Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Here She Goes Again {Monday, er, Tuesday Morning Therapy with Dongsaeng}

Over the weekend I developed a new crush.

Obviously, the groundwork was laid beforehand, but this weekend was when it all came together and BOOM, crushville!

Who has caught this ahjumma's attention this time?  I'll give you a clue.  It's not just 1 person, but 7.

When I first met them they were these funky, weird pirates and I was kind of just like "meh".  At some point they were also these rival gang members I think?  Other times they have been gushed over by several friends and their pictures plastered all over my screen.  Through all of that though, I somehow managed to just turn a blind eye.

Then something in me clicked over the past week or so.  I found myself playing the "pirate" song.  Over and over.  For days.  It was my go-to song.  I then did something that I haven't done in a long time - I put on an internet radio station.  Most of what I heard was music that I already own (hence the long break I've taken from this particular form of music deliverance), but then a few new ones snuck themselves in there.  One of which was a song from these 7 guys that I hadn't heard before.  And I loved it.  And then, click.  It happened.  It finally dawned on me that, "hey, there's gotta be something here.  I think I really like these guys."

After that it was a bit of discovery work before finally coming clean to my already-obsessed friends.  Once the cat was out of the bag, a flood of pictures, music, and information started coming my way.  I have the best enablers ever I must say.  Anywho, so I started to listen to lots of music.  I started learning who was who.  Then I started the ever-important process of choosing a bias.  After watching this interview, I got it.  My bias that is.  Anyone want to guess?

First I should probably ask if you've figured out who my new crush is.  If you clicked on the link above, you have.  If you call yourself a BBC, you probably have, though I know I have been slightly vague, so if you didn't, it's okay.  I won't tell BBC headquarters and make you turn in your membership card or anything.

Okay, class, all together, let's say who we think it is out loud.  Ready?


{I feel like there should be a dramatic drum roll or something here.  Insert in your imaginations a dramatic drum roll, please.}

If you answered BLOCK B, you are correct!  {Now insert into your imaginations balloons and confetti dropping dramatically from the ceiling and a lot of cheering and clapping.}

I really like their sound.  Most of the time.  There's one or two in there that I'm not too fond of, but they're still young yet, so I'll let it go.  They are getting better with time, so I have high hopes for them.  You know, if they manage to stay together.  I sure hope I didn't just stumble into another DBSK/JYJ thing here.  I have a tendency to do that.  Well, I did it once if you want to consider that a tendency.  And that one happened for me a couple of years after the break-up so...you know...doesn't totally count.  Honestly, as I am still new, I really can't even tell you for sure what is going on there with the Block B sitch.  I heard about it as it was happening, but since I wasn't in to them, I didn't pay a whole lot of attention.  I know that they were fighting their management company legally and that lots of people were freaking out because that's just how the DBSK mess started.  I haven't heard much since then.  I am assuming that all activities of theirs are still at a stand-still.  I could look it up I suppose and actually be informed before I talk about it.  I didn't mean to bring it up though, it just kind of slipped out.  Okay, okay...my OCD senses are tingling and I can't let it go.  BRB.

Alright, I'm back.  And here it is, the Cliff Notes version.  I was wrong, it isn't their management company that they're fighting, but their agency.  Some of the complaints lodged against the agency are serious, like a whole ton of money being stolen by a MIA CEO.  And the fact that they also have not been paid in like a year.  Wha???  If you want to read it for yourself, here's a link.  Agency

A couple of days after the announcement of the lawsuit was made, another story came out about a couple of the members removing "Block B" from their Twitter IDs.  You can read that one as well if you so desire.
What the Tweet?

The latest news (at least on allkpop) is that last month they quietly celebrated their 2nd anniversary.  And yes, sad to say, the legal battle continues and activities have ceased.  Quiet

Now, I'm all depressed.  I was so excited but now I'm very worried that all my excitement will be for naught.

And it begs the question...

Okay, what this pity party needs is some music to cheer us up.  Here are some videos from Block B for us all.  We have to end on a positive note and not be all mopey.

Now, I'm about to throw a lot of videos up here.  Some will be the official videos.  There's one that is the dance version.  Then there are some from various music programs.  Watch all, watch some, it's up to you.  I just wanted to make things easier by having a whole selection here for you.  There are more online obviously, but I think this will get you off to a good start at least.

Since the list is extensive, I'll go ahead and say goodbye now and then leave you to it.  Hopefully I was able to spread some Block B love here today.  Even if it's Tuesday and not Monday, I wanted to help start your week off with maybe a new sound, or for those that aren't new to Block B, a sound that you hopefully enjoy.  Have a wonderful week!  I will be back with some Nine reviews at some point.  I'm like an old jalopy (car) with these reviews.  I get started and then stall.  Start again.  And stall again.  Sorry.  Seriously life can be a major spoilsport when it gets a hankerin' to be.  I'd just like to point out that I used both "jalopy' and "hankerin" right there.  That's my cue to exit.  When the inner hick starts coming out, it's time to go.  Go watch some dramas or something.  Y'all come back now, ya here?

P.S.  Did you think that I forgot to tell you my Block B bias?  Hahaha.  Nah, just wanted to see if you were still paying attention and stretch out the suspense all dramatic-like.  If you've come this far though, I suppose you have earned some resolution to the suspense.  And it is.....





B Bomb

  (though PO and UKwon sure are trying hard for the honor as well)

I even created a Pinterest board for the BBC in me.  That's when you know it's really serious.


  1. My feels are just running all over the place right now.. down my eyes and out the door and flooding the parking lot.. running into the nearest ditch and out to the sea..

    Actually, that may just be my tears. *sobbing hysterically - internally*

    Oh oh oh oh oh how i love these boys...... *sniffs* They are, just.. *sniffs* fabulous. I miss them so much. *sniffs*

    Sorry, was I supposed to leave an intelligent response? Impossible! The BBC in me has been slowly overtaking the VIP section of my heart. They're now about equal, except that I have so many worries about these boys that I almost can't stand it. Have you seen the Block B match-up show from last year?? Love love love. :) :)

    1. Heehee! Sorry for all the feels Rosie. I didn't realize it would be such a sensitive topic LOL ;) Glad to have another and more experienced BBC in the house. I haven't seen the Block B match up show, no, but I think I stumbled across it while hunting for the videos I posted so I'll have to go check it out! Thanks!

    2. Have fun! They are so hilarious to watch. xD
      Also, I posted few video links on this forum of random clips. If you haven't seen them, be sure to check it out!

  2. Haha I knew who you were talking about right away! Yup, I'm a BBC! Seeing them on MTV Match-Up made me love them. Zico is my ultimate favorite in all of Kpop-land~ He's so talented and amazing! Hehe XD


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