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Dramatic Friday Review: Rooftop Prince ep 7

Rooftop Prince ep 7:  Unnie's Review

Okay kids & hubby in bed for night, I was finally able to watch the last episode for this week.  And now I am going through my notes & trying to organize posts.  Yikes!  It's eleven pm, we'll see how long it takes me to finish this up.  I may need a nap tomorrow. 

After all, there are so many of you waiting to hear what I have to say about Rooftop Prince, episode 7, right?


Hmmm.  Maybe not. 

Okay, so according to the many, MANY, MaNy notes I took for this episode, a lot of stuff happened! 

Aigoo!! I am so totally going to need to learn shorthand for all the notes I am taking to keep it all straight & maybe a family tree of the characters.  But then I'd need another family tree because there's the same characters but from 300 years ago.  Nope.  Not confusing at all. 

So end of last episode Bak Ha told Se Na she remembered it all, slap, slap, and one more attempted slap later & Bak Ha realizes Tae Yong bought the bracelet for her "sister".  She walks out, sees Tae Yong gives him the silent treatment which he is so not accustomed to & leaves him hanging. 

I was so proud of him for going after her to find out what happened rather than staying & chatting up his reincarnated dead Queen (aka Se Na).  You still with me?  I hope so, its going to be a twisty turny kind of post. 

{Big Deep Breath Here}

So she leaves him standing there mouth agape, typical puzzled look on his man cute, btw.  {Oh Micky Oppa your so sweet in this drama...sigh}
She simply walks away like the class act she is & heads over to the hospital, where we find her nursing her mother back to health.  Like the filial daughter she is...of course we all know that her mother is not her mother. {wink-wink}

And how weird is it that Dongsaeng & I both called the right side of the coin for the 'head-tails' flip, eh?  I called Evil Aunt (whom I figured out is called Sun Joo) as Se Na's birth mom & Dongsaeng called her as Bak Ha's birth mom, turns out she is both!  Dang that chick got around in her day.  And I guess I should stop calling her Evil Aunt. As she isn't really Evil perse.  Just a total mess emotionally.  At worst, she's an unfit mother as she had 2 daughters & abandoned them both.  No judging, as we are finding out that she had cancer, beat it & has it again.  Hence the return, because she is trying to find her daughter.  We think, at first, Se Na but she promises the girls' "mom" (which, Sun Joo or Chairman Jang as she is called pretty much the rest of the episode, calls her Man Ok "Unnie".  Is she really her sister or just like my Dongsaeng is my sister? for thought).  Anyway, she promised Man Ok Unnie that she would not seek out Se Na, but that she was going to focus on the other daughter she abandoned, aka Bak Ha. 

So she goes to Tae Mu (who is still not a nice guy, really!)  & enlists his help in finding her lost daughter.  And then she gives him Ta-Da!!!  an old photo of herself, a man & the little girl.  Who looks to be about 2 years old in the picture.  Tells him the girls name is Park In Jo.  But as we get a look at the photo ourselves discover {E-gads!} the photo is the exact same photo Bak Ha has only the missing piece of the mother's face is NOT missing in this photo. 

Tae Yong, meanwhile, has followed, so sweetly, Bak Ha all the way home & as she gets off the bus we see him standing about 40 feet behind her {of course she can't see him, maybe she has night blindness or just prince blindness?}, & he's got a couple of his favorite sweet drinks.  Strawberry or banana he asks her when he calls her, even though he is 40 feet behind her.  She says she's not in the mood & will be late, to not wait up for her & goes for a walk.  He stalks follows her some more.  Sitting on a bench, she is remembering everything of the last 24 hours.  Sitting on a bench immediately next to her, sucking down both of the drinks, is Tae Yong.  Still, she can't see him.  Maybe she has no peripheral vision?  But then he starts slurping loudly & voila suddenly she sees him. 

I got it!  Maybe he was wearing Harry Potter's Invisibility Cloak?  Nah probably not, as I could see him just fine.  It's a head scratcher, right? 

The boys from the Joseon era that followed Tae Yong are still as cute & funny & lovable as ever, all through the episode.  Oh & it starts to come out that Yong Seul, the big strapping Power Ranger, may have a slight crush on our Bak Ha.  Which from the look on his face, the idea did not sit so well with Tae Yong. 

This episode is filled with lots of sweet, deep conversations between Tae Yong & Bak Ha.  Which I likey!  He tells her, when he sees the picture of her as a baby that it's good she has some of her memories back.  She wishes she didn't have all the memories back, aka her sister abandoning her in the truck.  Then while thinking of his own Queen, way back when, he says very romantically, that having memories of the ones you love, even just a few memories, means you can be with the one you love forever.  No memories means permanent separation.   Awww, poor Crown Prince. 

Se Na discovers the photo of Bak Ha & her dad along with Chairman Jang & that Tae Mu has been tasked with the job of finding the girl in the picture.  Of course, she recognizes it & the people in it & then promptly volunteers to "help" him find the daughter.  Now you know, & I know, she is NOT going to want these 2 women to meet.  Heaven forbid Bak Ha have an easy or happy life while Se Na is not.  This same day Se Na discovers that Tae Mu has arranged {due to the guilt he feels for mowing down Man Ok Unnie with his car} to get Bak Ha working at the company.  Once again Se Na is not happy but by this time Bak Ha couldn't give a crap less what Se Na wants.  She even says to Se Na, "I won't reveal your true colors. So stay out of my way."

So gratifying to see her stand up to Se Na. 
On her way out Bak Ha runs into Tae Yong again.  He tells her he knows where the picture was taken & then offers to help her find her memories & her mother.  Se Na sees them leaving together & follows.  They find the photo studio, but it ends up being a bust except for more sweet moments between her & Tae Yong. 

Including the sweet moment Dongsaeng mentions in her half of the post.  Ha when written a certain way also means Pond Lily & is also pronounced Bu Yong.  Finally, a flash back that involves his REAL intended.  Every time he flashed back before this, all you see is him & the Queen.  Never her sister, who was there too!  Which drove me crazy.  Because the Queen, much like Se Na was not nice to her sister.  Finally he remembers & he puts it altogether that Bak Ha must be the reincarnated sister of his Queen.  Bingo!

They have a game of chase when she can't solve his riddle...which you can see he desperately wants her to solve.  Bu Yong, from 300 years ago, was able to solve the riddle.  At the end of chase she ends up crying out of frustration?  Out of fatigue?  She has been through a lot in the coupole of days.  Or maybe just because it gives him a chance to slowly place his hand on her shoulder, turn her towards him, gently & sweetly wipe the tears from her cheek & then pull her in for a long comforting embrace.  {Sigh...happy heart flutter here} 

Then in his deep Princely {Micky voice} you hear him think to himself...

"Don't cry.  From now on, you will only have good memories."

Back at the same photo studio Tae Mu & Chairman Jang arrive & find out that a young woman & man were just in there asking the same questions about the photo.  And that they asked about the elementary school & left.  So they head off to the elementary school, where Se Na who has been spying on her sister & Tae Yong, intercepts them & says she was the young woman & she doesn't who the young man is unless its the guy she asked directions from.  Chairman Jang recognizes her as, her daughter that Man Ok Unnie raised.  So she is grateful & happy to be with her, even if she can't tell her who she really is. 

At the end of the day, Tae Mu & Se Na get caught embracing in the parking garage, at work, by Tae Mu's father. Who freaks out at the idea of his son & a lowly secretary "getting jiggy" with each other.   Of course, if he realized she was just as evil as he & Tae Mu, he might like her & think she is perfect for the family.  Just my 2 cents worth. 

On the bus ride home from the school, Bak Ha & Tae Yong have more sweet moments when both are drowsy & she resists letting her head fall on his shoulder but he reaches up with his hand & puts her head on his shoulder.  {Awww.. Heart melt moment here}

As they get off the bus, he ruins it though.  MEN!!!  He gets a text from Se Na, telling him to meet her now.  And he leaves Bak Ha there & jumps back on the bus & rushes off.  He meets Se Na at the bar, she tries to give back the bracelet & tells him she is not interested in him.  He says he'll keep liking her just the same, she goes home & sees Tae Mu waiting for her in her apartment, he'd also been to the bar when she & Tae Yong were having a moment & saw it all.  Uh-oh.  Because he won't go to his dad & demand to marry her or tell him that he wants to marry her she says they need to break up.  He leaves. 

Heaving large tired sigh....home stretch people, episode is almost over. 

It's the next day, the Joseon 4 announce to Bak Ha that the rooftop is officially done & they want to have a housewarming, which means she gets to cook.  She offers to cook crab cooked in soy sauce & rice.  But they are all adamantly against this.  It seems when he was younger, the Prince, choked on this same meal & almost died.  So no crab meat.  But this comes as a surprise to his cousin, who is listening in on their conversation.  This never happened to Tae Yong.  Finally!  He almost has the proof he needs that this is not his real cousin.  You know short of confessing he killed his cousin in episode 1. 

They meet for a game of racquetball.  Tae Mu is kicking his cousins butt, not a lot of racquetball in the Joseon era, I am guessing.  Go figure.  And Tae Mu confronts him & says I know you are not my cousin!  He's just waiting his time to be able to prove it without a doubt. 

And now we have to wait a WHOLE week for the next episode.   

A whole 20 episodes about reincarnation & what looks to me to be a lot of bad karma coming back again & again for these people.  Somehow or another someone has got to figure out how to stop them all from repeating this scenario again! 

Until next week.

My Two Cents on RTP ep 7 - Dongsaeng

Unnie has all of her kids home with her this week.  Couple that with the delay in programming due to the elections in Korea and you'll have to forgive our being off schedule a little this week.  Since Unnie is busy and I only have one kid home today (poor LP2 is home sick with a fever and cough), I thought I'd jump in and throw in my two cents on ep 7, then let Unnie do her full review at her convenience.  See, we take care of each other that way.

Episode 7 brings in more plot/character twists.  We find out that the mystery lady introduced last episode is none other than Chairwoman Jang, 2nd largest shareholder in the business.  And she happens to be Se Na's birth mother, giving her up to her "unnie" at birth to raise (hmm, actual sister or just a friend?).  Betcha Se Na has no idea she's adopted (that's meant to be said in a sing-song, teasing "b-word is going to get it" voice FYI).  That will be a fun reveal later, don't you think?  Coincidentally enough, it also appears that Chairwoman Jang is also Bak Ha's mother.  Bak Ha who's birth name was Park In Jo (I think - my notes were written on LP1's homework scratch paper and are impossible to decipher).  Turns out that both Unnie and I were right in the great debate of who's momma this mystery lady was.  We each had half the story which has then merged into one story.  It's almost like we were sisters in a previous life and reincarnated 300 years later.

Which brings me to my next point.  I know, I'm slow on the uptake here.'s kind of starting to sound like all of these characters were reincarnated and that the prince has leaped through 300 years with his memories intact so that he can help solve the mysteries that exist between this particular group of people who are obviously all connected.  Am I totally off base?  The synopsis of the series says that he is here to solve the mystery of his Queen's death.  Okay.  I guess I can wrap my mind around this concept.  It is most certainly a very interesting premise for a story.  I liked the part where they were at the elementary school tracing her roots and it was revealed/discovered that her name, Bak Ha, could also be Bu Yong which was the younger sister's name back in the Joseon era.  You know, the younger sister he was actually destined meant to marry.  Can't see that one coming from a mile away, can we?

If this show keeps up the tangled web of interconnected characters I'm seriously going to need a map to find my way around.  While I'm getting the main part of the story, the side characters, I will admit, are starting to blur in my mind.  Of course, that's normal for me.  As we go along I'm sure it will all start to iron out.  Like I said, slow on the uptake.

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