Friday, May 1, 2015

Ex-Girlfriend Club - Will This be the First Song Ji Hyo Drama I Actually Like?

KMUSE- I want to like Song Ji Hyo dramas.  I really do.  I adore her as Blank Ji Hyo in Running Man.  She is funny and tough and has tons of presence. But whenever she transitions into a drama I just suddenly go into "meh" mode.  

Dongsaeng: For me, I'm fine with Song Ji Hyo. I'm just really in the mood for a daebak comedy after a rash of drama-heavy dramas. Like, desperately in need of light and funny with zero drama drama.
Up and coming artist Bang Myung Soo (Byun Yo Han - Misaeng) finds inspiration for his webtoon from his past failed relationships.  Failed relationships that include drama producer Kim Soo Jin (Song Ji Hyo - Couple Emergency).
Desperate for a hit drama, she buys the rights to adapt Myung Soo's webtoon, not knowing who the writer was, or that she is a character in the webtoon.  Add in three other exes and comedy hijinks ensue.


Thoughts About the Trailer
KMUSE- I am kind of sad that the drama is not the historical shown at the beginning.  Does it make anyone else want to see a comedy sageuk?

Dongsaeng: I like the idea of a comedic sageuk. It might make me more apt to watch one more than just once every couple of years. ;)

KMUSE- Byun Yo Han is so adorable.  I like him already just from the trailer.  The big question will be if he has good chemistry with Song Ji Hyo?

Dongsaeng: Yes, I'll admit, I instantly fell for this too-cute grin and face. Yes, even though he looks like a total player.

KMUSE- I really hope that all the exes have good character development and stay consistent throughout the drama.  There is nothing I hate more then introducing characters and then kicking them to the curb after the first couple episodes.  Thankfully TvN is usually consistent when it comes to memorable side characters.

Dongsaeng: I hope the same thing. I also hope that it doesn't turn into one of those man-hating/girl-power stories where the exes are catty and shrilly shrieking about the evil man that broke their heart. Not trying to turn on my sex, I just don't think anyone benefits from making themselves feel better by making someone else feel worse. Unless he deserves it, well then, go ahead ladies, kick him in the nuts. Meow!
KMUSE- There is obviously a makeup company doing product placement for this drama because that is some serious lip color going on.  

Ex-Girlfriend Club begins next Friday!  Let's cross our fingers that it turns out as good as this trailer indicates.  I really really want to like Ji Hyo as an actress. 

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  1. Although this type of drama with jealousy and rivalry is not my favorite I'm going to give it a try. Mostly because he is adorable and I love the way he looks when they are chasing him and yanking on his hair.
    Hmm maybe I shouldn't admit that part......

    1. I just really want to support his first time as a leading man. I hope this is the first of many.


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