Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Village: Secret of Achiara Releases A Moon Geun Young Focused Teaser

The full cast for upcoming drama Village: Secret of Achiara (that is a mouthful) was just confirmed this past week, and they are already busy promoting.  First photos of the script reading and of our leads filming surfaced.  And now we even have a full teaser to wet our appetite.  A teaser that will thrill Moon Geun Young fans since our leading lady is definitely the headliner.

I still tend to be underwhelmed by Moon Geun Young's acting style, but at least she has set the right mood for a murder suspense drama.  I will be watching intently to see what direction this drama will be going.  Village: Secret of Achiara will begin on an undecided date following "Yong Pal" who's episode count is still under discussion.

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