Monday, July 13, 2015

I Remember You Episode 7 - Falling In Love Much?

Our OTP (one true pairing) begins to move emotionally closer as their relationship is tested.  But love has to take the back seat as our cute couple continues to be surround by suspicious people and killers galore. *whispers.... at this point the only person I am sure is NOT a killer is Ji An and Hyeon.  Everyone else is still on the suspect list.

Awkward Much?
There is no easy way to chat after Ji An pretty much admits that Hyeon could be a killer.  Of course, it would be understandable if she just explained the whole confessional incident.  Surprisingly, Hyeon is pretty understanding about human foibles.
The look in his eyes as Hyeon realizes that Ji An doesn't trust him just about kills me.  Reminds me of the same look that was given to his father when he was locked in the bedroom.

Jealous Much?
Hyeon rushes to the hospital as soon as he hears that the stabbed kid is in critical condition.  Hyeon brings the mysterious book and pats him on the head...right before he leans down and whispers that he is off to arrest the friend the kid is protecting.

This is all witnessed by Hottie lawyer (aka little brother Min) who practically is frothing at someone else getting Hyeon's focus.  He questions the patient and Hyeon's connection to which Hyeon replies --"A friend who I like for no reason."  I kind of feel bad for brother Min (going to start calling him that as well since I agree with Dongsaeng).   The kid just goes a bit bat crap crazy every time he gets ignored by his older brother.
Pat my head already.... Grrrrrr.
Tragic Much?
I continue to love the complexity of the murders.  Sure there are like a bazillion of them, but each with their own tragic or unique story that remains in my memory after the episode has ended.  This time was specifically tragic as we find out that a troubled youth misunderstands his birth secret.  He assumes that his father is never mentioned since he is in prison (the mother has clippings about the murders).  In actuality the person in prison is the man who murdered his father.  That is just messed up and brilliant writing.
To make the situation all the more tragic....the poor friend dies from complications from his stab wound.  Enraged, Hyeon goes to the prison and informs the murderer, stab boys father, that because of his actions, his own son was killed by the person he made into a killer

Apologize Much?
After all that heavy angst, this ahjumma is in need of some light romance.  And boy, does Hyeon and Ji An deliver. Ji An makes up her mind on what she really feels about Hyeon and the killer situation.  She orders Hyeon to meet her in the park (was shocked to see that there is not a play structure in site) and says --"You were rude, weird, annoying and stuffed with brattiness.  But I don't feel like you were a monster."
Ji An continues to ramble on, and Hyeon just smiles a truly genuine smile.  Ji An says that she used to constantly ask him something when they were young.  Does he remember?  Hyeon answers --"Lets be partners".  To which Ji An grabs his hand, shaking it, and declares their partnership official.  The two stand, staring at each other til Ji An can't handle it anymore and blurts out --"This is really weird and uncomfortable.  Let's go to a movie or something."  AWWWW  She is so likable.
I think we can officially declare this the moment that Hyeon falls for her.  Totally having so many sappy OTP (one true pairing) feelz right now.  SQUEEEE!

Stalker Much?
It made my day that these two went on a date (even though they were not officially using the "d" word).  Our OTP meets at the movie theater, where Ji An promptly nixes all the options stating that none meet Hyeon's tastes.  Hyeon looks surprised til a light bulb goes off and he says -- "Awww Stalker".  Hahaha, she decides to go eat instead but promptly says that all the restaurants would not meet his standards since he is extremely picky on both food and atmosphere.
Hyeon tells her to pick something that Ji An wants and he will accommodate her.  Which is how our cranky hero finds himself at an old closed up amusement park.  Ji An's father used to take her there when she was little, and she likes to come and reminisce.  It is so cute how Ji An drags Hyeon to all the various rides and plays pretend.  Poor Hyeon is even forced to take cute selfies.  It is all kinds of adorable.  Hyeon even gives her his signature head caress and tells her --- "You grew up energetically".  It's official... they have shared a beer using only one can, went to an amusement park, and he patted her head.  Might as well order the wedding announcements now.

Stalker Much Take Two?
I continue to be conflicted when it comes to brother Min.  On one hand, the kid has some serious issues when it comes to people his hyung likes.  And by people, I am pretty much referencing literally everyone that is not Min.  
Little brother Min was the one who hired the PI to follow his brother and take photos (the boy is too busy making the big bucks to stalk his brother himself).  It is slightly ominous when he mutters -- "They are closer than I thought".  Just a quick note, to check out the painting in his room....  He is so brother Min.
But then we see him reflecting back to the first Chaebol killer threatening Ji An and Hyeon (by hiring a hit man) and it makes me wonder if maybe.....just maybe.......he is worried for his brother, and not the crazy killer that the music and his scary expressions indicate.

Suspicious Much?
For the most part Hyeon has been playing his cards close to his chest.  It is only recently that his cold facade seems to be cracking (for real, and not just as a fake out).  We viewers have been having to guess on his suspicions for the last 7 episodes.  It looks like that guessing is at an end...or is it?
Hyeon gives art bestie several photos, ordering him to do background checks on them (to pay off his debt of course......hehehe).  When his friend asks who these people are, Hyeon replies "one of them is most likely a murderer."  Hahaha.  And before you wonder who Hyeon actually suspects, we see pretty much the whole cast minus Ji An are included in the photographic list.

Gasp Much?
So, you know how wonderfully creepy brother Min is?  Well he amps up the creep factor a notch when we see him on the phone with an unknown person.  "Do Ji An first and I will be in charge of Hyeon myself".  Eeeeek.  What does that mean?  Is it the death threat it sounds like?  Or is he planning a really early secret Santa exchange?
Either way, bad vibes are a blaring as Min accidentally bumps into Ja An at the supermarket.  He again arrives just as Ji An's car refuses to start, offering her a ride, since she wouldn't want her fruit and veggies to wilt.  Hmmmm, I think I would rather have wilted cabbage than let crazy brother know where I live.
Ja An accepts the ride home, but at least has enough bad guy radar to not let him walk her to the door.  But that might be a bad thing since we see a huge figure loom behind Ji An after she opens her front door.  All I can say now is ACKKKKKKKKKKKK!

Sexy Much? 
Ha!  As if I would go through one post without sharing sexy Seo In Guk photos.  Man the guy is breathtaking.  Is it any wonder that our heroine goes muddleheaded over our sexy leading man?
Sad Sexy
Driving Sexy
Closeup Sexy
Sipping Sexy
Sneaky Skinship Sexy

My Thoughts:
This week we got a lot of wonderful OTP progress.  Progress that I am happy to report, is seeming natural and sincere.  I like that it is a gradual progression on both sides as they learn to look behind each other's pain to the great person inside.
The one thing that we did not get a ton of is the overall bad guy arc.  Sure we got a lot of suspicious brother Min, but even that did not feel like it was part of the whole, but more a spotlight before things start to begin unraveling.  
Most absent was our suspicious neighborhood medical examiner.  But never fear.  With Hyeon requesting background checks and copies of creepy doc's autopsy reports, i am sure we will have more revelations soon.
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  1. Oh, lord - I'm soooooo hoping brother Min doesn't really kill people - but that boy in the hospital - I remember somebody (probably grown-up DO ie the ME) talking about how septic poisoning would 'do it' - & oops, look at that. An outcome I feel little brother Min might crave :( but maybe it's too obvious & it's really just creepy neighbor/ME wanting to play games w/the two or something... ~sigh~ I hated that the boy died :(

    1. I am really hoping the brother is not the pycho the music indicates as well.

  2. Eeep. This drama. Can't wait until tonight!

  3. I haven't caught on to this one yet, it's on the list. But I got a huge laugh out of the "sipping sexy" photo! Nice post.

    1. Better catch it soon, it's awesome !!

  4. From what we could see so far, the lawyer is Lee Hyun missing bro and the forensic doctor is the missing psycho Lee Joon Yeong...unless the writer decides to manipulate us into thinking that, just like how another writer did in Gap Dong.... :)

    1. Is it wrong that I still really want the LJY to be the team leader. I just really really love that actor as the bad guy. And there was some odd vibes between him and brother Min in the first episode.

    2. the team leader? I think he's old enough to be LJY, the latter should be at least in his 40s....

  5. love how they get in just a dose of light romance in a somewhat somber atmosphere with that murder which just created a sad string of chaos for those involved. Min is one hot psycho - and let's not forget that Hyung took care of him when they were kids so that green-eyed monster came out when he saw his concern for a stranger. For all the lost years, I wonder why Lee Hyeon did not try to find his brother, and later after all is revealed how can he still save him if he is beyond saving? this is really good, creepy good!

    1. That is one thing I wish was better defined. What exactly does the memory loss entail, and I agree, Why didn't he go searching for his baby brother. And why isn't he searching harder right now?


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