in abundance throughout his new drama "Shine or Go Crazy".  If you are looking for a fun Sageuk, then be sure to check this one out.  Has done a great job of combining humor (so much laughter), action, a romance, into one entertaining, hanbok wearing, bundle.

3. Kim Rae Won's Poker Face
 I know that we all could name several actors who's expressions never change due to the fact that they are not the best actors.  But it takes real talent to portray an absolute expressionless face and still let us viewers know exactly what he is feeling, whether it is rage (very often it is rage), despair, or happiness.  Kim Rae Won has officially won my vote on best poker face ...........EVER......... he has no equal.  And that, plus one kick ass plot, is why he snagged the #3 spot on my list.  Not to mention it also helps get his drama "Punch" the number one spot in the ratings war.

2. Healer's Epic OTP Chemistry
Unless you have been living in the backwoods on a quest to find Bigfoot, you are well aware of the Healer mania sweeping the online chat-rooms.  At least online, it is impossible to miss Healer meme's, Healer discussion threads, and pretty much anything else healer related that you could possibly imagine.  And this time the fanfare is justified since the pairing of Ji Chang Wook with Park Min Young created a mega OTP (One True Pairing) that is attempting to stomp on all challengers.  There is something just so swoon worthy in the way our leading heartthrob stares at his soul mate that makes you want to rewind and watch every OTP moment again, and again, and again.  

1. Shin Se Gi
My #1 favorite thing from the current airing dramas is actually a no brainer as well as one of the biggest shockers to come out of dramaland for a while.  Ji Sung looks hella hot wearing guyliner.  He looks so hot that not only is it attracting droves of fans for the drama, but he also is giving hoards of viewers 2nd lead syndrome.  There is just something so fun about the 1st and 2nd lead being the same person and the fact that they are both crush worthy just makes everything better.  Its like finding the giant sundae with all the toppings is not only delicious, but also no calories.  Pure unadulterated bliss in khottie form.

Honorable Mention:
Hyun Bin is back!  He isn't as of the time of this blog post (or he would have been in the countdown) but within 24 hours this ahjumma will be squealing over his glorious hotness.  And his acting as well.  Can't let you think that I am completely shallow.  Be sure to check back in the next day or so as Dongsaeng and I begin recapping the epic return of Hyun Bin and hopefully the awesomeness that is his drama.

Thanks for joining me as I listed my favorite things.  Did I miss one?  Do you have your own secret list that you are dying to share?  Be sure to let us know in the comments (from what I have heard, you should be able to leave one since we changed our format) since we love hearing from our readers.  
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  1. A very good list. I am amazed that the laugh is real. And I have never seen a man in guyliner look sexy until now.


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