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Orange Marmalade Episode 9 - The Vamp Cat is Out of the Bag...and Other Tied Up Plot Arcs

It is the end of our Sageuk detour and the writers finally manage to hook my interest.  Episode 9 managed to make all the characters plot lines come together in a perfect mix to set the stage for our return to modern days.  It is amazing what a great narrative you can create when you step away from the bromantic & romantic angsty mooning that filled the first 4 historical episodes.  
Now that we are at the end we finally are at the point where we have to close various plot lines in order to set up our story to be reincarnated.  So lets get through this sucker so we can get back to our teenage lovebirds.

Ma Ri is Outed - CHECK
 I find it interesting that the whole "vampire" outing happened at the very end of both segments (thank goodness we won't have to go through that again when we return to our high school story).  Ma Ri shows up at the cave where the anti vamp army is waiting to kill the lead vampire.  Jae Min of course rushes forward saving her from being impaled and screams that there has been a mistake.  But thanks to a handy mirror (used by one of the warriors), Jae Min finds out that Ma Ri is in fact a vampire.  Ooops.
Shi Hoo's New Vamp State is Outed -- CHECK
Once they realize that Ma Ri is in fact a vampire, the warriors (minus Jae Min) prepare to attack.  Like the shining knight that he is, Shi Hoo (sporting his new vamp powers), jumps in to save them.  Poor Jae Min is devastated to see his bestie returning as a vampire (more on that later).  But before blood is shed, Shi Hoo and Ma Ri's family show up and erase the memories of the Anti Vamp warriors. 
Jump to Jae Min and Shi Hoo at their warrior hut.  Shi Hoo begs Jae Min to kill him, not wanting to live, now that he has found out he is a vampire.  Poor Jae Min continues to be torn about Shi Hoo's new situation, and while he raises his weapon, he is unable to shoot his bestie. 
Uhmmmm. excuse me, but weren't you hunting a vampire to get its blood for Shi Hoo to drink?  What did you really expect to happen?  He would just magically jump up all fine and dandy and human?  I think your anger is just a tad bit hypocritical.
Ahhh, It seems that in the book Jae Min was consulting, it says that you can revive a person as either a vampire or a human by feeding them vamp blood (something that Ma Ri was oblivious too).  I guess that explains why Jae Min is so angry.  He thinks that Ma Ri took away his bestie and made him into a monster.
And of course, in true insensitive Jae Min fashion, Jae Min manages to be verbally cruel to Ma Ri; only to regret it later.

Kidnap Pregnant Queen --- Check
Did anyone else forget the whole "kidnap the queen" master plan?  I know I was trying to drive it from my memory.  I still say that turning the royal family into vampires, starting with the unborn baby, is just convoluted and unnecessary.  I understand that the writer was trying to create a reason for the royal family and the vampires to make a long standing pact later ... but for me this is just "meh".
Shi Hoo Comes to Accept His New Self --- CHECK
Considering he was begging to be staked just a few scenes ago, Shi Hoo comes to grips with his modified self awfully quick.  It probably helps finding out that the woman you secretly love is also a vampire.  Also the whole, living with your crush, probably lessens the sting as well.  In fact Shi Hoo even says to Ma Ri -- "The fact that I am the same as you consoles me right now".  Awww, now I am doubly sad that he does not get the girl in the end (or rather, in either ending).  What a great 2nd lead he turned out to be.
2nd Lead Girl has a Change of Heart --- CHECK
Come on, admit it, you could care less about this character.  And no last minute noble change of heart is going to make it better.  You literally sold out your cousin to be turned into a vampire because you had a jealous hissy fit.  Not cool chica.  Not cool.
Hottie Evil Vamp is Redeemed --- CHECK
Awww, the hottie evil vamp turns into a good vamp through the power of love.  The vampire queen sees through her creepy crow, that hottie vamp has been hanging out with an older woman (who is not her).  Hmmm cougar fight?  
She orders him to kill the maid to prove that he is loyal to her and her evil plotting.
 Don't do it!  You luvvvvv her.
Of course evil hottie decides to have a lifestyle change, and become one of the good guys.  And he thankfully does NOT end up killing his future reincarnated wife.

Go Save My Girlfriend The Queen --- CHECK
And everyone is off to save Ma Ri......oh, and the queen too.....but mostly Ma Ri.  Ma Ri is busy birthing a royal baby (how is that going to work with the whole blood situation?) and is unaware that Jae Min, Shi Hoo, and the newly good hottie vamp (plus all of her family), are rushing to the rescue.
Awww they connected.......
......Right before hottie vamp dies.  But at least now we know why they are related in the future.
Something Happens to Keep Our OTP Apart --- CHECK
Jae Min succeeds in saving Ma Ri, but there is one slight problem.  Jae Min gets bit by the vamp, right before he kills her.  Remember that you can't recover from a vampire bite...only be turned into a vampire or die a horrible death.  Which would not be an issue, except that Jae Min was adamant that he would rather die than be a vamp.

Noble Idiocy Lives Strong -- CHECK
Unable to watch Jae Min die, Ma Ri searches for the way to turn a person suffering from a vampire bite, back into a human.  It seems that the reason this doesn't happen often is because only the blood that a vampire bleeds in the moment of death can turn a bitten human back into a human.  And of course, Ma Ri is willing to sacrifice herself to save Jae Min.
I actually thought they did a great job with this whole scene.  From Shi Hoo taking her (piggyback) to Jae Min, after saying his goodbye's.  To seeing Jae Min wake up with a dying Ma Ri by his side.  It was very, Romeo and Juliette, and was beautifully emotional.

Connect it To Modern Day --- CHECK
Jae Min buries Ma Ri's ashes in the forest where they always hung out.  Just turns out that that location, happens to be the exact spot their high school is located in the future.  Subtle lead into the future.

My Thoughts:
As I said earlier, this was by far my favorite historical episode.  All of the personal connections make me excited to get back to the original story and see what happens to our OTP.  However, Shi Hoo better be alive and ready to get his bromance on, or I will be one pissed Ahjumma.
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