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Dramatic Friday Review: King 2 Hearts ep 8

King 2 Hearts episode 8:  Dongsaeng's review

Technically this should be Unnie's review, but as I have more time on my hands today, I'm going to go ahead and pump this out real quick.  Sorry Unnie.  I'll keep it short-ish so that you can add your review later.

Episode 8 starts out with our poor Lee Jae Ha being thrust into a kingship he never wanted after the death of his brother and sister-in-law.  It is a time of much sorrow and mourning around the palace.  On top of the loss of the king, the royal family is dealing with the paralysis of Princess Lee Jae Shin.  Sadness and grief prevails.  Kim Hang Ah takes the opportunity to step up and provide some relief to the family.  She helps Jae Shin after she soils herself and refuses help from anyone.  By doing so she also manages to win some affection from her soon-to-be mother-in-law.  There is a touching scene where the Queen Mother teaches her a family recipe in the kitchen of the hospital.  There is then a sweet family tableau as the Queen Mother, King, Princess and Hang Ah then eat that dinner.  Then there is the scene where she (Hang Ah) tries to support her fiance in his new role.  She remembers him saying that he likes cute girls, so she watches some TV and practices her aegyo.  Did you catch the Secret Garden reference in that scene?!  Awesome!!!  She is just the sweetest, cutest thing ever and Jae Ha falls for her even more.  Still don't think he's quite ready to accept or admit it to the fact that he's a smitten kitten, but when she goes to leave, he grabs her arm.  He then finally opens up to her about how, during what ended up being his last phone conversation ever with his brother, he hung up on him and deleted a picture he had sent.  His grief is overwhelming.  He falls into her arms, sobbing.  Next thing we know, she's waking up in bed next to him.  Hmmm.... Did they, or didn't they?  Curious-er and curious-er.  I know we're only 8 episodes in, but so far I think I can say that this couple is vying for my favorite couple ever spot.  I am also loving watching just how obvious Eun Si Kyeong's affection for Princess Jae Shin is.  When she is in the hospital and needs help but is refusing and threatening suicide if anyone dares to enter her room, he is beside himself with worry.  A-dor-able and so endearing!  They too are in the competition for favorite couple ever as far as I'm concerned.

Then I made the mistake of watching the preview for the next episode.  Not to be a spoiler or anything, but she gets framed for the murder of the king.  And this family who she supported through their darkest hours believes her capable of this.  What?!?!  I know, I know.  It's not called a drama for nothing.  But c'mon!  She's just wonderful and they all love her, yet they're so prejudiced and ready to accuse her.  I loved the line by the way where she is in the garden and says something to the effect of "just because this garden is being tended by a North Korean woman doesn't mean it will bloom red".  Awesome line there that.  While I can't claim to fully understand the intricacies of the North and South Korean relationship, I still find this tendency to jump to the worst conclusions about her a little harsh on the side of the royal family.  Yes, they've been enemies for decades and that's hard to overcome, I get that, but she's a woman first and foremost, North Korean assassin second.  Oh yeah.  Forgot about that part.  I was so wrapped up in the sweet fiance caring for her in-laws that I neglected to remember the part about her being a trained assassin. Eh.  Details, details.  The WOC episodes were so long ago.  It's like an entirely different drama now.  Either way, I can't wait to see what unfolds next week.

Unnie's Two Cents on King 2 Hearts episode 8

Honestly, I am glad you took over this review, as it is now 11:41pm & I have a long morning ahead of me tomorrow.  Starting with Monstrosity #1's belt advancement in Tae Kwon Do & then a TKD Leadership seminar immediately following at 10 am, these take 2 hours btw.  And since CA has to work all tomorrow morning I get to take Monstrosities 2, 3, & 4 with us as well.  Ahhh what fun this will be, plus laundry & getting my lesson for Sunday done & making sure everyone is ready to go back to school on Monday.  Ahhh the joys of motherhood. 

So, I am enjoying just adding my 2 cents worth onto this post as well.  Sigh.  I have the BeSt Bestie in the whole wide world!  I just love her gutz so much.  Thank you Dongsaeng!  Thank you so much!

Okay, mushy love fest is over. 

I actually cried so much during this episode.  My poor Lee Seung Gi Oppa was so sad through most of this, hardly any dimples, but when they appeared I felt like the sun had come out.  Such beautiful dimples & such a beautiful smile.  Picture me sighing w/ little pink hearts rising & popping all around my head right now, while I think of Lee Seung Gi Oppa.  {Serious, I can count the hearts if you want?  Would I lie???} {giggle}

back to post at hand, I loved how, Kim Hang Ah, snapped the Princess out of feeling sorry for herself & told her off.  In a totally supportive way of course.  I too loved the comment in the garden.  I guffawed out loud.  Seriously!  I also loved how she won over the Queen Mother.  I loved how they had that moment in the kitchen & how the Princess & the King teased her over her salty clams.  Just like a real family.  It felt wonderful.  The next day when she tried to get him to let it all out & he wouldn't so she went to his advisor, & asked for a couple of hours with him.  And yes Dongsaeng I totally saw the Secret Garden reference!  Second time they've done that & I am loving it!  Kim Tae Hee hahahahahahaha... Simply wonderful! 

I'm kind of all over this instead of following it but I'm so very tired.  Now I am kind of confused by old advisor guy.  He didn't get the King killed on purpose, although last episode I wasn't sure if his slip about where to vacay was on purpose or not.  But is he now corrupt or just in over his head?  Was I just really tired & should I watch this episode again next week when kids are in school to see if I am indeed just tired.  I was really disappointed in him keeping quiet & not saying anything.  And now he is under the thumb of M group leader John Meyer. 

I saw the preview for next week as well.  Obviously, John Meyer set all this up, killing the King get to Jae Ha, since they were kids, he wanted Jae Ha.  All along it was about getting to Jae Ha.  At least that's my opinion.  Drama Drama Drama.  So glad, I started watching another drama for the non drama days.   Obviously, it will have drama too but its a rom com, & I think I am going to need it, with these 2 dramas being so 'drama heavy'.  Yikes.  And that is all from Unnie for now.  Yawn!!  Sleep!  I need sleep!  7 am comes early & on a Saturday too.  It's just not natural!

Sarang until next week,

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