Monday, January 26, 2015

New Batch of Trailers for Blood and Ho Gu's Love

We have been so blessed by the kdrama gods this past month that I am almost afraid to ask for more, but "Please can these two dramas be fun too?"  Upcoming February dramas "Blood" and "Ho Gu's Love" have released some engaging trailers and I for one am hoping that the current drama magic that is producing so many wonderful kdramas will also sprinkle itself upon these as well.
Ho Gu's Love is different than most kdramas, in that the boy is the super cutesy, goofy one and obviously NOT in charge.  I have to admit that there is just something so adorable watching Choi Woo Shik play dating his bear, that I just want to watch more.  Also the fact that the girl is dominating, foul mouthed, possible mean girl, cracks me up.  On a side note, for once Uee, does not automatically look or feel like her usual Uee character.  I admit she is drop dead gorgeous, but in the past I have not really thought she had much range.  However, if I had not known who was the lead, I would not have automatically recognized her.  I know it is just a trailer, but that bodes well for my personal enjoyment.  Ho Gu's Love airs February 9th.

For some reason the videos do not show up on the phone app.  Click the link and it will connect you straight to youtube.  If you are on your PC then it should work fine.

TEASER 1 - Choi Woo Shik (youtube link)
TEASER 2 - Uee (youtube link)
Blood is not breaking any new ground on the Vampire genre (at least not through its trailers).  The first trailer used mostly scenes from their filming in Romania and had a very strong "Twilight" vibe. The newest trailer is definitely channeling "Vampire Prosecutor", but lucky for them, I don't really care.  All I know is that it is a delicious khottie who's eyes flash blue and must be all sexy and angsty while trying not to indulge is vampire self.  Did I mention his eyes flash freaking blue?  Who can resist watching that?
Blood will premier following Healer on February 16th.  Hopefully this show will be able to fill the huge shoes left by its predecessor.

Blood Trailer (#1- shared a few weeks ago youtube link)
 Blood New Trailer (Youtube Link)
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  1. So, that gives us blue eyed brunettes a leg up, so to speak!


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