Saturday, August 15, 2015

Casting Confirmed for Upcoming MBC Drama "Glamorous Temptation"

I always love casting news.  It is one of those special little events which can make your day or send you into the pits of despair (thinking of you stick girl).  And sometimes a pairing gets cast which makes you just sit back and say "Huh.  Really?  Them?"  I think this is just such a casting for me.

Earlier in the week we heard that young up-and-comers, Kim Sae Ron and Nam Joo Hyuk, had been cast as the younger version of the leads.  I actually sat up and took notice since both are actors I enjoy watching on screen.  Especially Nam Joo Hyuk who I enjoyed in "School 2015."  They will have a 10 episode youth arc before their adult counterparts take over.  
And then comes my confusion since it was just announced that Joo Sang Wook (Masked Prosecutor) and Choi Kang Hee (Protect the Boss) are the adult leads.  Now usually I would be OK with the casting, at least on paper.  I have enjoyed both of them in past works (although it has been a couple years when it comes to Joo Sang Wook) so there should not be a problem.  And yet I continue to hesitate.
It might be the 50 episode count that comes with the drama.  I was actually surprised that MBS was going to go with another long episode drama right after finishing Saguek juggernaut "Hwajung."  But it looks like they are going for it.  Maybe because they are feeling the pressure put out by SBS who will be running the 50 episode assumed Sageuk hit "Six Flying Dragons" (in the same time slot) who has been winning acclaim just on buzz alone.  Whatever the reason, our Monday/Tuesday shows will be set with these two dramas all the way to Winter.

Rounding out the leads is 2nd leading lady Chae Ye Ryun (Golden Rainbow) who will be playing the leading lady's childhood friend/nemesis who eventually ends up her mother-in-law.  From what I hear it is a revenge drama about two women making it to the top.  HUH.  That premise sounds awfully familiar and if you consider the writer is the same person who did "May Queen" and "Golden Rainbow", you kind of have a feel for where the show will be going.

As for me, my heart is firmly in the past with "Six Flying Dragons" starring the every sexy and talented Yoo Ah In.  But if I have some extra time, I might check this one out.  At this point it really will be up to the Promotions team to suck me in since I still am just saying "meh."

"Glamorous Temptation " Will begin airing mid October.


  1. nam joo hyuk not act on angry mom but school 2015

  2. Thanks so much. So many high school dramas and it got all mixed up :)

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