Monday, July 27, 2015

"Twenty Again" Drops Bubbly First Teaser

Know what happens when a country's leading actresses start aging out of the young twenties stage?  It means, thankfully, that we get a whole stack of well written, and well acted, ahjumma dramas created to cater to these fantastic stars.  The past year or two has been loaded with them (I am so thankful since some of those idol actresses they keep trying to sell us on just can't act at this caliber.)

The trend continues with TVN's latest drama "Twenty Again" about a young-at-heart mom who has raised her son, is being divorced by her educational snob of a husband, and is finding out the joys of college late in life.  And since I just happened to notice that her age is the same as my age, I do a quick shout of "You go girl!" to this fictional character.

DONGSAENG: Wait? A show about a young-at-heart mom discovering the joys of a younger life later in life? Sounds a little familiar and relatable to this ahjumma! Even though I don't understand all she is saying in the teaser, she still reminded me of a certain someone I happen to know (me!) and it got me all excited at the possibilities.  

KMUSE- This show looks so fun.  I love Choi Ji Woo (The Suspicious Housekeeper) and Lee Sang Yoon is always a favorite leading man of mine.    They look really cute together in this photo from their first script reading.
KMUSE - From what I have heard, this almost sounds like a perkier comedy version of Angry Mom.  Except we don't have to buy the idea that she could be a high schooler (which is great), but still get the fun mom and child antics.  I just hope there is not too much angst added in.  I am totally in the mood for fun romantic comedy after my heavy melodrama schedule I have right now on my "watching" list  

DONGSAENG: I will echo your sentiment there on the angst thing. I too would absolutely go gaga for a fun romcom devoid of excess angst. No angst and heavy on the rom. And com. Oh, and eye candy!
"Twenty Again" will air after the current Fri/Sat hit, "Oh My Ghostess, in August.


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  1. my first kdrama staring Choi Ji Woo... with the description above...I'm happily looking forward to it .


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