Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Mask Episode 2 - Let's Get All Machiavellian Up In This Joint.

I know. I know. This recap is super late.  So late, that Mask episode 3 is almost up.  But in my defense I was computerless most of the week due to vacation plans so was super behind on my recapping. With that in mind, this is going to be a smaller recap then usual so I can get caught up.  Since nothing is worse then having to wait for a recap weeks after the episode airs :)

So with that in mind, let's jump right into the crazy goodness that is this drama.  Or the water as the case might be since we left our leading man passed out next to a drowning Eun Ha.  We flash back to a different drowning incident where we see a young Min Woo in the water, holding onto his mother's hand, but unable too keep her floating for long.  She drifts away as kid Min Woo yells OMA... OMA... over and over.  It's no wonder the guy is a tad bit crazy.
History repeats itself (at least with the whole drowning part) as Min Woo wakes up too late to save Eun Ha. 
Eun Ha is revived, but the doctors declare her brain dead and let Seok Hoon (brother-in- law/lover) know that there is no chance she will wake up from her coma.  Seok Hoon threatens the doctor to not let the rest of the family know this and to lie that she is in recovery.
SIDE NOTE:  I am LOVING Yeon Jung-hoon as the bad guy.  He has just a wonderful intensity that screams evil villain. 
And as the best evil villains often do, Seok Hoon has a back up plan.  He recalls Eun Ha telling him about her doppelganger who works at the department store and Seok Hoon is off with a new plot based on 70% revenge and 30% profit.  You can't keep a good bad guy down for long.  Especially when you are only in the second episode.

However, kdrama fate is hard at work trying to hook up our emotionally challenged OTP (one true pairing).  Through a series of phone calls and near misses in a crowded mall our couple only avoid meeting due to the actions of a conniving Seok Hoon.
I loved this whole scene.  The directer did a wonderful job on shifting around all the characters and creating a feeling of intensity.  Kudos to him for going a step beyond the traditional still camera technique.
Everyone avoided interacting in the mall, but soon the round robin continues on the highway.  Min Woo is chasing a car which he hallucinated that his mother was driving.  Ji Sook was chasing Min Woo in a cab trying to get her money back.  And far behind, Seok Hoon is chasing both of them in an attempt to keep them from meeting.  All of this chasing resulted in Min Woo having a car accident when he realizes that he was in fact chasing some random dude and not his mother.  
It cracks me up that Ji Sook is even the one who takes Min Woo to the hospital, but due to Seok Hoon showing up, she is whisked away before Min Woo awakes.  Phew... I am tired just typing it all out.

At last Seok Hoon lays down his cards and propositions Ji Sook to take the place of the dying Eun Ha.  What downside could there be?  She gets a rich husband, money to pay off the thugs that are tormenting her family, and a better life.  Of course Ji Sook says no (What noble leading lady would say yes?) and declares her intent to stay on the honest path. 
Seok Hoon gives her til midnight to change her mind... just in case something dramatic happens, like hanging half way down a cliff, or some such scenario.

Our bad guy must work quickly since he needs to switch out Ji Sook for Eun Ha before Eun Ha's parents arrive back from abroad.  Remember, everyone thinks that she is on the road to recovery...  Bring in the thugs.  A lot of thugging is done which results in Ji Sook witnessing the head thug (seriously get distracted by his hair) killing a man.  The unfortunate witness (hmmm I am sensing a set up) is dragged out and handcuffed to a car and told to drive.
Everything is not all flowers and sausages with Min Woo either.  He is determined to get to the bottom of his lost memories of Eun Ha's almost drowning.  Since the CCTV had been disabled, Min Woo turns to hypnotism to regain his lost memories.  Memories that included a rage attack against his witchy fiance.... Hmmmm, again, I am suspecting the doctor does not have Min Woo's best interests at heart.  Especially since Min Woo doesn't seem to have many emotions towards his soon to be bride.
Min Woo snaps out of the hypnotism, shocked by his new memories.  He refuses to believe them and mumbles that he is going to ask Eun Ha personally what happened.  Hahaha, I love that everyone is converging on the dead fiance's room all at once.  Sexy Seok Hoon (Sorry, he will always be the sexy vampire prosecutor too me.  Even being evil can't change that) better hurry up his plans to switch the girls, or he is going to be found out.
Which brings us back to our opening scene..  Ji Sook's car crashes into the water and while she is able to get the handcuffs off, she is still drowning.  All hope is lost until we see a figure burst through the water and save her.  Bwahahaha, I love that they are literally swimming through money.  This director is not at all subtle in setting the tone.
And there ends episode 2.  I continue to love every moment of this show.  From the over the top suspense to the scenes that are overloaded with subtext (i.e. swimming in money).  I look forward to seeing our OTP interact and wonder how long it will take our crazy Min Woo to discover the subterfuge.  Whatever happens, I am sure we are in for a wonderfully crazy ride.  Til next time.

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  1. love the read that explain about the setup with the goons to scare JiSook off - What timing - she could have died falling off the cliff????

    1. If I had to guess the cliff accident was not planned but he took advantage of it. I think he was having her get roughed upby the thugs so she would more willingly take his deal. The cliff part was just good timing for our bad guy.

  2. I loved these set up episodes. For someone who grew up watching Anerican shows like Dallas and ER, crazy plots are a fun flashback.


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