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Mask Episode 5 - Fashion Fueled Makjang

Our OTP (one true pairing) is slowly becoming a power couple within Choi household.  Meanwhile Seok Hoon takes a break from crazy stalking Ji Sook to work on manipulating his own wife.  Just a normal day within the most dysfunctional, over the top family, in South Korea.  The best part is how fashionable they look while doing all their plotting, revenging, and in Ji Sook's case, living.  So come join Kmuse as she chats the fashion statements of episode 5.

In my FB Mask Discussion Group we got onto the topic of how amazing the styling and wardrobe for this drama are.  Which got me to thinking how everything that happened could all be categorized depending on clothing.  Which of course is kind of a fun theme so let's run with it!

Hospital Gowns
 We start episode 5, surprisingly in the hospital (and an ambulance, which is almost a hospital so still counts). Ji Sook and Min Woo are accompanying Ji Sook's mother in the ambulance (still passed out).  I personally was expecting Ji Sook's dad and brother to show up and our OTP to disappear (keeping Ji Sooks identity a secret) into the underbrush.
Hahahaha Even the near misses of recognition are amped up as the ambulance that is transporting Ji Sook's mother hits her little brother (who ran out of the woods in front of it).  He is unharmed and slowly looks through all the windows of the ambulance as poor Ji Sook tries to shift from his view.  Just as little brother is about to open the door to the ambulance (seriously?  Who does that?) his father rushes up and says that the mother (who is in the ambulance) has been found and they should go to the hospital.  Hahahaha No accidental miss by walking through revolving doors at the same time in this drama.  Oh no, this is the big leagues baby.
Seok Hoon is also hospitalized and he awakes in bed with Mi Yeon holding his hand and hovering like the loving wife she isn't.  There is something just so wrong about her being adoring and concerned.
Mi Yeon gets reasonably upset when she finds out that Seok Hoon's accident occurred when following Eun Ha (oops).  She demands answers to why he was following her Sister In Law, not to mention why Seok Hoon got slapped right before they both disappeared. Seok Hoon goes on the attack and pulls the divorce card which has her backing down like a whipped puppy.  Looks like our bad guy sure knows how to handle his whiny wife.

Power Suits
I love that through all of the car accidents, attempted murder serious injury, and ambulance rides, our four leads have still not forgotten the all important lunch with the mayor.  Not only that, but they are all rushing back to act the part of happy family and run into each other in the hospital lobby.  Can someone say awkward?
Sadly (at least for Min Woo), they all miss the dinner and discover that the food is being taken away by the staff, except for a giant plate of lobster that a fuming Father Choi is eating.  He yells at his son, yada, yada, yada, you will never be director, blah blah blah, and poor Min Woo is left feeling inferior yet again.
 Not only was the dinner with the mayor a huge bust, but local merchants have begun protesting the opening of a new mall.  So it is on to plan B for Min Woo.  Charm the local businessman which will impress the Mayor into giving his blessings.  The only problem is Min Woo has about as much understanding of the common stall merchant as I do about Rocket Science.  In other words......the boy is as dense as a tree stump in this situation.
A fact that is proven when the protesting merchants get angry and throw a raw egg...............which hits cutey secretary.  Awww, he took one for the team.  I love how all the best secretaries are willing to suffer injury by egg for their bosses.  I am enjoying both minions of our leading men.  One is so evil he practically oozes brimstone, while the other has the perfect comedic timing of a straight man. 

Comfy Sweater Moment
I don't know why they added this scene in ( A Young Min Woo is dancing with his mother in the hospital), but it was epically funny seeing him sway back and forth with a coat rack.  I could watch those few seconds over and over.  It is times like this that I wish I knew how to make GIF's.   Aww his servants watch him leave then whisper "He must be lonely".  I heart them so much... the servants are just so adorable.

Undercover Fashion (a.k.a. - The Clothes of the Common Man)
Min Woo is determined to win over the local merchants so he can build his mall.  Ji Sook knows that it won't be that easy since Min Woo has nothing in common with them and does not understand why they are objecting (a mall would take away their business/livelihood). In order to help him understand, Ji Sook takes him undercover (in normal clothing.......boohoo the leprechaun suit is gone) to study a day in the life of the common shop owner.
This is such a cute bonding scene as Ji Sook shops in her element while poor Min Woo is scared to be touched by literally everything.  He unwinds (just a tad) and they finally settle in for dinner at a local cafe.  Ji Sook tries to explain about how important the area is to the locals livelihood, but once again Min Woo does not get it.  Instead he is cute and munching down his food in a very inelegant manner.  I have never found him more adorable.
Unfortunately, that is also the local eating place for the protesters and they of course recognize the interlopers.  Ji Sook and Min Woo are chased, and filmed by one of Seok Hoon's minions.  Flash to the office where Seok Hoon says "Tragedy always strikes from a misunderstanding."  And our evil mastermind Seok Hoon is willing to create those misunderstandings to keep Min woo from becoming the new director.

The out of breath couple avoid the merchants and we get a cute scene of Ji Sook picking off lettuce from Min Woo's collar (cracked up that he was still chewing his food through the whole running away scene.  Just a little bit of humor added in the sly).  But as they stand in the alley, a group of thugs (sent by Seok Hoon) go past. Poor Min Woo is baffled as he witnesses them breaking up the market place in his name.  
Eun Ha in true heroine fashion goes to stop them and is about to be hit by a club when Min Woo rushes in and takes the hit.  Min Woo then threatens them with who he is and the thugs run off.  But the damage is done thanks to the negative photos taken (and given to the press) of Min Woo's supposed involvement.

Both couples are ready for bed.  In one room, lies and insincerity are twirling about and in the other, we have the signs of love budding between our OTP.

Seok Hoon and  Mi Yeon are in bed trying to fake that things are all good between them.  However, the secret of Seok Hoon's affair with Eun Ha is tearing Mi Yeon apart (I would feel bad for her if she wasn't such a psycho).  Seok Hoon, of course, is just playing the game to keep his wife in line.
In contrast, Ji Sook and Min Woo are starting to care for each other for real.  As seen by the following photos.  I also threw in the shirtless Min Woo photo just because we all needed a shirtless Min Woo fix.
I love how intimate and sincere this scene came across. Really showed the shifting emotions that Min Woo is having towards his wife.

High Fashion
Seok Hoon is plotting yet again (I swear he must have been plotting as a baby in the womb) to dispose of Min Woo in the most embarrassing way possible.  He has set it up that Min Woo will bribe the mayor at an upcoming party.  Seok Hoon will call the police and Min Woo will be dragged out in handcuffs in front of everyone.
Min Woo chooses another option, making a deal with the merchants to actually be part of the new shopping center. He then gives the Mayor a simple bag of apples minus the money. Instead of being arrested Min Woo is introduced as the new director by his father. Hahaha seeing Seok Hoon's expression of smirky glee turn to What the Fudge was hilarious and highly satisfying.  

Our OTP also continue to become closer.  I love the look on Min Woo's face when he sees Ji Sook all decked out in her dress.  And then the reciprocated look when Ji Sook finds out that Min Woo saved the merchants.  They are just to cute together.
The only bad break was when Ji Sook's brother finally hunts down the mysterious benefactor (our OTP payed for JI Sook's moms medical bills) and bursts in screaming "NOONA".  Which of course is where it ends.

My Thoughts:
I continue to love the show.  I don't have a ton of new thoughts to add, but I did really enjoy the pacing of our OTP's romance.  I like that their relationship is being built on mutual respect and not some blinding passion that comes out of nowhere.  Now I am anxious to see Min Woo find out the truth.

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