Sunday, August 16, 2015

First Teaser for Anticipated Sageuk "Six Flying Dragons"

SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!  I have been waiting for months for any type of promotions for this drama.  It has had its casting more or less set for the last four months and then nothing. Nada.  Zip, zilch, zero.  So imagine my saguek fangirl reaction to finally getting a promo.

Sure we don't get any actual characters shown, except a man's magestic back and a mysterious hand pounding and opening the doors of the palace.  But it doesn't matter since it actually exists.  Please drama gods, let the next step be Yoo Ah In stills......and more teasers starring Yoo Ah In.  Pretty much anything Yoo Ah In would be appreciated......Did I mention I am a tiny bit of a fan?  Especially of Yoo Ah In doing his sageuk thing.  He is made for historicals.
This could possibly be the hand of Yoo Ah In.  SQUEEEEE
What do you think?  Will you be fangirling along with me come this October?  Be sure to check back often since I will be following every little new piece of promotions from this drama.  We have to take advantage of Yoo Ah In while we have him since his Military Service is looming just around the corner.
The upcoming Sageuk "Six Flying Dragons" follows the rise of Yi Bang-won who will eventually become King Taejong of Joseon.  For those readers who are Saguek fans, this will actually be the prequel story to "Tree with Deep Roots".  The writers and PD are also the same as "Tree With Deep Roots" (as well as Queen Seon Deok) and there is rumors that many of the same characters (younger versions) will be showing up in the drama. 

Six Flying Dragons 1st Teaser 

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