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I Remember You ep 8: Remember Me Already, Dang It!

We turn up the creepy quotient considerably and confirm some long-held suspicions (finally!) in this episode. We also continue to have special moments with our leading man. You know, because he's so gorgeous and distracting and inspiring of naughty thoughts. So you'll have to forgive me a little fangirling in the midst of all the creepy and big reveals.
It's like I've died and gone to heaven
First and foremost, the big reveal out of all the big reveals. Let's just get this out there right off the bat and out of the way. Really, it shouldn't come as a surprise to any of us, since as far as I'm aware, we've all kind of had this one figured out from the beginning. Still though, it's nice to finally have it confirmed. Yes, the lawyer is little brother Min. And yes, he's not a good guy. Sorry. I hate to be the one to break that part to you. I had really held out a sliver of hope that he would turn out to be good Min, not bad Min, but yeah, not looking so good there. Probably most likely definitely for sure a bad guy. I know, breaks my heart too. In a perfect world, we'd have a beautiful reunion of long lost brothers that would then go skipping hand-in-hand together towards the sunset. Now the best we can hope for is that one of those two isn't quite as evil as he looks to be at this point and that maybe someday they'll be able to meet after his prison sentence is over or something like that. Such a tragic waste of such a pretty face. Really, that's the true crime here.

Okay, now that we've formally introduced the elephant in the room, let's back up and talk about what happens in our story. We start where we left off last time. Min, after a creepy phone call with an unknown person he addresses as "Director Ahn" in which he cryptically directs that Ji An should be "taken care of first" while he'll "take care of Lee Hyeon himself", has suddenly appeared in front of Ji An. He gives her a ride home from the market after her car mysteriously won't start and then watches her walk up to her place with a creepy grin on his face. When Ji An arrives at her door, a big guy bent on beating her to death meets her there. Meanwhile, Lee Hyeon has received a mysterious card in the mail that resembles the card left at the old guy's house after he (Hyeon) was bludgeoned from behind and the old man disappeared. After giving it some thought, he starts to suspect that Ji An may be the next target.
Yes way.
He'd be right. Because right now at this time the girl is fighting for her life against this scary dude in her apartment. "Lucky" (?) for her, it would seem as if Min has a change of heart and decides to let her live. For now.

So he picks up the few oranges that had rolled out of her grocery bag and goes up to the apartment to "save the day". He orders the thug to run away and comes out the conquering hero just as Hyeon runs into the room.
His "hero" face here gives me serious chills. And not the good kind. Dang! Creeptastic!
To his credit (and seriously I want to kiss him...for this. Kiss him for this. Not just kiss him. No, that would be silly), Hyeon doesn't appear to trust him or his intentions here. He's not buying the "I just happened to bump into her and gave her a ride and then saved the day" tall tale. I love how smart he is. A real man of genius that one. Genius and genes, man. Those are some mighty fine genes there. Mighty fine.

Almost worth getting attacked to win a hospital visitor like this
After being discharged from the hospital, thankfully without any major injury outside of a slight concussion, Lee Hyeon takes her home to pick up a few things. I enjoyed the flashback to her putting the police line tape up on her own door in her concussed state.
Look how cute these two brothers are together. I wish they could get their "happily ever after" :(

She's scared for her safety yet refuses to have police protection and instead decides to bunk down at the police station for the time being. Lee Hyeon is conflicted. He wants to protect her, but has a hard time allowing her into his space. I loved watching his little internal conflict play out.

I especially loved when they pulled up to the police station and it was finally too much for him and he told her to put her seat belt back on (and then proceeded to do it for her when she didn't move) because he was going to "let her be in his debt". Lol. Come on goofy boy, just invite her over for a sleepover and be done with it.
I'm always a sucker for the seat belt move.

This next part, I have to tell you, I felt kind of bad for my reaction and naughty thoughts while watching. Thankfully though, Kmuse assured me that "everyone" had had the same thoughts as me, so, because of that, I'm going to go ahead and mention it. You know, so that you know that you were not alone in your naughtiness here. The first night sleeping over at Lee Hyeon's (yes, I'm going to make this sound even more than it was just because I can and it's fun), Ji An is woken by his moans of "no". Oh yeah, I said moans. Because that's what they were. The man was moaning "no" repeatedly. And it sounded very...well, use your imagination here. Seriously, if only I could figure out how to put an audio clip here for you.... It was hella hot and caught my attention for sure. Of course it ended up being an innocent and sad dream of his brother Min being taken away in a car while young Hyeon runs after him.
Ji An figures out that he is dreaming of his brother and feels bad for him. She goes to comfort him by placing her hand on his. He immediately grabs onto her hand (while still sleeping) and doesn't let go. Next thing we know, it's morning and she's waking up on top of his desk. And sadly, that sounds hotter than it actually was. ;)

Sorry to leave the Hyeon/Ji An fun for a bit, but it's time for more creepy Min tales. Little brother is once again on a phone call with someone talking about his nefarious plans. He mentions how he used Director Yang (the first murderer that was caught and is being held on drug charges with China's help), which I can only assume that he intentionally let Lee Hyeon believe Yang to somehow be behind the attack on Ji An. I don't see how that "helps Yang" as Min adds, but I suppose that's just something we will have to wait for sense to be made of as we go forward. He says how he wants to "toy with (Hyeon) a bit and then destroy him himself".
Yeah, nothing ominous there. His phone call is interrupted by a call from Ji An, who wants to meet up. Uh oh!

This little coffee/tea date turns out to be very interesting. Very interesting indeed.
That grin! Maybe he means it to be disarming and charming, but I just find it plain creepy. Uber creepy actually.

So many things are answered and so many more questions created. First, we find out just how much Min had looked up to his big brother. I hate to use words like "hero worship", but really, in this case, I'd say it fits. Hyeon was the most important person to him. And then "daddy took him away".

Is it just me, or did the way he phrase that give you chills too? Also, am I the only one who wants to sing "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" whenever they show Min on one side of the hidden door calling to his brother? The night that Lee Joon Young killed their father, Min ran out of the house. A scene we had already seen before. Only this time, we find out just where he went. It was raining, so the young boy sought shelter in a car that was parked in front of the house. Lee Joon Young's car. Or at least the car that he used to drive away in. I guess it could have belonged to the Lee family (Lee Min/Lee Hyeon, not Lee Joon Young - too many Lees). Anyway, Min hides in the car and falls asleep. When he wakes, Lee Joon Young is driving away from the crime scene and spots him in the back seat. He knows the child's name immediately and tells the boy that his brother had told him all about him.

I sense some major psychological messing-with coming. As they drive away, Hyeon comes running after the car. Min sees him too and cries out to him. But then Hyeon trips and falls (I doubt Min saw that happen) and his little brother disappears.
 Min is left feeling abandoned by his brother and in the hands of a psychotic killer and Hyeon is left without his full memories. So, now, fast forward to present day and we have a twisted Min that desperately wants his brother to recognize and remember and acknowledge him, and a Hyeon that either doesn't recognize his brother, or else pretends that he doesn't. Min's memories are warped, as is his soul. My guess is that Joon Young took the young boy in and raised him, twisting his poor little boy brain until the child couldn't help but be screwy. And there's still a really, really good chance that the boy was already screwy to begin with. I suspect that that was part of the "secret" Hyeon shared with Joon Young back in the day. If only his father had asked him....

Our body count has been a little low this episode. How about we change that? Let's talk murder now. Oh goody. So, Hyeon is on this thing about "corpse-less murders". He's talked to the creepy Medical Examiner about it, about how there are ways to dispose of a body without leaving any evidence (ie body) behind. Hyeon is specifically looking for a serial killer that leaves no corpse behind, a claim that oddly enough gets our "good" doctor's attention (you know, because he's probably Joon Young and guilty of such crimes).

Hyeon's investigation takes him to an export company where the arty eye had been spotted and where illegal art smuggling happened. Long story short, a body is found. The M.O. appears to be exactly as Hyeon hypothesized - guy sneaks box of dead body on board the ship and then quietly shoves it overboard while at sea. No body, no crime.

The guy guilty of loading these body boxes on board is caught and interrogated. This last body was the company bookkeeper who had caught the man smuggling dead bodies and was going to turn him in, so he killed her. They get his confession relatively easily, minus the whole bigger operation part. That part was obtained by a rogue Hyeon who entered the interrogation room, locked the door, and turned off all cameras and microphones. He got the guy to talk by showing him a picture of the eye, something the man immediately recognized.

The man was not only paid well for his assistance in body disposal, but seemed oddly intrigued and infatuated with it. He spoke a little too enthusiastic about his curiosities surrounding the bodies in the boxes.

And, creepier still, wore a beaded bracelet with each bead representing each body he had helped dispose of. Yeah, that's normal. Not. Guy gives me the shiver shakes. Two major things were revealed right at the end of their conversation together. One, the last body the guy smuggled was that of the old professor/lawyer guy. The guy that apparently knew too much and had outlived his usefulness. And two, the guy had only heard the voice of the man that had hired him to do the disposing. He may not know his face, but he knows his voice. So, later on, when he's been escorted by police and hears Min's voice...yeah.

No question about it. Min did it. He ordered those bodies to be disposed of. His corpse-less crimes. Whether he actually committed the murders or not, we don't know, but he was at least for sure involved. Heavily. He's in deep. Oh Min, what kind of monster have you become?

Now the question, or one of many questions I guess, becomes whether or not Lee Hyeon will share this information about the murders with Ji An as he had previously promised to do. You know, before he romantically and sweetly brushed the hair away from her face as they stood on the dock.

Will he tell her what he knows? Will he involve her in his investigations? Also, if and when he figures out who Min is, will this change anything? Will things become more dangerous then? Is Ji An being targeted out of some sort of deranged jealousy? See what I mean?! With answers come lots more questions. So many more.

These questions will just have to wait for another time though, for we are out of episode. We end with Min being creepy and Hyeon contemplating a handful of beads.
Many creepy faces of Min in like 20 seconds time

Then while credits roll, we get a reminder on the wolf story - a story about how there are two wolves living inside each of us. A bad wolf and a good wolf and the one that wins is the one that is fed. Looks like Min has been feeding his bad wolf while Hyeon his good one. I wish I could see a happy ending for our brothers here, but it is looking less and less likely the more we learn. So tragically sad.

Thank you for stopping by! Hope you had as much fun with this episode as I did. I loved this one. I love this drama. I love SIG. He just gets hotter and hotter with each episode, I swear. That man.... Yum!

Til next time,
Back hugs and fish kisses to you,


  1. When he got out of the interrogation room.. He didnt tell the cops much.. But then he steal a quick glance to ji an.. Like i will tell u later at home.. Or sumthing. Cant wait for ep 9!

    1. Yes! I caught that too and was really hoping that that was what he meant. He better tell her or I'm coming after him!

  2. We all be coming to him, if we can whether he told her or not (if you know what i meant.. Keke).. Best episode yet.. Somehow i felt that hyun already had a hunch about min but he's playing it cool.. Ohh, on his realization of the murders his baby brother committed..

  3. I'm all caught up and have to wait with everyone else now for the episodes to air. Torture. This show is sooooo good. The kind that keeps you thinking about it long after you turn off the tv.

    1. Can't wait !!! I also love the little tender moments between Hyun and Ji An, though he always seemed to act as if he dislike her...haha, contradicting he.....

  4. Right there with you on wanting to burst into singing, Do You Wanna Build A Snowman whenever they show Min outside the door. Maybe, if Min had seen Frozen, he wouldn't end up being a psycho coz he would be assured his Hyung loves him very much!

  5. Literally lol-ed your the 'naughtiness' of nightmare moaning .... i actually dislike the fact that Min has been brainwashed by LJY that his idolized bro has somehow abandoned him and 'given' him to LJY who was/is a killer.....what a misunderstanding....


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