Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The K-Pop Impact {Unnie's Wed Write Up}

If you've read up on the "Our Story" tab, then you know how this whole "addiKtion thing" started, over a year ago. 

What you don't know is, that this is not just my passion.  Not anymore.  No, no one in the house watches the dramas but me, I'm not that good.  Although I did get one of my bestest friends hooked on them.  We'll call her "Dongsaeng Orange".  I showed her, all of 20 minutes of "Lie To Me", during one late night visit, & within a few months she was an addiKt too.  I do what I can.

But I have been able to indoctrinate my kids into liking K-Pop.  Okay, so mostly it was just showing them Big Bang's Fantastic Baby, one time & they were hooked but I am the one who showed them the video.  That counts too, right?

My 13 yr old loves K-Pop!!  His MP3 player is loaded down with K-Pop.  I buy it via my iTunes acct & then save it to our free agent drive on the computer & he then goes in & downloads it onto his MP3 player.  He LOVES Big Bang.  Thinks they are the coolest.  And is always asking me if I have gotten anything new lately?  And, as he is just like his mama, he has managed to hook quite a few friends, at school, on K-Pop as well.  They watch the videos on YouTube, & learn how to sing along.  He says he wants to dress up as G-Dragon for Halloween, including the long seaweed hair. How awesome is that?!?! 

My favorite moment & the true testament to how far this love of K-Pop has spread though, was from before I had saved my K-Pop collection to the free agent drive. My husband came to me one day & asked me if I had saved my songs to the computer?  I figured he was just reminding me, you know, in case 'something' happened to my iPhone.  I told him that I had been meaning to but hadn't gotten around to it, he urged me to do it soon, that day I got to work transferring. 

Later that same day, he uploaded the entire play list, not just a couple of the songs, the ENTIRE play list to his phone/iPod as well.   He came out to me w/ phone in hand & hit the play button.  Next thing I hear is the beginning strains of "Fantastic Baby" blaring through his phone's speakers!  I was in shock.  Happy shock.   I had only just shown him the Fantastic Baby MV, a few days before.  But he really liked it.  He says it's a good song for the treadmill but I know he really likes the music, otherwise he would have just gone through & picked a few of the faster songs for his workout.  He took the WHOLE play list though.  Including the more calm, quiet, sad - ballad-y songs.  {yep made up that last word} 

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA....it had worked, my evil indoctrination was finally in motion.  >:}

And just last week, while we were getting ready for the day, which involves a lot of me continuously reminding the little monstrosities to stay focused. 

{Okay so you hear a lot of, "____ would you please put your pants on & stop spinning in the middle of the kitchen!!" } 

Anyway, in the midst of all of this as I was just about to bellow down my youngest (the 5 year old boy) again, I hear him singing to himself, in the bathroom, while he tries to brush his teeth. 

What Do I Hear?  

I hear him repeating the opening line to 2NE1's "I Am the Best!"  {Daebak!!!}

There I am, standing at the top of the stairs, listening to my semi-nude, 5 year old son, singing in Korean, at the top of his lungs, no less.  Best day of the whole week!  Then, on Sunday, my husband called my cell phone & thought he'd be funny, by leaving me the same opening line lyrics, that the 5 yr old likes so much, on my voicemail.  Only he pronounced it wrong, because there came a 2nd message.  It would seem that upon hanging up from leaving the 1st message, the 5 yr old (who was with him in his truck), corrected his pronunciation, rather emphatically.  The 2nd message was him pronouncing it again, correctly, & then asking the 5 yr old, if he had done it right.  To which you can hear my 5 yr old agreeing.  Needless to say that message is still on my voicemail. 

So in honor of my 5 year old I thought I would give you a chance to enjoy his favorite song. 

{From the 2NE1 Official YouTube Channel} 

And just so you know we are so excited about this adventure we are undertaking. 

We have seen a huge jump in our viewership in just a couple of weeks since we started & we are so excited to see that there really is a desire for this kind of blog. 

I want to thank our first 3 followers!  It was seriously so exciting & awesome to see we have 3 "official" followers on here & the people that have "Liked" our Crazy Ahjummas Facebook page {which, minus Dongsaeng & myself, means that 10 people},  & our 5 followers on our Twitter page.   What a wonderful positive beginning. 

In the vein of our blog's theme I thought I would take the time to send out our thank yous & requests for support ala K-Pop Stars.  You know you see those interviews where they say thank you & then ask for continued love & support.  I thought I would try the same thing. 

Thank you so much for being so happy & positive w/ your support & love for this new blog & venture.  We feel very blessed.  Please continue to support & love us.  Please continue to come back everyday & read our posts & enjoy our weekly reviews.  We'd also love to hear from you in our comments.  Send us emails, ask us questions.  Tell us what you'd like us to review or talk about. 

We are just starting out in this addiKtion & I am sure we would love to hear, from you - our readers, what your favorites are in all categories.  What's your favorite food to make, or your favorite group or singer to listen to & why?  Which drama first hooked you?  Which piece of Eye Candy is your favorite to drool over?  We want to know it all!!!  Think of this as therapy!  As this is an addiKtion, consider Dongsaeng & I as your addiKtion therapists! 

This is a safe place, a place to feel free, to be you, in all your addiKt glory!!  We want this blog, experience, to be something we can all enjoy.  This is the beginning of a beautiful new partnership, & not just between Dongsaeng & I, but between all of us & we want to make sure & keep your interest & your patronage.  We'd love you to help us spread this passion for all things Korean. 

Please help us grow this blog & help other women (& men too), to not feel alone in their addiKtion, help us spread the word.  Share the blog on your blog, if you've got one.  Tweet about us on Twitter, or Share our Facebook page.  We also created a pin on Pinterest & would love to see it repinned again & again.  If you are on Google(+) Plus, then plus our posts, or the blog itself, wherever you see something you like, +it, which will then "share" us on Google+. 

We all know the power that "Word of Mouth" has on the world we live in & in case I forgot....Thank you. 

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Let's show people there is a place they can go & discuss & share & feel & be surrounded by like minded addiKts.   Krazy AddiKts everywhere, let's support our addiKtion.  Interventions are for wusses. ^.^  We don't need no stinking intervention!!!  Let us be your addiKtion enablers, please? 

Okay I'm done being needy.  {at least for now}

Don't forget to come back & get our take on this week's episodes of Rooftop Prince & King 2 Hearts in our Dramatic Friday Review.   And that my dear addiKts is the end of Unnie's Wednesday Write Up.  See you Friday & then again next Wednesday.



  1. My two kids are also totally hooked, especially the 8 year old. His favorite, like your 13 yr old, is also Big Bang, specifically Fantastic Baby. I hear that song so often during my day. And he's always trying to get his friends to listen to it. He carries around his iPod and turns it on every chance he gets so that his friends can hear it. I've had to tell him to chill a bit and not be so obnoxious about it. The 10 year old still prefers SHINee, but she's less pushy with it. The three of us always have a Kpop song stuck in our heads and if you mention certain phrases around us, watch out! 'Wow', 'fantastic', 'shiny', 'give it up', 'turn it up', 'hold up', 'monkey' are all recent examples of trigger words or phrases for us that will inevitably lead to the three of us singing. It's great fun around here these days. Our home is filled with youtube broadcasts of Inkigayo, music videos, dance videos, whatever. They've also started begging me to let them watch the dramas. Ah, the corruption of today's youth! ;)

  2. It's so true about the phraseology!!! The 13 year old & I no longer say "awesome" it's Daebak this & Daebak that. My Omo's have replaced pretty much everything, except my favorite Holy Crap on Toast. LOL And "Fantastic Baby", "Boom Shakalaka", "Cuz I'm so bad, bad but I'm so good, good..." & "Hold Up" are also popular. HOwever no one wants to watch Dramas with me, not even the cool kick butt dramas...although I might be able to get the 13 year old to watch Irish or City Hunter this summer. (fingers crossed because I will never give up!) Mwahahahahahaha... >:}

  3. I need to send the video of said 8 year old and 13 year old singing to one of their favorite songs : )

  4. Would love to see that video of the 8 & 10 yr olds singing to one of their favorite songs!


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