Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Junsu Official MV Teaser Trailer

That's right Junsu Oppa has finally released the teaser trailer for his new Solo Album MV. I don't know about you but it looks intriguing & dramatic & creative to this Unnie.  
Taken directly from the JYJ Official YouTube Channel.

Looking forward to the full MV soon!

And in other JYJ related news. 

Micky (Park Yoochun), who is currently starring in our Dramatic Friday Reviews as Yong Tae Yong/Yi Gak/ The Crown Prince {wow he really has a lot on his acting plate with this drama} ^.^ in the K-Drama Rooftop Prince, just won the title of...

“Most Popular Male Actor”." You can find the full story here {on allkpop}.

Our sincerest Congratulations to Park Yoochun. 

Now don't forget to check back tomorrow, for Unnie's, "Wednesday Write up". 

Hmmm....what should we talk about?  The ideas are endless!! 


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