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Pinocchio ep 18 - A War Between Two Mothers

We have arrived to our final week with Pinocchio.  I, like many of you, can't believe that this drama is over since it seems like just yesterday that I was despairing over Dal Po's bad hair.  We have a busy week both in recapping and watching as the drama releases three episodes, so lets just jump into our top 7 so we can all hurry back to our tv's and watch 19. I know that I am impatient to see Crazy Chaebol mom get what she deserves.

1. Like Mother Like Daughter
Ice Mom is obviously having a change of feelings, a glimmer of human warmth is sparkling within her eyes and she even steps down from micromanaging the department meetings.  Quirky director is overjoyed (expressed with a cute little shimmy in the hallway) that he will once again be in charge,  only to be taken down in the meeting by In Ha who is bulldozing the topic of the fire coverup to the top of the agenda.  Hahaha.  You really can see the resemblance between the mother and daughter in this scene.
The director reluctantly shoots down her idea for a story since it again infringes on their own news station.  His reluctance continues into the hallway where he complains to his underling -"She (In Ha) keeps looking at me with those big eyes and saying "I trust in you cap!" I feel like dying really". Director decides to go to Ice Mom with the idea of a story, positive that Ice Mom will shoot it down, therefore leaving his journalistic integrity intact.  Imagine his dismay as Ice Mom approves the investigation and tells him that she herself will air the results, just be sure to have solid info behind it.
2. The Ice Mom Melteth
In Ha's mother does nothing half assed, as she wholeheartedly jumps behind her decision to take down Chaebol mom and reveal the truth.  She also slowly starts letting In Ha into her life and dare I say her heart?  However Chaebol Mom is not fooled and knows that she has lost hold of Ice Mom's leash.  This is confirmed when underling tattles her plans to the head boss (awww I wanted to hope he had more integrity then that).  And knowing Chaebol Mom's penchant for evil deeds, we can all guess that she will not accept this lying down.
#3 Death by Nail Gun
For those of you who are unaware, South Korea has a very heavily enforced "no gun" law.  Which means that sometimes writers have to get creative when someone has murderous tendencies.  You have to have them fall down manholes and starve to death, burn in fires, or in this case use a nail gun and go on a nailing rampage.  
This is just what happens when a courier enters Dal Po's workplace and pulls out a giant nail gun, shooting everything in sight.  Screaming "Gi Ha Myeong" he continues his terror filled assault.   Dal Po plays the hero and takes down the crazy assailant, but loses him in the after scuffle. 
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Does it annoy anyone else that the writers continue with the whole two name thing?  UGH I hate that half of the people call him Dal Po and half call him Gi Ha Myeong.  Just choose a name and stick with it (preferably Dal Po since that is the one I have memorized.)
Crazy Courier is not done yet.  He stalks across the street to In Ha's building and starts shouting for her and Ice Mom to come out (this time armed with a knife).  Dal Po saves the day yet again, suspecting that the bad guy had multiple targets.  He tackles the courier a second time and does give him another chance to escape.  In Ha and Ice Mom are safe, but our poor hero is injured (during the nail gun incident) and rushed to the hospital.  It amazes me that Lee Jong Suk even bleeds gracefully.  He is such a dedicated actor from the top of his head to tip of his blood soaked arm.
#4 Beom Jo Was Faking It! Maybe???
We finally have confirmation that Beom Jo was faking his support of his mother and her crazy power hungry schemes.  He has been recording all of her conversations while accompanying her around her workplace in order to turn her in.  They only problem is that he is waffling over giving over the evidence of his moms corruption.  His indecision costs him as he loses his phone to his mother who has the gall to give him a guilt trip over his lack of support.  Chaebol mother is creepy formidable and Beom Jo is left cowed and still undecided.  
I have to admit to some slight disappointment in this character.  He seems to always be the after thought in so many of the plot lines.  He is not as courageous as Dal Po, or as dedicated as In Ha.  He comes in second in both romance and motivation and now they even have him come a distant third in doing what is right despite the outcome to a loved one.  I wonder what is going to have to happen to snap him out of his self pity waffling?  Your mother sent a crazy person to go kill the girl you like and your frenemy.  I think the writing is on the wall, nothing is going to soften that psycho mom of his. 
#5 Sexy Shaving Time
The episode has been so busy that we have not had any OTP (One True Pairing) time.  That is luckily rectified when Dal Po moves back home (YAY cohabitation is always fun) and is taken care of by his family.  My favorite scene of course is where In Ha helps Dal Po shave.  For a kdrama, they don't do a bad job of adding in some realistic sexual tension along with a lot of cute.  I will just let the photos speak for themselves on this one.
#6 When Pigs Fly
Who has had a total reversal on her feelings regarding Ice Mom?  This ahjumma, which is shocking since I literally used the term "When pigs fly" in reference to my buying her redemption.  Two weeks ago this change of heart would have been unthinkable but I love the push forward of the hard nosed and honest version of her.  It is also nice to see her use all that she had learned about how to format the truth to take down Chaebol Mom.  Obviously Chaebol Mom has messed with the wrong underling.

There is just one little fly in my bowl full of feelz.  I just did not buy the In Ha crying scene with her mother, the moment just fell flat.  Everything was there.  Mom being noble, In Ha's sexy sympathetic boyfriend was wiping away her tears, Park Shin Hye was sobbing for all that she was worth, but nope.  Nada. Nothing. Maybe it was the over abundance of her crying (in the past she has always gotten on my nerves when there is crying involved), maybe it was the lack of inspiration in this plot point (we all knew it was going to come to this), whatever the reason this scene was as flat as a squashed snake who was attempting to cross on a busy highway.
#7 Howl Properly
 I love the closing scene in which Ice Mom concocts the perfect plan to get her voice heard.  Ice Mom and director had been relegated to a behind the scenes job where there was no chance to say anything on air, so she came up with a new plan.  Using the help of In Ha and Dal Po, she gives over the damning evidence from her phone to Dal Po's news station.  Ice Mom then has their cop friend sue her for defamation of character.  Since she is being sued it gives her an opening to air out all the dirty deeds that she was involved in, along with those of Chaebol mom.  As she goes forth to meet her judgement she stands before Dal Po (who gives her a respectful head bow) and remembers their first encounter in his taxi.  The one where he says that he will learn about journalism then attack her.  Ice Mom gives Dal Po a small smile and says that he better have learned what he needed to know since now it is time for him to "Howl Properly".  A perfect ending for a show where Ice Mom was the star.  
My Thoughts:
While there are some small feelings of a dragging plot, the characters have made me care about them enough that I don't mind too much.  I look forward to the conclusion and wonder how the writers are going to stretch the story for two more episodes?  I am just guessing, but you have to figure that Beom Jo will play a large part of the ending episodes.  I will just be happy as long as the writers manage to avoid the dreaded last episode curse.  That fine line of entertaining and relevant can sometimes be hard to find towards the end of a drama.
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