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Dramatic Friday Review: Rooftop Prince ep 8

Dongsaeng's Review:

Uh oh.  I'm really nervous writing this.  I don't know if you're going to like me much after I say what I have to say about this episode and drama in general.  Criticism and I have never gotten along - either as the giver or receiver.  But, I am now a reviewer, for better or worse thanks to my big mouth, and as Shakespeare said, "in thine own review be true" (okay, maybe I'm paraphrasing just a wee tiny bit here, but the sentiment is the same).  I have to say what I have to say.

First, I know that these two dramas we are currently viewing and reviewing are in a ratings battle.  I don't want to add fuel to that fire, however, I must admit that I am perplexed.  Last I heard, Rooftop Prince was able to rise in the ratings and beat out King 2 Hearts.  Uhm, maybe this is just my own preference talking here, but I don't get it.  I'm sorry.  Now that we are just about at the halfway point in both, I have to be honest and say I have a favorite.  There.  I admitted it.  *Ducks imaginary rotten fruit being flung by diehard RTP fans towards head*  Now, that isn't to say that Rooftop Prince doesn't have its good points either.  There have been moments when I have really truly enjoyed watching it.  It was very telling to me yesterday though when I saw that episode 8 was up and I turned it on for two seconds just to turn it off because I just didn't feel like watching it.  Then I went back to watching My Girlfriend is a Gumiho because King 2 Hearts wasn't subbed yet.  Maybe it's just a Lee Seung Gi bias?  Possible.  I am a HUGE JYJ fan, but, since we're being honest here, Micky's #3 on my list of favorite JYJ guys.  *Again ducks as now imaginary shoes are being thrown at my head by the Cassies of the world*  Maybe it really is just as simple as a bias towards Lee Seung Gi more than Yoochun.  But I don't think so.

Just to prove that I didn't totally hate it and that I can still appreciate the positives it contains, I have to say that I loved one of the first scenes - the shopping trip.  Remember "the formation" spoken of in a previous post? It was baa-ack!  I loved the looks they were getting from all the fellow shoppers who were all googly-eyed at the hot boys.  And the giant stack of yogurt he put in the cart?  Hilarious.  And really made me want a yogurt.  I was excited when I remembered I had one in the fridge.  It was strawberry.  It was delicious.  Note to self: add more yogurt to shopping list.

Sadly, that's about the point the love fest ends for me.  The majority of the rest of the episode I was either criticizing the bizarre plot points or just plain bored.  And the "kiss scene" that was promised?  Nope.  Just the world's weirdest act of CPR.  You do CPR like that in real life and guess what?  Dude's dead.  Just sayin'.

And then there was the dumbest fight ever between the prince and Bak Ha about his identity.  Why did he cross in front of all the traffic?  No, seriously, why?  What did that prove?  What am I missing here?  My notes just said, "huh?"

I did appreciate the scene where Executive Pyo reveals to Lee Gak that he knows Tae Mu is lying about not seeing Tae Yong in New York.  Finally!  Some action on the part of the plot.  Remember how this story is supposed to be about him figuring out all of the mysteries surrounding his queen's death?  You know, the whole reason the man leaped forward in time by 300 years?  Have we forgotten the whole reason we're here?

We interrupt this interesting plot development to then bring you the most awkward conversation on dating ever.  Tae Mu's dad announces to the whole group of gathered elders that he, Tae Mu, will be going on a blind date.  Gives them all the details.  And of course they're all intensely interested.  I'd be all like, "and your point is...what exactly?  Why do I care?"  But no, they care, they care so much that they make sure to include the secretary in on the conversation, oh and then happen to mention that they would love to see her, the secretary, hook up with their grandson and heir.  I'm in full support of this radical change in Drama Standards 101.  You know, how usually it's the secretary and heir hooking up while the family freaks out?  It's nice to see them being supportive and all, but the whole scene was just awkward and unnatural in the way it was handled.
How cute was Yong Seol here? He's all sad because Bak Ha is going on a blind date.  Aww!

After that we get another drama favorite - the poor girl gets a shopping spree and makeover by the handsome rich guy (and his handsome entourage).  I loved his reaction when she walks out in "the dress".  It was cute, but all along I was thinking that she was really really late for this blind date she was supposed to be on.  Wasn't she all ready to go when he decided that this shopping spree and makeover needed to happen?  Maybe he is a time bender?  Or maybe it just was weird.  I'll stick with weird.

Speaking of weird, uhm, what happened during that date anyway?  She gets a text from him that the fish need to be fed, runs off and then gives the prince a driving lesson and goes horseback riding with him.  By themselves those scenes were cute and fun and I would have liked them if I wasn't so overwhelmingly distracted by the awkward and confusing transition in getting there.
This scene where they were riding and he was asking her about her "ideal man" gave me butterflies.

Okay, I'm just going to stop there (mostly because that's where my notes stop and I had kind of checked out by this point and couldn't really say what came next with full clarity).  My final take on this drama?  I think it's a clear 16 episode drama being stretched unnaturally into 20 episodes.  I don't think that there's enough there to make it what they are trying to make it.  It's almost as if it is a drama with a split personality.  One minute it's a cute rom-com.  The next it's a melodrama still stuck with a rom-com feel.  It's not the first one to do this, I just don't think they're doing the best job in pulling it off.  It doesn't flow well.  It just feels disjointed to me.  I want to like it.  I do like it to an extent.  I'm just baffled by its first place position in the ratings and trying to figure out what everyone else sees in it that I'm obviously missing.

Go ahead, throw the fruit and shoes.  I'll just hide behind this giant picture of paradise on my roof.

***Update*** This just in - Equator Man edges out Rooftop Prince and The King 2 Hearts for the number one spot in ratings for this week.  Hmm, maybe you shouldn't have been so quick to throw that fruit at me?  And maybe I'll have to check out Equator Man sometime....

Unnie's Two Cents RTP episode 8: 

Hrrmmmm....well I am not sure how to review this episode.  Honestly, this whole show has been all over the place.  There are so many plot twists & turns, so many villains all with their own agendas. 

Okay first, I have to say I adore Micky {Yoochun}!!  In fact, before I watched this drama, I wasn't that impressed with him.  This drama has helped me grow more & more fond of him.  I LOVE his character.  I even love Bak Ha's character.  And of course it goes without saying the Joseon Power Rangers rock, they even, {giggle} put back on the sweat suits.  Which made me very happy. 
Joseon Power Rangers & Bak Ha
Source: via Husna on Pinterest

Seriously these guys are quite honestly the best part of the drama!

And the premise, for this drama, I think, has 'potential'.  But I seriously wonder what the writers are thinking.  There is no consistency to the plot, which is so full of holes it could pass for swiss cheese.  It's disjointed & confusing & not the least bit seemless or flowing. 

As for the villains? I think her sister is awesome as a villain.  I think Tae Mu, however, is confusing.  He killed his cousin, right?  He wants to take over the company, right?  He wants to 'out' the fake Tae Yong (Micky), right?  But he's playing the part as if at any moment he's going to be a good guy, but then the next moment he's all evil & grrrr....  No consistency.

I will keep watching because I am dying to know what happens next in the main plot (when/if they follow it) & because I love Bak Ha & the Prince.

I will say this episode had a great ending.  But like I said, I like her sister as; 'the villain'. 

I just recently, as in today, had a friend ask me which of the 2 dramas we're reviewing would I recommend she start?  I told her that would be like asking me to choose which of my kids I love the best.  Not possible.  It depends on the week & how the episode went.  If the writers were on their game or not.  Sigh.  If she asked me right now?  I'd have to say King 2 Hearts. 

{Yikes!  Don't kill me!!  Please???  I have 4 kids, 5 - if you count my husband, to care for!}

We'll see.  Tonight 2 more episodes to watch & review.  Maybe this one can turn it around for me.  Like I said.  We'll see...

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