Thursday, April 30, 2015

Falling in Love With Orange Marmalade : Trailer 2 Review

I will admit that I am completely in love with this webtoon.  It was one of those addictions where you start reading casually, and hours later, your eyes are glazed after reading from your tiny phone screen.  The eye strain was totally worth it though as I finished a truly well written and deep story about two high school students in a relationship.  One of those kids just happens to be a vampire which adds some complication to things.

Before you start rolling your eyes and kicking this drama to the curb because you were just burned by "Blood", I urge you to pause and give it a chance.  Unlike other vampire themed dramas, this time it is the girl who is the vampire.  And unlike other stories from the vampire genre, in this world, vampires and humans live side by side.  Vampires have given up drinking human blood and instead live on a diet of pigs blood (yummy).  They usually even saw down their canines so as not to stand out since there is a great prejudiced against "their kind".
Our leading lady, Baek Ma Ri (Seol Hyun), is actually a vampire in disguise who distances herself from everyone in an effort to just graduate from High School in anonymity. She spends the days adrift in her music and is oblivious to everyone else, including the hottest guy in school.  The hottest guy, Jung Jae Min (Yoo Jin Goo - Potato Star Q2013), who is quickly becoming obsessed with her.
I know that things will have to be adjusted for the live drama version of the story, but I am thankful to see a lot of the elements that I loved, shown in the latest trailer.  Already I can feel the teenage angst of first love and am totally involved in Jae Min's romantic quest.  It definitely helps that there is a clear comedic vibe coming through in the teaser.  Also, how awesome was the use of that song?  I loved that it stopped when he finally confronted her. 
Orange Marmalade premiers on May 15th, and will most likely be a drama I recap.  Check out the trailer below and let us know if you will be tuning in.

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  1. Oh, man, you read my mind. I loved the webtoon so much I stayed up way to late during the workweek to finish it. YJG is everything I hoped in the two teasers so I'm crossing my fingers the girl will measure up. I'm anticipating this drama so much I might have to watch live.

  2. My!! The boy has become a man!!


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