Wednesday, April 4, 2012

here 1st post...

Like so many first times...I am feeling trepidation.  THIS is my first "real" post on this blog.

{cricket, cricket}

What if this whole thing is a bust & my Dongsaeng & I are just writing to each other? 

{cricket, cricket}

You know what?  On second thought. That is actually a good idea.  We have such wonderful phone conversations. {At least to us they seem wonderful.}  So that is how I am going to write this post.  As though I am just having a conversation {one sided though it may be} with my Dongsaeng.

My topic for today....

The first band (singer) I really listened to.  In other words, 'the one that started it all' ... for me anyway.

CNBlue (Jung Yong Hwa)
Album art from the 1st album I listened to of theirs.
NOT my picture, image taken from Google images.
After I watched "Heartstrings" & fell in love Jung Yong Hwa's voice.  {I mean who wouldn't after he serenades "The Comfort Song" to Lee Gyu Won, I just realized, longingly, that CA has never sung me a comfort song!  Of course if he tried to I'd probably think, at the very least, he was deranged, but that is entirely beside the point.  No one has ever sang me a, beautifully sweet, song to cheer me up.  How unfair is that?}  I digress, after that song & the incredibly addictive song in the credits, "You've Fallen For Me", I just had to hear more.  So, I looked up the OST's on iTunes & downloaded them.  And thus began my ever involved searching on iTunes for more KPop.  Of course, the opening song, for Greatest Love, you know the "Thump, Thump" song, was addictive too, but I didn't download that one....although I may change my mind & do it anyway, just to help remind me regularly why I loved Greatest Love so much. 

From the moment I downloaded their album "Now or Never", I then started searching YouTube, for their music videos w/ subs, (& not just English subs, but Romanization subs as well, so that I could memorize & sing along but also so I'd know what exactly I was saying, whilst singing along).  I loved their sound.  But I was also impressed when I realized, that unlike a lot {not all} of other KPop groups, they actually compose their own music.  I love it so much more when an artist or a group is their own composer/lyricist, than when they simply sing what they are told.  I have more respect for them as an artist. 

They just recently released their 3rd mini album.  Which is, just in case you are still really new to this whole Kpop world-like I was once, just an album that has fewer songs than a regular album.  And once again I love their sound.  They write happy songs with great beats & the guitar solo's are always awesome.  Of course, it doesn't hurt that all of the boys are "oh so cute" & Jung Yong Hwa's voice still gives me goosebumps.  Just like it did when he sang to Lee Gyu Won.  Sigh. 

But feel free to judge for yourself. 

*I haven't been able to find their latest album, "Ear Fun" on iTunes.  If anybody can post the link or the how to find the album in the comments to this post & help me out, I would greatly appreciate it or if you know when it will be released onto iTunes, that would be appreciated, as well.  In fact, trying to figure out their discography has been frustrating for me.  Some sights have their albums titled one thing, others have them as others.  And their official website does not have an English translation option, so....*

Here are the videos that I love to watch on YouTube the most...starting with one of their latest, from "Ear Fun".

Hey You:

One of my favorite CNBlue songs is Love Girl.  The MV (Music Video) is up on YouTube & its very cute.  Very light hearted & catchy.  Now as for the video story?  While it too is cute & fun I have to admit to thinking the girl in the video is kind of an airhead.  Really sweetie???  You can't see the guys hiding in your room?  Really???  O. K.  Hmmmm....

Still in Love:

They just make me happy.  And a happy place is a definite must in this house of insanity. 

And I just realized the battery on my laptop is about to expire, which is my sign to get some work done, around the house.  BTW, this is one of the main reasons Dongsaeng & I have to hang up the phone w/ each other, the battery on my iPhone is drained, & we usually take that as a sign that we have neglected our homes & families for too long.  Guess that means this post really has been like a phone conversation between my bestie & myself.  Hope you enjoyed listening in on our fascinating conversation. 


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  1. While I don't know if I will ever be into them the way you are... so far I like the sound of these guys the best of what I have seen.


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