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Producer Episode 8 - It's All About Cindy

You would think that getting kissed by Cindy would actually change Seung Chan's focus, if only a little.  But Seung Chan is a tough oblivious nut to crack and continues on his one sided  noonamance.  Which is just a tad frustrating for this viewer.  It's not that I hate having an unknown OTP (one true pairing), but it is a lot easier to take when it is a completed drama and I can power through all the confusion.  This whole waiting a week and then being disappointed with my ships progress just sucks.

After having pondered this episode for the last 5 days (that is my story and I am sticking to it. I wasn't just lazy then realized that it was already Friday and I needed to get my recapping booty in gear.  Seriously, I was pondering to the point of meditation.) I have decided that the thing I like the most was Cindy's storyline.  I don't dislike the others, but when it comes to character development i am pretty much feeling "Meh" about most other storylines.  Seung Chan's puppy crush is just starting to annoy me as is Ye Jin being oblivious to it all.  So in light of my crankiness over their characters, I am going to give all my love to Cindy this recap!
Cindy kissing Seung Chan was just so cute.  But in usual Seung Chan fashion, he doesn't quiet know how to respond. Cindy, worried that he is going to reject her, tells Seung Chan to take his time and gather his thoughts before he comments about her kiss.  She then goes into the bathroom to have a moment, which involves a lot of crying.  She is still crying as she asks herself "Was I just dumped?" Awww poor thing.  I continue to find her more and more interesting.  Cindy talks herself down from being upset and tells the mirror "act natural" and then starts crying again.
A more solemn Cindy comes out of the bathroom and in an effort to fix the mood, Seung Chan  starts running/pushing Cindy in her wheel chair.  While not as exciting as actually going on a ride, they sure are cute.
I love how Cindy is determined to make sure Seung Chan does not forget her.  While watching the fireworks, the three PD's stood behind her with Ye Jin hugging both men.  Not happy to see her man being hugged by another woman, Cindy slowly stands, backs up and inserts herself between Ye Jin and Seung Chan
To celebrate her birthday the three take Cindy to karaoke.  In the car the couples are talking about how good they sing, and I about died when Seung Chan pipes up that people always told him he should be a singer.  Joon Mo smirks and say "what friends"... Bwahahaha switch to the karaoke room and we see Seung Chan belting out a song from the Broadway musical "Jekyll and Hyde"  Awww... brings me back to the days of watching him sing on "Dream High".  Good times.  The party turns into a singing war of hidden meaning where Seung Chan sings his feelings to an oblivious Ye Jin.  Pour Cindy is not as oblivious and mopes through the whole noona anthem.
Not going to take Seung Chan's defection lying down, she also gets up to sing.  Cindy chooses a song about the heartbreak of loving a man who is not feeling the same way.  And surprisingly oblivious Seung Chan is actually getting the subtext.
I like the fact that when Seung Chan get's home it is Cindy's kiss he is thinking of (oh thank goodness... let's get over the noona crush already).
Cindy continues her quest to make sure she is my favorite character.  When she get's home (moping that Seung Chan isn't calling her) she checks into her anti-fan cafe.  For those of you, not in the know, an anti-fan cafe is where people go online if they hate a specific star.  The other contributors actually notice that "I'm Really Cindy" (her handle) hasn't been on a for a while.  Then then ask her if she would like to be an administrator for the group.  Hahahahaha Cindy gets asked to be an administrator in her own anti- cafe.  That is hilarious.
What is a girl supposed to do when the variety show she is on is doing a Besties segment and so said girl has no friends?  Why, her CEO finagles her a mythical best friend in the form of actress Go Ah Ra.  The two have a bitter history of hair tugging and trying to out diva each other.  But due to needing to soften their image, they both agree to "fake" a friendship.  
I have to admit that i really enjoyed watching the two interact.  It was so awkward and I laughed out loud when Go Ah Ra claimed they were just like soul mates.  Go Ara even went as far as to force poor Cindy into eating foods that she hated.  Passive aggressive actresses are always funny.  I even liked that it ended on a positive note with a nice voice mail message from Go Ah Ra to Cindy's phone telling her that she understood her situation and maybe they could learn to be real friends.  AWWW
After waiting for Seung Chan to call her regarding her "confession" Cindy is devastated when Seung Chan chews her out about not being real for the show (remember, he is all about real TV). I seriously want to smack that boy right now.  Times like this make his lack of understanding very annoying.  It is bad enough that he did not have the common courtesy to even think about her plight/confession while he was mooning after Ye Jin.  But to than berate her for not having any friends, when a idiot would realize that it is a sore subject.  Especially after all the situations Seung Chan had witnessed over the past few weeks.  Not cool Seung Chan........Not cool.
A lot of stuff happens with Seung Chan (who is still puppy pining for Ye Jin) and a soccer game.  But since I am still slightly miffed at his character I will just skip it all.  Instead I will mention how cute Kim Jong Kook and the Toner Lady are.  They crack me up in every scene they have with their crazy courtship shenanigans. I especially loved that she totally outran Jong Kook's character in the relay considering he is well known for his speed in his running man episodes.  #RunningMan4Ever
The episode ends with Seung Chan driving to a movie date with Ye Jin (Meh) when he gets a call from Cindy saying she is waiting outside his apartment and needs to talk with him.  Before Seung Chan could say anything Cindy hangs up.  He tries to call Ye Jin but her phone is dead and she is waiting at the theater.  Seung Chan pulls to the side of the road as he considers who he is going to run to?  

My Thoughts:
I think this would be a perfectly good show if I could just marathon it all in one sitting.  The problems occur when I have time to just reflect and stew on Seung Chan's actions for a whole 7 days.  I know that I should be OK with him and Ye Jin having a relationship.  But guess what?  I AM NOT.  He acts like a little lovesick puppy when he is around her and she is totally oblivious to his feelings.  Which is just stupid.  It is not like she is a teenager who is unaware of the basic relationship between men and women.  The fact that the writers are keeping her oblivious to Seung Chan's feelings is just stupid.  And personally I feel like they are trying to be almost too clever on the whole "mixed romantic love lines" thing.  OK I get it, there are options.  But if you want me to be on the noona train, you have to give me something more than just a pat on his head.  That is how I treat my nephew, not the man I want to spend my life with.  And with only 4 episodes left, the writers are really going to have to work a lot harder to make me care about anyone else but Cindy at this point.
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  1. I'm so not on the Noona train either. I need Ye Jin & Joon Mo to get together. & Cindy/Puppy are soooo cute together!!! OMG these writers :(


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