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Orange Marmalade Episode 10 - A Girl, A Boy, & A Tree Stump

I have to admit that I am a tad shocked that I am saying this, but I am actually enjoying the story.  The last Sageuk episode and the transition into the modern storyline was so well done that I am totally on the Orange Marmalade train again.  Kudos to the writers for making the impossible a reality.
Also well done is the deft hand used when tackling complicated racial topics, but still remain true to the sweet romance that the story was built on.  Now if they can just get Jae Min and Shi Hoo back together again, I will be giving this drama a high rating. 

Oh, and Ma Ri and Jae Min as well.........(*whispers* but mostly I want to see my bromance ship sail again).
Now you might be asking yourself, "What happened to Jae Min and Ma Ri in the 4 month time jump?"  Remember, she saw him on the train again and he didn't know who she was?  Well that is easily explained.  Amnesia.  Yup, they totally pulled the amnesia card.  Now before you start preparing the shotgun (or blurred out knife since this is Korea), I just want to say that it is well done amnesia.  Due to the trauma of the fall and all the emotional devastation of Ma Ri being a vampire, Jae Min's mind blocks the memories.  So here we have blank slate Jae Min with no recall of Ma Ri, Shi Hoo, nor his obsessive love.  Does anyone else find it a bit weird to not have him go into lovelorn coma mode anytime Ma Ri is on screen?
The only slightly odd thing since his "accident' is Jae Min suddenly has hallucinations and memories of Joseon era.  Nothing concrete, but let's just say that he has an unhealthy emotional connection with the tree stump in front of the school.
Ma Ri has actually been locked up the last several months in the vampires form of prison, for using her vamp powers to save Jae Min.  It just so happens that she has lucked out to be imprisoned right when the vamp and human governments are planning a new coexistence program.  What this means, is that 10 vampires volunteered to "out" themselves and live openly among humans.  Ma Ri quickly volunteers to be one of the subjects and return to her old school, this time not hiding who she really is.
I like this new confident Ma Ri who has owned up to who and what she is.  Maybe it's the new uniforms, maybe it's the break to the past, whatever it is, I enjoy her character a lot more now.
When it is discovered that Ma Ri came back to school as an outed vampire, things get a bit tough.  Imagine mean girls X the whole school population.  Jae Min doesn't have love for vamps, but at least he is not spitting out hatred like he was pre-amnesia.  YAY progress?  Maybe?
Jae Min might not remember his love for his ex-girlfriend, but his subconscious is obviously screaming since Jae Min is deflecting the worst of the pranks.  Awww he is totally playing her white knight.  Now if he could do it without opening his big mouth.  Actions might speak louder than words, but his cruel words still hurt poor Ma Ri.  But kudos to Ma Ri for sticking it out and putting on a brave face.
And now we get to the best part of the episode.  Shi Hoo is NOT DEAD! #MyBromanceShipLivesOn Seems the extraction team picked Shi Hoo up just before he combusted and has had him in vamp ICU for the last 4 months recovering. Not only that, but Shi Hoo also agrees to do the coexistence program and goes undercover as a human to help Ma Ri.
So to commemorate this happy occurrence... let's countdown the best Shi Hoo moments of the episode.

#1 Shi Hoo Swoops In to Save the Day.
Ma Ri decides to not hide when she drinks her lunch and gathers a huge crowd.  Personally I think that this is a bit over the top since all she is doing is drinking a juice bag (not like she is munching on the lunch lady or anything), but the school population is all atwitter.  Poor Ma Ri begins to look a bit overwhelmed when in swoops a sexy hero.  Not Jae Min, but Shi Hoo who openly walks up and grabs Ma Ri, then does the wrist grab pull to safety.

Shi Hoo got even hotter!  WOW

#2 Shi Hoo Chats in Gym With Ma Ri
Soooooo..... this was pretty much just catching up chit chat, but Shi Hoo looks hot so it is added.

#3 Sexy Stares in the Classroom
Shi Hoo comes back into the class, and like the cool bad boy he is, sits down and begins staring.  Is it at Ma Ri?  Hmmmm, the pictures says it all.

#4 Realizes That Jae Min Has Amnesia
He has forgotten all that we meant to each other? Noooooooo.......
#5 Shi Hoo Takes Advantage of Jae Min's Lost Memories
Anyone else totally love this part?  The snarky stare down.  The claiming of the girl.  The secret "come join the hug and let's be besties" under-vibes.

My Thoughts:
As I said earlier I really enjoyed this episode.  I also loved the small moments with secondary characters like forgettable 2nd girl and Ma Ri's father.  It is interesting to see the hardships on all sides when society prejudices just begin to change.
The one thing I do miss is Jae Min in hanbok...that boy can wear traditional clothing like no one else.  Do you think the school might decide to change their uniform around him?  I swear that all the girls would be in favor of that change.
I am leaving you with this pretty picture.  I personally can't wait to watch the next episode and see if Jae Min's memories return.  Or how he deals with the fact that his past memories have Shi Hoo as his all time bestie.  It should be a fun time all around.
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