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Mask Episode 7 - Min Woo Goes A-Seducing

I have come to expect a certain amount of increased melo with each episode.  You can't go through murder, blackmail, doppelgangers, amnesia, and a truckload of other kdrama tropes in the first third of the drama, and then just level out the plot.  But even I was not expecting the extreme increase that came our way.  I feel like I was expecting a wine cooler, and instead was served a 300 year old bottle of scotch.  Things got crazy really really fast thanks to Seok Hoon's descent into stalker mode.

But before we start chatting about Seok Hoon's new fetish, let us focus on all the cute, namely Min Woo's crush on his wife.   How adorable is Min Woo as he tries his best to woo Ji Sook?  Something that comes difficult to the, maybe crazy, OCD, leading man.

#1.  Compliment her
Ji Sook wakes up safely in Min Woo's bed, clothed, and well rested.  Min Woo stands beside the bed and promptly explains that the only reason he had her naked the night before was to save her from certain hypothermia.  He then goes on to say "You were just a rock to me... I was only trying to heat up a cold rock"
Ji Sook then orders her to realize that he saved her life with their cuddling and that she owed him.  His ice guy facade is quickly crumbling, especially when he offers to blow on her breakfast and feed her if Ji Sook is not up to holding the spoon by herself.

And while all this cuteness is going on, someone is watching every move the couple make.

#2 Ask for advice from your closest friends.
Or in Min Woo's case, his newly appointed underlings at the workplace.  One co-worker says that it is important to find a way to live happily together.  Another states that if you are in trouble with your wife you should buy her a designer bag.... Or in Min Woo's case, a whole store of designer items.  Still another co-worker tells Min Woo that he should tell his wife "I love you" 3 times a day in order to have a happy marriage.  Hahahaha, Min Woo mutters that they are all crazy.

Still Watching

#3 Make sure your wife knows that you DO NOT love her.
In a moment of crankiness from the bad advice given by his underlings, Min Woo calls his minion (who is busy watching over Ji Sook) and orders minion to tell his wife, that under no circumstances does he love her.  BWAHAHAHAHA (oh my gosh, I am literally laughing so hard tears are falling).
Realizing his boss is a bit nuts, and reading the subtext of the situation, Minion instead tells Ji Sook that his boss says he loves her.  To which Ji Sook looks confused and asked "why?".  Poor minion replies "maybe because he does love you?"  I love this whole awkward moment and hope we get to see more cute cupid minion in the future.

#4 Trick her into sleeping with you (just sleeping people.... things are still in the PG stage)
Using her almost not really hypothermia as an excuse, Min Woo orders Ji Sook to share the bed with him.  Ji Sook is slightly scandalized, but finally agrees and sleeps at the very edge of the bed.
But Min Woo has been bit by the snuggle bug, and when Ji Sook is about to fall out of bed, he uses this as an excuse to get closer to his wife.
There is something just so sweet and slightly innocent, in Min Woo mimicking Ji Sook's sleeping style, all the while not touching.  He wants that closeness, but is not ready to make his move yet.

And someone continues to watch and seethe over the couples increasing closeness.

#5 Forgive her anything.
Ji Sook's past comes back to haunt the OTP in the form of her scummy former schoolmate.  Remember?  The one who threw money at her in episode 1?  You know, the sleazy one? Well he is back and recognizing Ji Sook.  Confronting her in the hallway of a restaurant (sleaze is supposed to be working with Min Woo) he puts her down for giving it up to the highest bidder (he is under the assumption she is Min Woo's mistress). Ji Sook runs away before Min Woo returns from the restroom.  However, it seems like he overheard some of the conversation since he informs sleaze that he has no interest in working with him and walks away.
#6 - Overwhelm her with understanding and comfort.
Depressed over all the lies and masks that she must wear, JI Sook decides to get drunk.  What better way to unwind than getting drunk with her husband?  Hmmm it seems like bad decision making to get intoxicated next to someone you need to keep secrets from.  Although if you think about it, I think Ji Sook is almost looking for an excuse to tell Min Woo the truth.
Min Woo confronts Ji Sook over sleazeball, but accepts her explanation that he is from the past and she doesn't want to discuss him.  Min Woo then, in true Min Woo fashion, lets Ji Sook know that he likes her.  And by Min Woo Fashion, I mean that he tells her that he doesn't like her.  That he doesn't want to depend on her, to care whether she is OK, etc.  Min Woo then pulls Ji Sook into his arms and says to use his chest if she needs somewhere to be safe and break down.
If you ask me, I personally think that this hug was infinitely more intimate than the naked, hypothermia, snuggling.

#7 - Go in for the skinship
I couldn't help but reflect that all of Min Woo's romantic wooing brings to mind a teenager plotting the perfect date, step by step, in order to get lucky at the end of the night.  Sure I know that this was probably not Min Woo's goal, but still..... it sure seemed pretty fortuitous.  And of course the step that occurs after hugging is kissing.  And kiss his wife, he does... at least until Ji Sook comes to her senses and pulls back in shock. 
Taking Ji Sook's shocked expression as rejection, Min Woo says that he just got his answer.  Ji Sook rushes to tell him that he has it all wrong.  "I am not Eun Ha... I have been lying".  Min Woo looks at her confused asking "what does that mean?".  But before she can answer we see Seok Hoon's eyes glaring at her through the glass door.

Stalking is NOT a good hobby for one's mental health.
Now that we have gone through all the cute couple moments, let's take a chance to chat about the big stalking elephant in the room.  Seok Hoon takes his evil creepy vibe to a whole new level as he begins watching Min Woo and Ji Sook's every move inside the house.  He has set up surveillance  cameras all throughout our OTP's room and is beginning to feel a bit jealous of their newly discovered feelings.

I can understand wanting to make sure that Ji Sook does not betray him since she can be a wild card.  But it seems to be less about his deal and more with his possible confusing of Ji Sook with the dead Eun Ha.  Something tells me that reality is beginning to blur for our sexy bad guy.
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