Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"Oppa" Krazy {Unnie's Wednesday Write Up}

It's Wednesday, which means it's my turn to post about all things Korean again.  Today, I am choosing those incredible guys we love to drool over. 

But Unnie what does "Oppa" mean? 

This is a question some of you newbies, to the world of Korean Culture & K-dramas, may be asking. "Oppa" means, simply put, "brother" & is used by girls only.  It's a sign of respect. 

{For future reference: Boys call their older brothers "Hyung" & call their older sisters "Noona".  As you already know "Unnie" is older sister, from sister to sister.  Younger siblings, whether boy or girl, are called, "Dongsaeng".  Still with me?  I haven't lost you yet, have I? Good.} 

But "Oppa" is also used by girls who have feelings {crushes} on older boys/men that they like & for their boyfriends/significant others.  You'll find very few people actually use first names, (almost never), or whole names in the Korean language.  That is reserved, for very close family & friends.  And from the "Elders" to the younger generation. 

When I first started watching k-dramas, one of the most irritating things were the girls who used the term constantly, & usually whined while saying it.  Constant callings of  "Oppaaaaaaaaaa" drove me crazy & I swore there was no way I would ever use the term myself.  Not just for that reason, but also because it seemed weird, to me, to call someone that you might look at in a romantic way & then call him 'brother'.  {shudder}  It just seemed wrong to me.

Since then, I have come to relax & realize that Americans also use weird terms of endearments for their boyfriends.  {IE babe(y), doll, angel, sweetie, honey, sugar etc...}  These American terms of endearment are just as awkward & weird to me as "Oppa" was.  This is why my husband goes by the moniker "Captain Awesome".  I can use it when he does something awesome & I am pleased & mean it, he really is awesome, but I can also use it "tongue in cheek" when he does something boneheaded & I shake my head at him & sarcastically say, "Way to go Captain Awesome!" 

Now, that I have become more accustomed to the usage of "honorifics" that are required in the Korean language, hearing "Oppa" does not bother me & I have actually found myself using it way more than I'd like to my head, & only once, on a picture of Hyun Bin, on my Pinterest "Eye Candy" board.  I mean come on it's Hyun Bin!!! 

Of course, I realize I am older than Hyun Bin, which does in fact make me feel like a giant idiot, for allowing my IQ to fall to that of a teenage girl, who is googly eyed at a really hunky piece of "Eye Candy" but I'm getting used to feeling the fool.  Since I discovered the wonderful world of good looking Korean guy, Eye Candy.  Besides, I will point out's HYUN BIN!!! 

{BTW & as an aside just to my Dongsaeng.....He's ALL mine!!}

{awkward pause while I try to figure out how to regain my dignity} 


Anyway, all of you newbies to this world, you now understand what the title of the post means, I can go on with the whole purpose of the post.

Hello.  My name is Unnie & I am wholeheartedly "Oppa Crazy"!  I am sure there is an intervention somewhere for me but part of my addiKtion is that I don't care that I have an addiKtion & in fact, do not want an intervention....EVER! 

{At this point CA simply rolls his eyes at me & mocks my addiKtion, because he KNOWS that he is my real Oppa & that I adore him, 17 + years of marriage people!}

For those of you having a hard time accepting a middle aged mother of 4 & married woman who sighs & giggles while ogling, pictures of, handsome Korean Actors & K-Pop stars?  I will tell you what my mother told my 17 year old counter part, once upon a time a long time ago.  While shopping at the mall, with her, & a group of very good looking college aged guys walked by & she remarked on the cuteness of said 'college aged guys' tushies.  When I looked on in shock at what my mother (who was actually older, at that time, than I am now) she looked at me & said, & I quote this....

"What?!?!!?  Sweetheart, I am married, not buried!!  I can look & appreciate without touching can't I?" 

So now you know I come by this through genetics.  Yes, that is My Story & I am sticking to it!  Thanks Mom. 

Now if you have explored this blog properly than you should already know who my biggest crushes are but just in case I thought I would dedicate this post to those incredibly good looking guys I admire the most. 

1st: Hyun Bin Oppa

{Even though I am putting him 2nd I have to state clearly...Kim Hyun Joong is pretty much tied for 1st place & 1/2 the time, beats out Hyun Bin.  He is not called a "walking sculpture" for nothing you know.  He is perfection in my eyes!}

2nd: (TIED FOR FIRST) Kim Hyun Joong Oppa

3rd: Jaejoong Oppa {must be mentioned that Jaejoong is Dongsaeng's ultimate favorite along w/ Hyun Bin & he's really close to being up there for me w/ KHJ & HB}

4rd: TOP Oppa

5th: Jung Yong Hwa Oppa

And because I could go on & on indefinitely I will now try really hard to stick to one picture each & these are not in any particular order....

Kang Ji Hwan Oppa

Song Seung Hun Oppa

Lee Byung Hun Oppa

Jong Il Woo Oppa

Taeyang Oppa

Junsu Oppa

Ji Yong Oppa

Daesung Oppa

Lee Seung Gi Oppa

It was near impossible to finish this post!!  Picking just one or two pictures for my top 5 was torture for me & it didn't get any easier for the rest of these gorgeous guys either!  Seriously, so yummy! 

And now to honor the man who accomplished something no other celebrity has done.  Not even Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, George Clooney or the Biebs..... none of which have I ever been able to tolerate.

A man that is without a doubt one of my absolute {& I know he is one of my Dongsaeng's} top favorites as well...

Lee Min Ho Oppa:

Lee Min Ho was the first EVER to earn 5 million "Friends" on Facebook. And here is a video of him saying Thank you to all of his "friends" (fans) for their love.

Yes, this love of Korean men is so global that a Korean celebrity hit 5 million friends before any other world renowned celebrity.  I find this is just further proof that this blog is definitely needed & hopefully will become what my Dongsaeng & I believe it can become. 

Congratulations Lee Min Ho!!  We are so happy for you.  You are so deserving of all the accolades!

So to all my beautiful "Oppas" .....Saranghae & keep up the good work because I will be watching.

P.S. Expecting that restraining order any day now.

It must be said in plain language.  I do not, neither does Dongsaeng, own the copyrights to any of the pictures used in this post, nor do we own the Youtube video of Lee Min Ho Oppa.  They were found on Pinterest & the Oppasosexy blog.  They are for entertainment purposes only & do not belong to The Crazy Ahjummas.  No copyright infringment is intended.  Please do not steal images & claim them as yours.  That is dishonest, dishonorable & wrong! 


  1. This blog post is hilarious! :D

  2. Your list is missing Daniel Henney!!!

    1. At the time I wrote this I was not a Daniel Henney fan. But as I've spent more & more time in this new world I have discovered so MANY awesome Oppas that were not included on this list as well. My core favorites hardly ever change BUT my favorites list is ALWAYS growing! ;)


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