Friday, June 5, 2015

Why You Should Plan to Watch New Dramas "Hidden Identity" and "High Society"

It's time to discuss the new dramas that start next week.  One is a stylish crime drama and the other is a shiny new romantic/melodrama which should be classified as oratorical porn since it has the sexy voiced Sung Joon as the lead.
-Hidden Identity-

Synopsis : Hidden Identity is the story of Investigative Unit #5 who bends the limits of the law in order to fight crime.
KMUSE- It doesn't look like this is going to be much different then your usual crime drama.  But this one has Kim Bum so I am placing it on a higher plane.  Also want to note that I think he looks wonderful and totally fits the character (undercover thug type) that he is going for.  I know there is a lot of chatter about him losing weight for this drama, but if I recall he did the same for "Padam Padam".  He is obviously a serious character actor and I can appreciate that.

DONGSAENG: Haters say what? Kim Bum is looking super fly and I am very excited to see him back on screen. Confession time - I haven't seen him act since *gulp* Boys Over Flowers. {GASP!} I know! I know!!! It really is a travesty, a wrong that must be righted.
KMUSE - I am also crossing my fingers that Yoon So Yi (Warrior Baek Dong Soo) gets to play more then the token girl.  That is one of my biggest issues with Korean Crime Dramas.  You rarely see a girl who gets to play a strong character that is not just background pretty.

DONGSAENG: yeah! girl power! 
Hidden Identity begins airing this upcoming Monday/Tuesday on TvN.

"Hidden Identity" Long Trailer

We have discussed this one in past posts, so I won't go into to much detail, however I do want to chat about a few new tidbits we learned from this trailer.

KMUSE- Looks like we are going to have two couples and hopefully no love triangles.  I personally think that will be a nice change from what we are used to.  It also helps that Hyung Sik (Nine) and Lim Ji Yeon (Obsessed) are adorable together. 

DONGSAENG: Hyung Sik could play opposite of a light pole and still be adorable. 
KMUSE- Talking about Hyung Sik......  If I was not already going to be watching, this scene would have convinced me to give the drama a try.  WOW, he is delicious.

DONGSAENG: mmmhmm! You can say that again! Hyung Sik, my ZE:A sweetie!
KMUSE- You have to appreciate a creative chest reveal. Should we cross our fingers that we get Sung Joon in a shower scene as well?
DONGSAENG: Oh, I do. I do appreciate any chest reveal, especially the creative. At least when that chest looks like that. There are some chests I would rather not see revealed, this is obviously not one of them. Bring on those sweet, sweet abs!
DONGSAENG: This was a 15 min (nearly) long trailer. I'm sure there was other stuff in it besides the abs of Hyung Sik, but really, after that, how do you expect us to remember anything else? Not to mention the lack of subtitles. But thankfully, some things, like abs, don't need subtitles. Abs = the universal language of "oh yeah!"
"High Society" Long Trailer
Good news is that we don't have to wait too long to get our fix of Sung Joon swoon-inducing voice or Hyung Sik's rockin' bod. High Society airs on SBS Mon/Tues beginning June 8th.

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  1. It would be so rude of me to crash your party and literally crash it. Anyway, only Park Sung Woong has proven his acting range and his true artistic self, inho. HS was unexpectedly good in drama special Sirius as the SJY's teenage version. Poor LJY...I'm scared of what she may end up with on tv. Kdramaland is notorius for underusing (or even destroying)almost every actor who came from cinema! Just leeping my fingers crossed :-)

    1. Hyung Sik was also really good in the family drama "What Happened to my Family". He was the main reason I watched it.


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