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my addicKtion - dance 3/30/12

*Originally posted on dongsaeng's personal private blog on 3/30/12*

I suppose secretly I've always been a dancer at heart - a dancer with zero ability, hence a dancer only in my heart. When I close my eyes and go to my happy place, it usually involves beautiful costumes and dancing from a bygone era.  Now, with that said, I know nothing about dance other than what I've picked up from Dance Moms (hahaha - that show rocks!).  I couldn't tell you what I like in a general sense.  I'm a mishmash of dance preferences.  For example, I wish I were a ballerina, but I hate going to the ballet.  ???  I don't know either. *shrug*

This is probably one of my favorite things about KPop - the dancing.  I love watching these groups dance.  The entire lives of these groups are taken up by their careers.  They don't play much - it's all work, work, work.  They are practically owned by their management company.  They eat, sleep and live their job as performers.  And they have the impressive Asian work mentality.  All this nets some pretty amazing dancers.  At least in my humble, biased, and inexperienced opinion.  Take for example SHINee's newest song, Sherlock.  Great song.  Love the beat.  It's pretty darn catchy too.  I debated whether or not to post about their video though because there are a couple of things about it that would distract you from the awesomeness of the song, namely, the appearance of one of the members.  Taemin, dude, seriously?  The hair?  The outfit?  Yikes!  I love you SHINee, but I can't recommend you to my non-KPop-loving friends with you looking like that.  Sorry.  I am already mocked enough, that would just seal the deal.  Everyone already thinks I'm off my rocker - you'd only be further evidence to support their assumptions.  Lucky for me, however, I have recently discovered something amazing that may or may not be unique to KPop and that is the "Dance Only" or "Performance Practice" videos.  All these are are the groups in a studio dressed in "normal" clothes with "normal" hair, dancing.  That's it.  Just dance without the distractions.  Whee!  The only downside to them is that the music plays in the background and so the audio isn't the best.  Okay, it's downright awful, especially for you audiophiles out there.  Sorry, there's just no getting around that unless you want to play a separate track of the song while watching, but that'd be difficult to get the timing just right on and whatnot. Oh well, I'm doing the best I can here to help you feel more comfortable with all this foreign stuff, you'll just have to deal with the less-than-perfect aspects that pop up from time to time I'm afraid.  ;)  Anyway, while trolling YouTube the other day I found some of Big Bang's performance practice videos (drool) and thankfully, one for Sherlock as well.  So, without further ado, I share with you SHINee's Sherlock.

*Editor's Note*  Since I wrote this post I have had the opportunity to listen to this song in my car and wowzers!  It actually sounded even better than when I listen to it on earbuds or the computer.  The car has better bass and this song is all about the bass.  When I first put it on, I could see my side mirror shaking.  Hahaha!  I had to laugh and was inexplicably impressed.  If you know me, you probably wouldn't imagine me to be a big "bass so strong it thumps as you're driving down the road" kind of person because I so am not that kind of person.  I'm more the "call the cops on the car with bass booming so loud it rattles the windows" kind of person.  However, this made me literally laugh out loud in giddy, child-like delight.  I rolled down the windows and blasted the tunes.  I was sad that I was only driving a couple of blocks home from the grocery store and had to do a lap around the block just to stretch it out a bit longer.  34 year old suburban mother of two and this is how I get my kicks?  Yup.  Suppose so.  Who would have ever thought?  Certainly not me. But I'm going to enjoy the ride anyway :)

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