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Introducing the Poppin' Ahjummas Review Kpop

We have had so much fun exploring some of our kpop MV favorite hits and misses that we have decided to just make it a regular segment.  It also allows Dongsaeng and I to share songs with you, and each other, that might have been missed.  So please join us in our newest experiment, "Poppin Ahjummas" and if there is a MV out there that you think we have missed, feel free to share in the comments.
SHINee "Married to the Music"
KMUSE - So.......I know that the concept for this MV is a tad bit weird, but I swear the more you watch it the more you will love it.  Sure our SHINee boys lose their nose, lips, eyes, and yes, even a head.  But it is all for the sake of creating the perfect kpop hottie.  What girl hasn't imagined mix and matching body parts to make the perfect guy?  Hmmmm.  Just me?  Okay, color me crazy but I love the MV and the song is beyond catchy.  I dare you to not be singing "Married to the music........ mmmm ......mmmm .....MUSIC" after a couple listens.

DONGSAENG: A "tad bit weird", huh? Maybe since I've only seen it the one time through I'm not in the "love it" category quite yet. The sliding head kinda did me in from the beginning. I did, however, enjoy giving my kids a play-by-play as I watched it. Describing things like kicking a head around like a soccer ball, popping eye balls, dipping lips in sprinkles, and two people vomiting confetti towards the other (and then everyone proceeding to dance in said confetti vomit) to my littles was rather entertaining I must say. I like watching them shake their heads at me while not-so silently judging me and my music choices. Makes parenting fun. 
KMUSE - If nothing else, just say that it is your jam for the upcoming Halloween holiday season.  Nothing wrong with a little bit of creepy then.

DONGSAENG: I may give this MV another spin come Halloween time. It does give one something to look forward to, does it not?

Married to the Music MV

B1A4 "Sweet Girl"
KMUSE - SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!  Those of you who follow our FB page know that I have been sharing a whole lot of B1A4 "Sweet Girl" lately.  And it is all justified since this song and those boys are looking and sounding AMAZING.  Personally, this Ahjumma is feeling happy that our cute boys are being allowed to look like they are in their twenties, and not stuck in the short pants of a fancy English boarding school.  Yes I know they looked cute in them, but now they are shifting to sexy.  Sexy is always good, people.

DONGSAENG: So, they've knixed the knickers have they? What is B1A4 without their bright bubble gum color and feel? No more man child x5? How does the one B feel in a sea of As? These are the kind of deep questions that come to mind while watching this video. I'm pretty neutral on both this group, video and song, so I'll just leave it with what Kmuse said. It didn't grab me, but I don't hate it.
KMUSE- I also am loving this retro resurgence that is going on with a bunch of the new releases.  Shinee, B1A4, Wonder Girls, and Super Junior all have a definite 70's and 80's feel to their songs/MV's and I highly approve.

DONGSAENG: Good point. Maybe that's the reason why these aren't resonating with me. Not being a personal fan of the 70s/80s music myself, maybe that's why these aren't grabbing hold of my heart and soul. I'm sure I'm in the minority here and they're fabulous. Please, by all means, don't let me dissuade you and do enjoy. 

Sweet Girl MV 

Super Junior "Devil"
KMUSE- This is hands down my favorite Super Junior song.  And that is even before seeing them preform it live at KCON.  It is spectacular on its own and a million times better live.  I can happily listen to it over and over and over....... as my kids can attest.

"Devil" Dramatic MV
KMUSE- I was so happy when Super Junior was finally able to break out of those one room MV's.  So it is ironic that my favorite MV version of this song is the one where the just dance in a room.  However, there is something spectacular with the complete white and the focus being the dancing transitions of the boys.  Not to mention this song is so awesome and even better when you are not being distracted by our guys messing around with women and guns.

DONGSAENG: I'm with Kmuse here in my preference for the dance version of this song. I really like seeing my favorite SJ boys up close with no distractions other than their sexy selves. I appreciate that no one here had any fake facial hair. Thank you SM for that. All of my SJ biases proved their worthiness to be considered one of my SJ biases in this one, an accomplishment I must give them credit for. They've earned it. So to you three, Donghae, Siwon, and Kangin, I applaud you. The others were awesome too. I don't mean to exclude them, I just have my top 3 biases to specifically congratulate (since one cannot simply have one SJ bias when there are so many wonderful options to choose from).
"Devil" Dance Performance MV

Top & GD "Zutter"
DONGSAENG: Zutter. What to say about Zutter? Where to even start? The song? AHMAZING! Love it! LOVE the return of GD&TOP. Makes me so happy to see. It's been a crazy long time. The video.... Well, I like it. But I admit that it may not be everyone's cup of tea. I mean, the boys pee on each other, among other questionable things. That's hard core bizarre right there. Thankfully, I'm good with bizarre (either that or honestly, GD can just do no wrong in my eyes because I am that far gone - I fully admit to that). The song is so catchy and genius. Okay, so I'm really, really, really biased here and can't look at this objectively no matter how hard I try, so I'll just leave it at that - I liked it. A lot. Like a lot a lot. This is my jam and these are mah boyz.

KMUSE- I can appreciate how well directed the MV is and I don't hate the song.  Sadly, the peeing thing was just odd (dare I say a little more ew than the singing heads in Shinee's MV?) and I was a bit put off by it.  Congrats to them on going very artistic and unique in a shock factor way, but it is not my cup of tea. 
Zutter MV

Wonder Girls "I Feel You"
KMUSE- I don't know if it is the 80's retro dragging me back to memories of my childhood, but I actually enjoy this MV.  Sure I roll my eyes at the extreme sexuality but since it was the 80's (and that is what the 80's was all about) I tend to give it a pass.  The song is all right, not something I will probably listen to over and over, but all in all it is an good MV.

DONGSAENG: As established earlier, I'm not a big fan of 80s music. This is very 80s. So, if you like 80s keyboard magic, neon lights and leotards, this song is for you. This is by far the sexiest I have ever seen Wonder Girls act in a video. Guess the girls have grown up a bit since their last release. Two questions/thoughts/observations as I watched - one, WHAT IS GOING ON WITH TOILETS IN KPOP THESE DAYS?!?! Why is everyone (yes, even my beloved GD/TOP) using the can in their videos lately? I don't get it. My second thought is that I appreciated the subtitles. Thanks for that JYP. They may not be the deepest lyrics in the world, but I appreciate knowing them all the same.

KMUSE- I also know that there is some controversy on making them so sexy, but I never watched their older stuff so I am coming in with no expectations.  I have to imagine it is hard to re-market yourself after losing members and aging in a young idol world so kudos to them.

I Feel You MV

Big Bang "Let's Not Fall In Love"
DONGSAENG: Again, I will be a good little ahjumma and try to reign myself in on this, but allow me if you will one SSSSSSSQQQQQQUUUUUUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The final installment in the MADE album did not disappoint. I don't care that there are those naysayers out there saying that it didn't live up to the others. They are idiots that don't know what they are talking about. ;) My boys did a beautiful job and this song is absolutely spectacular. I loved it from the very first listen. It is classic Big Bang and the perfect song to end on. Sweet and simple and just gorgeous. The music, the video, the everything. I loved the overall tone of it, perfect in its subtle mutedness. And GD nuzzling that girl?! What do I have to do to get GD to nuzzle me?! Can you even imagine?! Yum! I had plenty of fangirl moments throughout while watching and give it an enthusiastic stamp of approval.
KMUSE- I can finally agree with Dongsaeng on this one.  It was a great MV from start to finish.  So much beauty all in one video.  It is not my favorite song of the whole album, but I enjoyed it and have no problems listening/or watching it in the future. 

Let's Not Fall In Love MV

T-ara "So Crazy"
KMUSE- I really really tried to like this song since I usually am a huge T-ara fan.  They are actually the first girl group I really started to listen to and enjoy.  But unfortunately this MV and song do nothing for me.  The song bores me and while I usually love the whole sailor 1940's vibe, this just left me a little disappointed.  Maybe it is because this feels like a remake of the Tara sub-unit MV for "Jeon Won Diary".  In that one they also had to win a singing competition, it was cute and fun with a catchy song.  Sadly, in "So Crazy", I felt that it was mostly an excuse for them to show how it sucks to be a working girl and easier to wear sexy clothes and have men slave over their every whim.  Oh well, guess i will have to wait for their next song to really get back on the T-ara fan train.

DONGSAENG:  What stood out to me in this video? Legs. Legs and butts. Legs, butts, and sex. Legs, butts, and sex wiggled in my face enough to make me a bit squeamish. If you like legs and butts and horny sailors, this video is for you! And what was with that weird little fist squeezy thing they kept doing? It almost looked painful. Sorry girls, but I won't be watching this one again.
So Crazy MV

Girl Generation "Party"
KMUSE- The first time I listened to this song I was pretty "meh" since I am not a huge Girls Generation fan.  However, I had to listen to it a few more times to get screencaps for this post and it kind of grew on me.  It is never going to be a favorite, but the visuals were really great and made me want to go on vacation to where ever they are.  And the song turned out to be OK.  Considering I am in no way a GG fan, this is pretty high praise on my part.  It is worth having it in a playlist and having it come on occasionally.

DONGSAENG: I'm not a big girl group fan (obviously, if my above comments on T-ara and Wonder Girls are any indication), but GG is one of my favorite girl groups. I like their songs. Simple and catchy, I'd dance to it at a party or play it at my next pool party. It's summery and upbeat and there's nothing overly obnoxious about it. It's fun. A fun advertisement for Thailand. Oh wait, was I not supposed to notice that this MV was brought to us by Thai airlines/tourism dept? Oops. Maybe the not-so-subtle product placement and logos at the end were not meant to be noticed by the conscious mind and were to be for the ol' subconscious. My bad. Ignore that part. And go party in Thailand just because you now feel like it for some unknown reason. P-A-R-T-Y!

Party MV
What about you readers?  Did we discuss your favorite MV?  Was there something you liked?  Didn't like?  Be sure to let us know in the comments.  Til next time, we Ahjummas will be hanging out here embarrassing our kids one kpop song at a time.

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