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Dramatic Friday Review: Rooftop Prince ep 10

Unnie's Review:

Oh no she didn't!!
This is why Se Na is an excellent evil sister, because yes, yes she did!  She knows how to work the, 'manipulative, w/ a capital B', angle!  Experienced evil doer!  Am I right?  You know I am.  And that is why I admire her dedication to her character. 

How is Bak Ha supposed to react to this scenario? 

Should she A) walk up to them, rip Se Na away & demand an explanation? 

Should she B) run away, hurt & crying loudly, so that Tae Yong sees her in pain & rushes after her, to help her? 

Should she C) turn & walk away quietly, leaving the man she likes, in her sister's arms & go play a basketball game w/ the Power Rangers? 

If you chose C, you're right & you get a prize.  Okay, you don't actually get a prize, not that kind of blog. 

And in heels no less.  It's totally what I would've done.
Meanwhile, Se Na & Tae Yong go on a date to Namsung Tower.  After waiting in line for the cable car, Tae Yong's conscious gets the better of him, it is Bak Ha's birthday, after all.  So he tells Se Na he's sorry but he has something to do at home.  Then he leaves, she looks wholly confused by his sudden abdication. 

I have to know did anybody else feel like he wasn't as into Se Na, as they were expecting him to be?  When she was hugging on him, to destroy Bak Ha, they flash onto his face & where there should have been joy or pleasure, I saw shock & discomfort.  Am I wrong?  Did I read that facial expression badly?  Even on their date, he was distracted & not nearly as happy to be with her after she expresses her mutual like for him, as I would have expected him to be.  Isn't she the whole reason they are there? 

{Yes, I understand that he likes Bak Ha.  I understand that he is supposed to like Bak Ha.  I was being facetious about his supposed admiration for Se Na.}

After he ditches Se Na, he catches up with the rest of his gang & joins the game.  It's amazing to me, how she can go from being really sick that morning, & afternoon, feverish & everything, to being able to start a pickup game of B-Ball in the park, that evening, in heels.  {Psst... Unnie?  It's in the script! Just go with it.}

Moving on.  After Bak Ha & Yong Seul wipe the floor with the Prince & Chi San, she gets one wish.  She walks up to the Prince, who is holding out a credit card to her, and asks simply, 'Let me hit you once."

Atta girl!  {giggling at the expression on his face}  I don't care who ya are, that there is just funny!

Then it's time for birthday cake & presents.  Yay!!  And the boys sing her the Happy Birthday song they worked so hard on learning in the last episode.  And then they ask the Prince if he got a present for Bak Ha.  Now we, the viewers, know he did.  We watched him buy the very pretty hair clip.  And he starts to slide it out of his pocket, but for some reason, slides it back into his pocket, & says the homemade cake is enough.  He then heads to bed & she oohs & ahhs over the yummy cake the boys made her, to make him feel bad or maybe just to show him she is fine not getting a present from him. 

The next morning, SeNa goes to Pyu Taek Soo to ask if she can be reassigned to his team, the Power Rangers & the Prince, rather than Yong Dong Man's, Tae Mu's dad.  Who, btw, is standing behind her. listening in on her conversation.  And then reminds her that he wants her out of the company by the end of the day or he'll take action.  Just wait!

In the bathroom, SeNa confronts Bak Ha & tells her point blank that she is going to take everything away from her that Bak Ha holds dear.  At least she's straightforward about trying to destroy Bak Ha.  I prefer a fight out in the open, rather than all the 'behind the scenes' drama, myself. 

Later on, we find out from Yong Dong Man, a reliable source if ever there was, that there are a lot of people in the company complaining that Tae Yong is just taking up office space & not contributing.  So the President (Halmoni) decides he needs to come up with a product & get it to sell, to prove his worth. 

Then it's time for the "working hard to music" montage.  Always fun.  SeNa arrives during the montage & says she's been hiding a product & that they should use it, rather than coming up with a new one themselves.  She & Tae Yong go off on a business meeting/lunch to accomplish whatever secret product it is they are going to work on, together. 

It's payday!  The Power Rangers are getting their first paychecks & ask Bak Ha to go to dinner with them to celebrate.  It's actually a very touching scene & reminds the viewers that these guys left their families behind, in the Joseon era, & miss them so much.  They also point out, that if they could, even though this world is so much more convenient, they'd go back in a heart beat.  More cuteness when they all use the photo booth & get fun pictures taken.  I swear these boys really are the best part of the drama.   

Then Chi San confesses to Bak Ha the person/reason they are all in 2012 to begin with.  The Crown Princess & that SeNa is that woman.  This shocks Bak Ha tremendously.  What is she going to do now?  Her sister had already planned on taking everything she holds dear.  It's going to be a lot easier to accomplish this, if Tae Yong is willing to be be taken.  So she pulls back from Tae Yong, which leaves him confused, sad & frustrated.  His new friend, the one he has come to trust the most in this world, the woman he is growing to like more & more, is giving him the cold shoulder.  They do say that playing hard to get is the best way to get the man you want.  Unfortunately, she isn't playing.  She's trying to protect herself. 

At the end of the episode rather than staying home to have barbecue with the Power Rangers & SeNa, the Prince chases after her.  They meet in the park, she continues to hurt him w/ coldness & he finally says he doesn't understand why he cares about her anyway & leaves.  Distraught & depressed by all that has happened.  She turns to her phone & writes a text message to the Prince telling him straight out, "I like you. I love you."  I kept waiting for her to delete it but no, she sends it. 

HOLY CRAP ON TOAST!!  She did what now?!?! 

I would totally freak out too!!!  Like you wouldn't?!?!
But he doesn't get the message...yet.  He comes back & takes off his jacket.  They need to talk but first he wants a drink.  He leaves & his cellphone goes off.  He hasn't seen the message, she makes a mad dash for his phone but alas it has a PASSWORD!!!!  NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

What to do?  What to do??? 

Bury it in the dirt!!  Of course!!  Why didn't I think of that?!?! 

He comes back, she thinks she's clear, but a dog starts sniffing & barking, at the spot where she buried his phone.  She tries to distract him.  It doesn't work but at least she tried.  He gets his phone, she panics & hops back on her bike & rides off.  He sees her message & WHAT?!?!  She what?!?!  Holy shocked look on his face!

Last scene, I love last scene cliff hangers, she is on her bike & well away from him.  Or so she thought.  But he's chased after her & cut her off. 

Can you tell I remembered I can do screenshots?  Duh!
So we end here.   I find, I can totally relate to the sheer stupidity of accidentally sending the text.  I can see myself doing something like that & freaking out about it, much the same way as she did.  I can't be the only woman on the planet to have done something, really stupid & regrettable, when it came to a guy & felt like a complete fool.  So, I really enjoyed the ending of this episode.   And I can honestly say, I am so glad that when I was growing up/single I am so grateful there was no such thing as 'texting'.  Guess ther is one good thing about being an ahjumma.  ;)

Until next week I hope you will all be happy & healthy & enjoying time with family & friends.  Till next week. 


Dongsaeng's Two Cents:

My 2 cents on this episode will have to wait.  There, there, try and contain your raw emotions at this devastating news.  It's okay.  I'll be back.  I've just run out of time to watch this last episode (5 in a two day span of time is a lot after all).  It's a big weekend here in the Dongsaeng household.  The Husband will be running in a charity run tomorrow and so we're heading out to spend the weekend in a posh resort.  Thank you Mr Priceline Negotiator! He got us a 4-star hotel at a 2-star rate. Wait.  Don't think that's the right tagline.  Oh well.  When they start paying, I'll start considering to get it right.  Anyway, I'll be sitting poolside, soaking up the rays.... Oh who am I kidding?  I'm a redhead.  I'd fry.  It's supposed to be over 100 degrees here tomorrow.  I won't be sitting poolside, I'll be in the water trying to survive this crazy April heat wave.  As long as the water is heated.  Seriously.  I don't normally go in the water until it is close to bathtub temps.  Even here in the desert.  It's not swimming weather until it's been over 100 for like a month and the water is nice and tepid.  If the water is chilly then you can count on me hiding out in my room while the Husband and Little Poppers play at the pool.  Either way though, I will be taking a short leave of absence away from this desk.  Good thing Unnie's got you covered.  I probably wouldn't have much else to add anyway. Besides, I've got my weekend post and final review (King2Hearts ep 10) all scheduled to go so it'll be like I'm still here.  This 2 cent thing is the only thing you'll be missing from me.  If I hadn't said anything, you would have never known I was gone.  It's almost like I have super powers and can be in two places at once - poolside and desk dungeon - whoa! That is just blow your mind fantastic baby!

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