Monday, May 18, 2015

High Society Releases Kisscentric Teaser

Upcoming drama "High Society" his bringing out the big guns (also known as Sung Joon's delicious lips) in an effort to increase their dwindling ratings. They just released a teaser that was literally "a tease" of what is to come.  Looks like it is going to be kissing, kissing, and more kissing. 
KMUSE- WOW.... was not expecting this first thing in the morning.  Hot hot hot.  And I am not just talking about how wonderfully styled Sung Joon is.

DONGSAENG: Oh, Sung Joon. Sweet, sweet Sung Joon. I'm sorry I sat there while watching this teaser trying to convince myself that you weren't a scary bad hypnotist dude twisted from your sense of revenge against your old childhood chum after a kidnapping-gone-wrong like you were in Jekyll and Hyde. Good news is though that like no one even watched that drama, so you should be good to go with everyone else. All I'm saying is that you better play an AWESOME, WONDERFUL, AMAZING man in this one in order to make up for that last character, because I don't want to see pretty like this wasted again. That's just plain wrong. I mean, look at that pretty....
KMUSE- Do you ever wonder if they practice rubbing their lips all sexy like in the mirror every morning.  They have to, since they do it so well.  Right??

DONGSAENG: I think they must use those mirrors in the shower that every Khottie in Khottiedom is known to posses. The shower steam helps keep their lips moisturized through all that rubbing as they practice.

KMUSE- I like how we see the couple in various stages of wealth, yet always into each other.  This is, after all, supposed to be about a rich girl who hides as a poor part timer all in order to fall in love.

DONGSAENG: Look how cute they are in all their matchy-matchy couple outfits. <3
KMUSE- And the kisses!  There is not even words to describe how hot all the kisses were.  Burning, smoldering, melting..... all these words and more.

DONGSAENG: I like kisses. A lot. I like a lot of kisses. I worry that these are our only kisses and they are giving them all away now, leaving nothing to get all twitterpated over later. I'm sure that's not the case though, right? There will be lots more kisses, even better kisses...right?? pls.

High Society Teaser -

"High Society will begin airing this June following the completion of Monday/Tuesday drama "Heard it Through the Grapevine".

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  1. Well I wasn't planning on watching this one but..... He is so darn hot that I guess I'll have to watch at least the first four episodes. I hope that there will be lots more of those kisses.


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