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Dramatic Friday Review: Rooftop Prince ep 9

Hello, Unnie here.  Dongsaeng & I decided to split the reviews up.  So I get to review RTP ep 9 & 10, this post will only be about 9.  I think this will make publishing them easier & hopefully make the posts feel less overwhelming.

So here goes.

First off I have to say to the amazing subbers @ Viki.  You guys rock!  They subbed 3 whole episodes in 2 days time, like greased lightening!  Thank you for your dedication!  That could not have been easy. 

Now to delve into the review portion. 

This episode was better.  I think.

Halmoni is furious when she thinks Bak Ha knew Tae Yong, you know the REAL Tae Yong, before he was murdered by his cousin.  Oh wait Halmoni doesn't know that part...yet.  The sketch that Se Na finds  in Bak Ha's room w/ Tae Yong's initials, proves that is the case.  No jumping to conclusions or refusing to listen to the whole story.  And even if they did listen, would they even believe it?  Eh, probably  not.

Basically, Se Na has found the picture, that the real Tae Yong drew of Bak Ha, 2 years ago in NY.  Now Bak Ha never actually met Tae Yong.  He left the picture, with a note to meet him, but he had already been killed by his cousin, obviously that kind of makes it hard to keep his date. So she has this picture but no idea who drew it.  Yi Gak doesn't recognize it because, well, he wasn't the artist. 

Halmoni thinks Bak Ha was plotting all along & trying to keep Tae Yong to herself, all while planning how to get into the family/company etc..  She tells Bak Ha to get lost.  From the apartment & the company.  Yi Gak feels badly that, because she was protecting his secret identity, that she is suffering.  So he tells Halmoni that he "likes" Bak Ha.  Which is a shock to Bak Ha, Halmoni & his aunt!  But the thing is, while he does actually like her, he's not in love with her.  Remember, he's still trying to woo her evil sister? 

I swear the complicated & interwoven relationship sub plots are giving me a headache. 

He sat outside Halmoni's house all night like this, for Bak Ha.
What a guy, right?
After he begs & Halmoni feels sorry & he promises that there is another woman he wants to marry not Bak Ha.  Halmoni forgives & forgets. 

Which is a huge shock to her sister, to see Bak Ha the next day wandering around the company, with Tae Yong.  Oh the horror! 

Tae Mu's dad is still not happy that Se Na works at the company with his precious son & asks her to quietly leave & he'll even be magnanimous & help her get placed at another company.  And even though she says she'll go with a sweet smile on her face, she lets him know, that she knows all about his plans & that if she goes, his secret will be spilled all over the President.  Oops.  You'd think he'd be impressed by her viciousness, since it is a lot like his own, but nope he's really mad. 

Jung Suk Won as Yong Seul.

The Joseon 4 are prepping for Bak Ha's birthday, those sweet clueless Power Rangers even make her a huge, what looks to be, in my humble opinion, wedding cake, themselves!  Still I'm wondering when Yong Seul will admit he has a crush on Bak Ha?  He is my favorite Power Ranger.  And it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he is gorgeous!  Nope not even a little bit!

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Power Rangers learn how to celebrate a modern day birthday party. And even learning the Happy Birthday song.  Classic! 

Then Tae Yong/Yi Gak gets a squash lesson from Se Na.  He's very happy that she's spending time with him & touching him.  She had to help him get the right stance for the game after all.  Afterwards while cooling off, he hands her the handkerchief that his Queen made for him in the Joseon era. 

{Yes, I know, it was actually her sister that made it, she just took credit for it, much like her reincarnated self likes to do}

He is disappointed that she doesn't recognize it.  Aww poor Yi Gak!  Of course, knowing how important it is to him, he asks Bak Ha to clean it for him, she "loses" it & then has to spend all night trying to find it.  She doesn't find it btw.   But her sister finds it, just stepping out of their front door. 

Bak Ha comes back from the search the next morning & the Prince has been worried & waiting for her.  She looks exhausted & he forgives her & tells her to go to bed.  Later we find that her long night of fruitless searching has given her a fever & made her sick.  I have a hard time believing anyone can be that weak, that one night out searching, granted through thousands of pounds of used clothes, will make them sick but once again, K-Drama 101 has taught us; the best way to bring the two main characters together is, to make one of them so sick, the other has to take care of them personally.  Nothing is more romantic than wiping off fever sweat, right? 

Shakespeare would be moved.  Maybe not. 

It's not over between Se Na & Tae Mu's dad though.  He has his own spies, who tell him everything about Tae Mu & their relationship, including which office tel Se Na lives in.  He arrives at her place only to find her mother struggling to go in, of course he has no idea that this is her mother.  Se Na told everyone she worked with, that her mother was a professor in England.  That her family is filled with scholars.  Being the daughter of a fish seller is embarrassing.  He watches the ahjumma at the door & when she leaves, he reads the note she left, when she couldn't get into the apartment. 

"Se Na, mom will leave the side dishes in the guardroom." 

Gasp!!  That's her mother?!?!  What the...?!?!  {Gleeful, evil giggles}  He has her now. 

She freaks out when he tells her, you can see the ugly insanity sneak through her pretty facade.  Who will believe what she has to say about his nefarious plot to sell off the company, when she's a liar?!?!  She figures Bak Ha spilled the beans so she goes to confront her, finds her sleeping off the sick still & a note from Yi Gak/Tae Yong to meet him under the Han River Bridge at 7pm, when she wakes up, from the medicine he gave her earlier. 

You guessed it, Se Na arrives & tells him that Bak Ha told her that she was too sick & asked Se Na to go in her place.  Then she tells him she likes him too, after verifying that if she does they'll get married.  Guess Tae Mu is not the guy for her after all.  I'd feel sorry for him, you know, if he weren't a murderer & all. 

Bak Ha arrives, unnoticed by Tae Yong {her sister totally saw her coming & practically jumped Tae Yong!} & witnesses their embrace & Se Na kissing Tae Yong.  She turns, w/ tears of course.  Happy Birthday Bak Ha.  Her birthday has gotta get better after this right?  Hmmmm.... yeah I doubt it too. 

It was a better episode.  Still had too many complications but still better.  The writing was more cohesive & smooth, not perfect but better.  I never know whether to blame the writers or the director or both.  Who knows maybe its the producers fault?  Maybe everyone should take responsibility???  Either way, I am really looking forward to the next episode & praying it goes smoothly too.  And that will put us exactly 1/2 way through this 20 episode drama.

I'll catch up with you all on the next post.   See you then.

My Two Cents - Dongsaeng:

I can't wait to see Se Na get it.  And Tae Mu.  And Tae Mu's dad.  Let's bring on the truth so these nasty pieces of work can get their comeuppance.  I'm impatiently waiting to see that smug smile wiped off of Se Na's pretty little face and to see Tae Mu's dirty deed (you know, leaving his cousin for dead) finally revealed.  I appreciated that the Joseon 4 (or I guess the Joseon 3 since the Prince is #4) were featured more in this episode.  They were very cute interfering when Bak Ha's blind date showed up at the office with a birthday cake in hand.  And cute when they made their own cake.  I loved Yong Seol's confusion in getting the hats and fireworks.  He's lucky he's such a looker and adorable 'cuz their doesn't appear to be a whole lot upstairs.  I laughed when Man Bo (?) gave the cake (the one from the blind date guy) to the Korean Harry Potter with the "love note".  Overall, I didn't hate it but I didn't love it.  It was...okay.  Not much else to say.

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