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Ex-Girlfriend Club ep 6: Caught!

Forgive me for a moment, but I just have to get this out....

I FREAKING LOVE THIS DRAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*gasp*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ahem.  Sorry about that. I'll just gather myself here and try to be coherent and less gushy in order to get this thing recapped, but I make no promises that I won't slip back into fangirl mode at some point along the way. Because this drama rocks and there were so many points in this episode that I got gushy and squealy and all that fun stuff, you know, where clear thoughts turn into "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!"

Thank you Urban Dictionary for capturing it so perfectly!
This was yet another awesome episode in an awesome drama. Seriously, how amazing is this cast of characters we have here?!?! I LOVE the three girls (four if we count Soo Jin) together. I LOVE the four women and Myeong Soo together. I LOVE the new love triangle we have blooming! It's just all so, so perfect and definitely my favorite drama going at the moment. Which is saying a lot because I'm enjoying everything I have going right now.

I called this episode "caught" because we have a lot of catching going on throughout. 

Myeong Soo has been caught in his past feelings for Soo Jin. 

The five were caught all in Myeong Soo/Soo Jin's room together when the money guy and director came running to see what was wrong after hearing Soo Jin scream
Laughed. So hard. Through all of this.
I'm sorry, but doesn't he seem a little concerned for Soo Jin here? This was not curiosity driving him to break into the room, but a genuine concern for her and her safety. Oooh! Somebody's been caught in a little crushy-crush!
The five conspirators have been caught by Director Geon in their lie and he threatens to pull the plug on the movie in an effort to save his friend from marrying a liar.

The exes were caught in their attempt to save the movie by getting Director Geun on their side
I sure hope Ra Ra can improve her acting skills someday
Myeong Soo was a mouse caught by a cat suffering with a case of the green-eyed monster of jealousy
She seems to be the only one still holding on to him of all the ex-girlfriends and she also seems to be the one picking up on the feelings between Soo Jin and Myeong Soo. She's starting to piss me off. I wanted to pull her hair here and slap him for being too nice to her. Especially as poor Soo Jin was waiting outside of his house for their beer drinking date. Oh well, at least we got to see him running to meet up with Soo Jin when his adventures in plumbing made him late.
I was squealing "he's running! He's running! Look! He loves her! He's running!" all through this scene
Sis and her hubby were caught gettin' nasty in the living room
Absolutely hilarious, somewhat disturbing, totally unexpected and extremely entertaining. I died. And I'm sure my face looked something like Soo Jin's here. Only a little laughier and a smidge less horrified.
Soo Jin is caught by Myeong Soo who has been running around looking for her, thanks to the annoying advertisement he overhears in the background (and her need for ice cream)

We are caught having a fangirl moment as these two lovebirds finally connect and get to sit down and talk after all that has happened lately. We learn that he and Ji Ah (the cat) were doomed from the beginning when they dated five years ago because she planned all along on an arranged marriage. We also get Soo Jin confessing, in an indirect way, that she never stopped liking Myeong Soo. Think he read in between the lines? I think so too. *giddy squee!*

Soo Jin gets caught receiving a text message from Myeong Soo while with the Exes. Miss Kitty Cat seems especially curious about this.
Dear Miss Kitty Cat, you know what they say about curiosity vs the cat, right?

Myeong Soo is caught by his co-worker as he texts/swoons over Soo Jin. He denies that it is Soo Jin of course, but co-worker isn't buying it. Nor are we. We know you like her, no sense in denying it.

Soo Jin is caught having to beg Director Geon into not scrapping the movie because of the lies the Club has been spewing in order to protect Lion Hwa Young's fiance from finding out his bride-to-be is working with her Ex (and is one of the main characters to be featured in the movie he is financially supporting). 

She pleads with him and he is caught being an ass. 

I love when she stood up to him and told him off, in essence calling him a non-human and telling him not to mock another's sincerity. Frankly, I wish she had said even more than that, he deserved it, but still, judging by his reaction, the barbs hit their mark regardless. He's caught gobsmacked by her words.
I'm sorry, but that is one HOT ass
Soo Jin is caught crying by Myeong Soo (who may I just point out is waiting for her outside of her place??) after her run-in with Hot Ass.
LOOK AT THAT FACE!!! He's so worried about her *heart* *heart* *heart*

He does his best to cheer her up. And apparently his best is good enough because it works. He's caught being a sweetie and acting like her best friend/soulmate. So much to love in this scene. These two are just perfect together. SQUEEEEE!!!!!!
And how adorable are they as they text each other?!?!? I'm caught in yet another SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

It would seem as if Soo Jin has caught Director Hot Ass's attention. As she is packing up her belongings at the office, he pays her a visit and says he's reconsidering not canceling the movie after all. She doesn't trust him, but he really seems to be putting the moves on her. He's hooked, and the more she resists, the more hooked he becomes.
No, really?!?! Smart Hot Ass

This whole exchange is caught by Lioness, which leads to Soo Jin getting caught once again in one of the Club's schemes.

Hwa Young is out to prove that Director Geon has feelings for Soo Jin, so the three women lure her out to some remote location under the guise of filming. She's to meet the Director there, only, of course, he knows nothing of it until Hwa Young calls to tell him that she is there, all alone in this abandoned location. The three women hide and watch as Soo Jin waits and waits and waits some more. Incredibly entertaining scene, as any scene with the three of these women together proves to be. There was an enormous amount of cackling coming from this ahjumma while watching their antics.

Eventually, Director Geon shows up and immediately starts chewing Soo Jin out (as if she had anything to do with it), accusing her of "moving him". Omo! Again, he's being a total asshat, but dang! How come it's so hot?!

As if things aren't interesting enough, let's add another log to this fire in the form of Myeong Soo driving up. It would appear that our little fox called him (not believing that Director Geon would actually come) and so he too has come to the rescue of our damsel-not-so-much-in-distress. At least not so distressed until caught in this moment. And we officially have our love triangle!!! The boys are proverbially peeing all over every tree they can find trying to mark their territory with her and now we get the ever-loved stand-off between the two would-be suitors.
Oooh! How I just LOVE a good suitor stand-off/stare down!!!!! Male posturing at its finest! It's caught my attention, that's for sure!

Okay, now that we are all "caught" up, what did you think of this episode?? First, holy screenshots Batman! I guess I just had to make up for last time where there weren't any ;) So, sorry for the overkill this time, we just needed lots of pictures of these hotties out there. I couldn't help myself, they're just too pretty!! So, so much pretty..... *dreamy sigh* Hopefully you are loving this one as much as I am and hopefully I caught most of your favorite parts too. I eagerly await the new episodes coming out later this week and can't wait to see how this lovebird showdown goes! We'll reconvene our Ex-Girlfriend Club meeting then, okay? Can't wait!

Back hugs and fish-kisses to you all!


  1. Totally love this show too. It just keeps getting better and better. I like having the nice guy as the lead and the snarky entitled frat boy as the B lead. The mischievous ex girlfriends are perfect comic relief, as are Soo Jin' s family. This show is so entertaining, there are never any slow parts to wait through.

  2. Love the 'overkill pics' and the recap! So much fun recalling all the funny scenes and there were plenty too this episode round! And your back hugs and fish kisses lol ... right back at you! :-)

  3. love love love it too and I can't say enough of the love word coz yes..I've been wanting to watch this sort of drama for the longest time so I'm just..a puddle of goo now huhu


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