Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dreams of Tomorrow {Unnie's Wednesday Write Up}

What should we talk about today?

There are 2 things that I have been wanting to share with you re: my love for Korea.

The first one is simply this...

I want so very badly to go to Korea & see this...

Jeju Island, South Korea
Or this....

Seoul, South Korea


Granted there are many, many beautiful places all around this amazing globe of ours, that I want to see.

Unnie, you may say, South Korea is not the only beautiful country in the world. 

But the things I want to see the most in South Korea are things like this...

Beopjusa Temple

A book lover's Heaven in Busan South Korea

lanterns in Seoul

this colorful pavilion

The South Gate in Seoul

I have no idea where this is but I know I want to explore it.

Visiting South Korea is now on my Bucket List of places I HAVE to go & see.  Not just want to, but HAVE to.  I can feel it calling me.  Beckoning me to explore & experience.  I have completely & hopefully, {not hopelessly, I have great hopefulness to see this place}, fallen in love with this amazing country. 

If the feelings that my Dongsaeng & I have felt re: the possibility of this blog taking off, are correct I foresee a wonderful trip to explore South Korea in our future.  How wonderful would that be?  Not just to go to this magnificent country but to get to experience a dream come true with the one person who shares the same passion I have.   

CNN GO recently put together a list of  "19 Reasons to Explore South Korea"

Check out the article, I guarantee you'll want to explore this country too.  Sink into it's history, it's traditional music, it's people, it's spectacular scenery.  I promise when we go, {NOT IF}, we will take pictures & videos & drive you crazy with both!  Right Dongsaeng? 

{And if we happen to see a pretty boy or two from a favored K-Pop group or a K-Drama Idol we'll make sure to include a few pictures of them as well}

The second thing I wanted to talk about today is, because there may still be doubters out there re: how popular Korea is becoming, ...South Korea in the news. 

Most of you probably pay close attention to North Korean news.  After all, they aren't exactly a friendly country & tend to like to make the U.N. nervous with their repeated attempts to launch rockets & prove their capabilities as a nuclear country too. 

However, I bet you don't notice those articles about South Korea.  Like the CNN GO article from above.  It's not nearly as headline grabbing is it?

Well, Dongsaeng & I notice all sorts of articles re: South Korea. 

Like this one from NPR.  Yes, National Public Radio did an article, recently, about the rapid growth in popularity of K-Pop.  "Everybody Wants to Be a K-Pop Star"

Or how about these 2 articles from Time Magazine?  Also re: K-Pop & its growing popularity around the world, including the US.  "How to Crack Japan: The Big Bang Theory" & "Watch Your Back Bieber: The Boy Band is Making a Comeback"

Now, lest you all think only K-Pop is in the news I promise you it's not.  Even President Obama is aware of the rising popularity of South Korea.  On his recent visit he made several Korean Pop Culture references.  Showing that indeed even America is jumping on the wagon.  " 'Hallyu' Back:  Obama catches the 'Korean Wave' ".

As you can see the Hallyu Wave has definitely hit the shores of the US.  When 3 well known & respected US news outlets are reporting about Korean Pop Culture, you know it's definitely getting recognized.  Especially as the articles are recent & more & more of them pop up regularly. 

I will leave these articles & the beautiful pictures above as a testimony to the veracity of the Korean Wave making its way here as food for thought for you.  Come on, you know you want to admit you are falling for South Korea just as much as Dongsaeng & I are, you're just afraid to admit it out loud. 

Take your time.  We took our time.  We hesitated & we worried about what people would think of us & then we realized we were being ridiculous.  Why on earth should we be embarrassed about this new found love?  No real reason we could think of, so rather than fight it, we gave in & embraced it & we couldn't be happier. 

The world shrinks every time you fall for another beautiful culture, people & country.  What a lovely idea, to keep your minds open to the possibilities. 


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  1. After looking at those pictures, I want to go to South Korea now! They have some beautiful sights.


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