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Falling For Innocence Review: Two Ahjummas Descent into Sub Stalking

For those of you who have followed us, here at The Crazy Ahjummas, you know that usually we have recaps going nonstop.  So it is a bit of a shock as we enter our forth week, minus recaps.  For those of you wondering, we are not stopping our recapping part of the drama, but are merely waiting for "the one".  Or pretty much anything that is going to be subbed quickly (you are getting nasty glares from me Let's Eat 2) and doesn't completely suck. I think a bit of the problem is also that we are gun shy after the whole Jekyll and Hyde fiasco.  But never fear, Dongsaeng and I have decided that we will be co-capping the upcoming drama "Producer" and probably each doing a side project as well (eyeballing Warm and Cozy or Orange Marmalade on my part).  So there will be a ton of quirky posts coming your way mid May.

Warning: Minor spoilers ahead.  Do not cross this photo if you want to be 100% spoiler free.  
Oh Falling For Innocence, how you have sucked me into your wicked web of dramady.  I had just congratulated myself on the fact that I no longer "had" to watch a drama the second it came out with subs.  The kdrama honeymoon phase had waned and I could often go a whole 12 hrs or so without the urge to ignore reality and watch something the second those subs passed the 90% mark (my magic number necessary for me to consider the subs watchable).

Dongsaeng - Hi Falling for Innocence. I found you a little late, but after positive confirmation from Kmuse that you were worth my attention, was able to quickly make up for lost time with a handy-dandy old-fashioned dramathon. Now I join the ranks of desperate fans sub-stalking each new episode. It's wonderful fun, isn't it?! 
Kang Min Ho (Jung Kyung Ho - Cruel City) juggles having a heart transplant, revenge, and falling in love.  All these things are doable, except when you throw in the fact that the heart you received is from your soul mate's previous fiancee.  Add in various visions from the previous heart owner's life from his murder, and you have yourself a pretty full drama.
Kang Min Ho
Min Ho is the type of person everyone loves to hate.  He is ruthless when firing people, taking over companies, and I am pretty sure he goes around kicking puppies in his free time.  But all of this is explained in episode one as we find out Min Ho is driven by a need to destroy his evil uncle.  An evil uncle who sullied his dead father's memory, stole the company his father had built from the proper owners, and eventually caused the circumstances that led to his mother's suicide.  Min Ho must be absolutely ruthless because he is on a deadline to death.  Having a terminal heart problem and little chance of a donor, Min Ho works himself to the bone in order to destroy his uncle before he dies.
KMUSE- SQUEEEEEEEEEEE..........  I love him so much.  He seamlessly shifts from corporate bad ass to sweet befuddled cutie pie and somehow does not make it seem silly.  

Dongsaeng- Hello there Sexy Mans! I'm glad you didn't die. I'm sorry for your sad life but I'm happy you have a new heart and a chance at a do-over. Speaking of do-overs, yours was one make-over that wasn't even necessary. I liked your long, redish-hued hair look but I also like your more conservative, muted locks as well. It just proves that you can pull off any look because you're that awesome. I adore your character and the transformation you are undergoing. Keep up the good work, you Sexy Mans you!

KMUSE- I am always surprised that Jung Kyung Ho has so much presence on screen.  If you look at him objectively he is usually not the hottest guy in a drama, but he is for sure the one you pay attention to.

Kim Soon Jung
Secretary extraordinaire, Kim Soon Jung (Kim So Yun - I Need Romance 3) is the personal secretary to evil uncle.  This brings her into the crossfires as Soon Jung tries to keep Min Ho from destroying the company and its employees. 

KMUSE - I was a bit indifferent to her in the beginning (I totally admit that all my focus was on the two hottie leads).  But I am happy to say that Soon Jung's character and her amazing makeup (seriously, can her eyes get anymore perfect), have won me over.

Dongsaeng - I'm sorry I thought you looked too old to be with Mr Sexy Hot Mans above. I think you're doing a fantastic job and I really like your character. I am sorry your original guy died. That sucks. But I know you'll like the new one better in the end, so it's okay. Just keep protecting him and watching over him like you have been. I'll continue cheering you on from the sidelines here. Oh, and please don't get all squirrelly when you find out that he's housing your fiance's heart and try to run away. That wouldn't be cool of you. I wonder though if you might already know. Do you already know? Is that what has turned your own heart to him? You seemed to know that that kid at the hospital had fiance parts in him. Hmm....

Ma Dong Wook (Soon Jung`s fiance)
The cop childhood sweetheart of Soon Jung.  Loved big, over the top confession events, and catching bad guys.  
KMUSE- Meh, was just waiting for him to kick the bucket.  Also, that big public proposal gave me hives.

Dongsaeng - You're not as hot as our leading guy, so I'm okay that you kicked it. I kid! I kid! You seemed like a nice guy and I'm glad to know that a heart as big and full as yours is still beating in the world and helping out someone that really could use the help by giving him a new life, literally and figuratively. I am grateful that from the very beginning we knew you weren't going to make it so that we didn't grow too attached though.

Joon Hee
Unrequited love sucks, and our second lead is no stranger to that feeling.  Joon Hee (Yoon Hyun Min - Cruel City, Witch's Romance), has loved Soon Jung since he was a little kid, but is always a step behind in confessing his feelings.  Convinced that more power and money will give him a chance with his love (especially once Dong Wook is dead), he slowly descends into the political sludge of the company.
KMUSE- I have really enjoyed Joon Hee's change from neutered friend, to company betrayer, and finally power crazed stalker.  Can't wait to see if he really was the one who killed Dong Wook.  Not to mention that I want to see how low he will go to get what he wants.

Dongsaeng - Whoa. You are going to turn into some sort of super villain on us, aren't you, you sexy psychopath you? Watching you slowly spiral into a deep, dark place episode after episode has been creepy, but fun - in a creepy way. I'm sorry the girl you have loved all your life has decided that she's just not that into you. I'm sorry you have pined away all this time for someone in love with your best friend. I'm sorry that that best friend is now dead (though I'm pretty convinced you had something to do with that, didn't you?) and that the girl has latched on to a newcomer that just so happens to be your corporate nemesis. That's gotta blow dude. No need to let it get you all crazypants though. Except that it is kind of important to our story I suppose, so I guess you don't have much choice in the matter. Sorry you are the Forever Alone Guy and the perpetual third-wheel on this bicycle built for two known as love. Why do all of our evil psychos have to be hotties lately? So not fair that I can't let myself enjoy the pretty without feeling a little bad, you know, what with your evil and all.

KMUSE- I have enjoyed the use of revenge as a plot device for the most part.  Evil Uncle was definitely despicable and it was easy to see why Min Ho wanted to destroy him.  I was actually surprised that the revenge storyline was resolved so quickly with the death of the uncle.  Thought it would be the plot arc of the entire drama.  Luckily it looks like the competition between Joon Hee and Min Ho is going to fill the Evil Uncle void.

Dongsaeng - I personally suspect that this part of the story isn't quite over yet. I have a suspicion that we don't have the full story on what happened between the two brothers. I wonder if the uncle may at some point have his name cleared. He may actually be the bad guy that Min Ho believes him to be, but, seeing as how we are going solely on the one-sided memory of a 9 year old boy who overheard one conversation, I'm not fully convinced. In either direction. I am curious to see where this part of the storyline continues to go. What if Min Ho's dad was the culprit all along and he finds out and his whole world view is shaken? That would be a cool twist too, wouldn't it? And would fit our theme of turning a new leaf and all that. Just something to ponder on. Personally, I wouldn't mind one bit if all the corporate snooze-fest bore went away and we just focused on a love story, but maybe that's just me.

KMUSE - I am so excited that the romance aspect of the drama is starting to rev up it's engines.  I have thoroughly enjoyed watching Min Ho fall hard for his secretary, but it is even more enjoyable watching Soon Jung begin to return his feelings.  

Dongsaeng - YAS! This is much better. Hellllooooo lovey feels!!  These two are scrumdidliumptious together!!!!!  I could easily watch 20 more episodes of this. Yumm! Please, lots and lots more of the romance dear writer-nims. I say we leave the boardroom and move to the bedroom. Anyone else wanna cast their vote for this proposal??

KMUSE- And how cute are all the scenes of Min Ho being very weird and lovelorn?  He always makes me laugh.  My favorite example of this was when he was eavesdropping on Soon Jung and was walking backwards on the escalator.  Min Ho acts like this is totally normal when he gets caught.  100% ADORABLE

Bromance Mortal Enemies
KMUSE- I love the chemistry between these two guys (Min Ho and Joon Hee).  I do admit that I am a little sad that there is 100% NO bromance in the show, but total loathing is almost as good.

Dongsaeng - heehee! This dueling duo is starting to heat up as the battle for the company girl begins in earnest. Both boys have thrown down their gauntlets and I'm grabbing my popcorn, ready for the show! Let's just agree to no faceshots, okay boys? No sense in harming all that pretty.
KMUSE- For those of you wondering why I am talking about bromance when it comes to these two actors, take a quick jump over to the drama Cruel City where they were not only BFF's, but epically bromantic BFF's that were better than the actual romance.  Seriously, go check it out since they were amazing.
KMUSE- In regards to "Falling For Innocence" I really appreciate their extreme talent.  You would never guess that they are close friends in real life since they both really make you feel the hate.  I also notice that their acting style is very equal.  They just match intensity-wise, if that makes sense.

KMUSE- Does anyone else have the urge to stuff them into a room together and force them to make up?  We should totally have a parent trap moment with these two since they are just meant to be besties.

The Friend Zone Has Driven Someone a Little Crazy
KMUSE- In episodes 7 & 8, Joon Hee has officially been friend zoned by Soon Jung.  And by that I mean she tells him "I see you just as a friend and don't have romantic feelings".  So what is a poor second lead to do when he hears this?  He goes out to buy a wedding ring and creates a romantic dinner, complete with ginormous stalker photo waiting to be unveiled.
KMUSE- It was bad enough that he looked like a khottie Gollum as he stared at the wedding ring,
but then the whole giant photo that was obviously blown up from a picture taken from a camera phone..  Can someone say super creepy?

Dongsaeng - I can!! I can say it!!! Super duper uber creepy to the extreme!!!!  I was dying in this part at all the creepy with creepy shivers running down my spine. Psycho, your name be Joon Hee. Too bad too, because you seemed like such a nice guy when you started out. Bummer to throw all those years of sweet out the window for crazy time now, but whatcha going to do? Our story needs a super villain and Uncle is now dead and the original Corporate Killer has a new heart and is starting to get all nice now. Guess that just leaves Mr Forever Alone, Always 2nd Place or 1st Loser.
Where Do We Go From Here?
KMUSE- The secret of the heart donor is no longer a secret!  At least for Min Ho who just was confronted with the truth.  I am interested to see where the story will go from here.  Usually we would suddenly be dumped into extreme melo mode, but this drama continues to surprise me with the small shifts from the traditional.  Personally I am hoping that Min Ho doesn't obsess over whether it is himself who loves Soon Jung or the heart.  I got enough of that in the previous heart donor drama "My Spring Days".  

Dongsaeng - I have no idea where this crazy ride is going, but I do know that I'm going to hang on tight, scream my little heart out, and enjoy every second of it!
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  1. I always enjoy reading your reviews. Thanks!

  2. I wish I could share your enthusiasm for this drama. I like the actors & the concept - but I just much prefer Yoon Hyun Min to Jung Kyung Ho - they are great actors both of them, & there have been very cute moments, but in fact I rather hate the whole 'seems nice but turns sociopath' plotline - maybe because I actually MARRIED a sociopath so it's too too close to home? I also despise corporate raiders much more than shady corporate lawyers who only work for one firm...the first do much more damage... I don't know if switching the leads would help or not. Just can't get into it - so I've stopped watching at episode 8 :(

  3. @Ahjumma: Yes, the sub waiting part is so horrible. Wish i can mastering Korean Language so i can fully understand what they said.
    Actually i rather pessimis with this drama, cause i think they'll follow The Greatest Love's path (I'm not see My Spring Day). But, The writer make me jawdropping with her/his talent. It is gem in Dramaland. Unfotunately it broadcasted by TV chanel so the viewer is so little and that causing a little subbing team too. Sigh....
    Hmmm, I rather worried Min Ho soon become a Love fool, and he'll losing his 'company killer' skill.

  4. IT WAS A great drama,. i really love the story
    coz it makes me feels like im also
    part of every scenes,. its very melancholic
    and very unpredictable,.. and min ho did an outstanding job
    with his role.


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