Tuesday, April 10, 2012

{special announcement}

Just wanted to take a quick moment to remind everyone {which, we do realize, right now, is a very small number} that today all of South Korea is participated in the Parliamentary Elections.   This means that both King 2 Hearts & Rooftop Prince will be delayed by one day.  Both episodes will air on Thursday night in South Korea, which may push back our "Dramatic Friday Review".  It will depend on how quickly we can watch 4, 1 hr, episodes & then review them. 

Making things more difficult, for me at least, is that this week is Spring Break here in Southern Wisconsin & I have all 4 of my kids home.  Kind of hard to watch that many K-dramas without interruption.  So please, bear with us, while we try to keep up with the delay. 

We wish good voting turn out in South Korea & for all to go smoothly & happily as the people of South Korea participate in the democratic process. 

Remember we have our own exciting election year coming up & we need to pay attention to the candidates & their policies & what we feel is important to each of us.  VOTE!  Every vote counts.  Even yours! 

This has been a public service message from

the crazy ahjummas.

**************SPECIAL EDIT**********************

SBS announced that instead of showing 2 episodes this week, back to back, of Rooftop Prince, they will only show one {episode 7}.  Episode 8 will air next week along with episode 9 on their regularly scheduled nights & times.  As far as we know King 2 Hearts is still scheduled to show both episodes 7 & 8 this week.  As soon as they are subbed we can watch & then get our review out.

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