Thursday, August 13, 2015

"Twenty Again" Release 2 New Spunky Trailers Introducing the Leading Men

We get not one, but two fun trailers from upcoming 'ahjumma goes back to school and creates chaos' drama "Twenty Again".  The more I see of this show, the more I am anticipating its premier.  

KMUSE - SQUEEEEE!  It's Dr. Death!  Sorry, still riding high from the "I Remember You" finale and am automatically pro-anything that reminds me of that wonderful show.  In this drama he of course doesn't play a serial killer, but is instead the smarmy professor, almost ex-husband, of our leading lady (Choi Ji Woo). 

DONGSAENG: Dr D! Dr D! Sure, if I was being perfectly honest I'd say that I of course would be happier seeing Seo In Guk or Park Bo Gum return to my drama screen so soon, but I'll take our favorite psycho-playing Choi Won Young too. I am excited to see him in such a totally different role so soon after finishing the last one.
KMUSE - It seems that the leading lady's ex (Choi Won Young) is not happy that his (at least in his mind) dim wife is furthering her education after he took the best years of her life when he got her pregnant at 19.  But I love how she more or less tells him to shove off.  They both are so cute and their over-the-top mannerisms totally make me smile.

DONGSAENG: I'm definitely looking forward to this one for both the comedy as well as for the relatability aspect of it. You know, the whole ahjumma having a resurgence of youth thing. I can kinda sorta relate to that. Uhm, hello, I have KPop posters, lots of KPop posters. Sure, they're hiding in my closet since my husband isn't so keen on them hanging on our bedroom walls (silly boy), but posters I have. I didn't have posters of musical groups in my teens, but in my advanced years, why not? So yeah, I can relate to this story just a smidge. I feel like I know a little about growing up fast and then regressing backwards later on. (psst - lots more fun this way! The looks people give you alone makes it all worthwhile)
Trailer 1 -

KMUSE - The 2nd trailer focuses our awesome ahjumma's first love played by the ever sexy  Choi Ji Woo.  And can i just say that he looks AMAZING.  He also happens to be a professor at her new school as well.  Hmmmm.  Girl has a type.

DONGSAENG: Who in their right mind wouldn't be hot for teacher if teacher looked like this?! I'd purposefully fail that class just to take it over. And over, and over again.
KMUSE - He is looking sexy, calm, and confident........... and then we see leading lady smack her face against his car window trying to look inside.  Hahahaha, he tries to ignore her, but really how can you ignore that face.
KMUSE- And then she takes things a step farther and jumps onto the hood of his car, looking in through the front window.  I really hope that the lead girl remains this spunky since I would love to see a drama that is upbeat with not a hint of angst for once.

DONGSAENG: YES to the whole angst-free wish! I love a good drama with intrigue and angst like anyone else, but I also love a good fun romp of silliness to balance it all out. Please let this one be just that - pure fun wackiness. Pure fun wackiness with some really hot boys. I'll happily tune in weekly for something like that!

2nd Trailer - 
"Twenty Again" begins August 28th on TvN.

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