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Dramatic Friday Review: The King 2 Hearts Final Ep {20}

Ok addiKts.  I'm just gonna dive in & try not to think too much about the fact that this is the final episode of an amazing drama.  I honestly think it'll be the only way I am able to get through this review is if I don't think of it as the end.

Did "Bong Gu get his way" as my dongsaeng put it at the end of episode 19?  Because it sure seemed that way to me.  He managed to get the big scary "War" ball rolling didn't he?  North Korea had cut off all communications with South Korea.  The US was getting ready to bomb North Korea & if they attacked North Korea, then North Korea would be bombing South Korea.  And to make matters worse our 2 leads were being separated as well.  Hang Ah's dad arrived to take her back to the North & Jae Ha had been separated by his guards & had his power as King kind of ripped away, all while he was touring the world trying to smooth international relations over & restore peace & friendships w/ South Korean allies.

And man can Hang Ah's dad lay on the guilt.  Major talent at the guilt there Abeoji.

Basically he tells her the last war separated families for decades & he's already old.  He can't go that long or the next time she sees him it'll be over his grave.  Dang!  That is some serious guilt.  Right?

At the same time Abeoji is guilting Hang Ah into going with him the Prime Minister for South Korea, you know the weaselly one, is explaining that it wasn't his fault or choice to wrest away the power to raise the country's security level to Defcon 3.  He tells him that fun job went to the Joint Chief and Kor-US Combined Forces Command but that it was also approved by the President of the United States.  I actually had to stop the show & write that part down...BTW there was a lot of political titles & lingo thrown around. In an effort to make this post easier I am going to paraphrase & rename whatever I want in the interest that I just don't care about those details as much as I do the characters & their reactions to all of the turmoil.  You've been warned.  

Jae Ha is pissed off, pardon the language, because no matter who pushed it through the PM had to be the one who gave final approval & that is a big jumping the gun, going over Jae Ha's head, kind of no-no.   Jae Ha goes out into the hallway & calls Hang Ah's cell.  And even though her father has expressly told her not to answer his call, our Hang Ah is her own person & therefore will do things her way.  But she does it in a filial way, of course.  

She answers the phone & Jae Ha & she are discussing all the events that took place while they were traveling together.  After a lot of North Korea did this & South Korea did that & the US is doing this...knowing all the while that Bong Gu is behind it all, Jae Ha tells Hang Ah not to cross the border & to wait there, that he'll send a car.  And then I wanted to scream at her when she said no that she was going to go home with her dad.  Seriously the guy has mad skillz when it comes to guilt.  

{Pardon me while I have a mini-meltdown for a minute}
I have just about had it with these 2 being separated!  I am so over the drama of this drama.  It has been one  major upheaval after another & I am quite frankly sick to death of it.  I think that Eun Shi Kyeong's death was the last fricken straw!  I mean COME ON!!!  SERIOUSLY!?!?!  Enough is enough!!!
{Thank you for bearing with me through was scary wasn't it?  It was also necessary...I felt like I was about to explode!!!}  

Yeah definitely over seeing MY favorite guy crying.  
Then before we have settled into another separation the new creepy bad guy, US politician, {w/ the crappy American accent} is on the phone with Bong Gu informing him that "it's done."  That the US is in agreement. And an attack from the US on N Korea is going to happen.  

He looks just a little too happy for my taste.  I cannot wait till Jae Ha's serves his head on a platter.

Uh-oh unnie is getting all scary again.

You guys do realize I'm actually the least scary person around.
For one thing I'm all of 5'2" tall (or 157 cm for the metrically minded).
Oh!  So scary, right?  I can kick shins like a MAD woman!
My 5 year old son refers to me as, "My little mom".  True story.  

And when he gets content we know that he has to gloat.  In the next scene we find Eun Kyu Tae talking to Jae Ha about the mad increase in intense behind closed door meetings happening in DC & Virginia.  That's not a good sign.  

No really it's not...see?

Sorry, I just couldn't help myself.  

Anyway....  After Jae Ha hangs up form Eun Kyu Tae he gets a phone call on his personal cellphone from Senior Psychopath Bong Gu.  Who informs him he sent Jae Ha an email & that Jae Ha has to see this.  I wonder if this was the "present" he referred to in ep 19?  Because I didn't see anything other than this & I can totally see him thinking this is a present.  

What is he referring to?  Why he sent Jae Ha an email copy of the document that states when & how the US will be attacking the North.  And to make it even more official it's signed by the US President himself.  {No we don't get to see Barrack Obama's signature}  

He also tries to goad Jae Ha into a fight or to giving up, not sure which, when he tells Jae Ha he gave him a chance to choose South Korea or himself & Jae Ha chose himself over his people.  And that if even one South Korean citizen dies in this, that it will all be Jae Ha's doing & fault.  But Bong Gu doesn't know how to heap on the guilt.  He needs lessons from Hang Ah's Abeoji.  Jae Ha doesn't fall for it & tells Bong Gu that he will lose, that Jae Ha WILL stop Bong Gu & the war & that he will save his people & that all of this is Bong Gu's fault.  And Jae Ha will get justice in the end & Bong Gu will pay.  

Jae Ha calls back the Head Secretary EKT & tells him about the document & to keep it under wraps, seriously secret here.  No one can know.  And that he wants EKT to confirm the authenticity of the document, which he does.  It's legit.  And they should be, just in case, following protocol & putting the country under Defcon 2, in other words up the security even more.  It's time to lock & load, just in case.  

Which will just freak out the North even more & think that the South will be attacking & joining forces with the US imminently.  So the North raises its level as well.  And Hang Ah's Abeoji is panicking now.  He doesn't want to die.  He knows that Hang Ah's arguing with the leaders of the North & that her refusal to give up the secrets of the South, including the hiding locations of the Royal Family & political leaders, & trying to get the Party Members to back down so much, is going to backfire & once again they will be punished by the Party.  So he brings out tickets & tells her they should go "abroad".  Which means live in Germany, where Jae Ha could visit them every once in a while.  That father & daughter need to get the heck out of dodge, before it's too late.  But Hang Ah still believes in her man.  You go Hang Ah!  Don't give up on your man.  Jae Ha will fix this!  I know he will!  

{Just believe in the power of the DIMPLE!!!}  

Everyone is getting really tense by now.  I am tense, Jae Ha is tense, the military on both sides are getting tense, and we're all waiting for the sirens to go off.  Jae ha sits down with a Military leader & gets the 411 on how bad it will actually be...And here I will let screen shots tell the story.  

Basically it would be catastrophic.  He flashes back & remembers all the people, including Eun Shi Kyeong & his brother King Jae Kang telling him about the delicate balance & how they can't just stand back.  It's a constant battle & they can never give up the dream of peace.  

Hang Ah is also flashing back & remembering that she needs to believe in & trust in Jae Ha, just like she did at the WOC fight between the US & the Koreas.  She pushed that button because she believed in Jae Ha.  She was terrified but she had faith.  She has to dig deep & find that again.  Then the doorbell rings & when she gets there it's a "NEW neighbor" dropping off the traditional I'm new in t he neighborhood so I'm offering my present.  Only it isn't rice, it looks like more pretty girl, personal care stuff, like when Jae Ha made her the facial creams.  Only this looks store bought.  But under the skin care products is a large manila envelope.  She opens it & sees the document declaring the US's intentions to attack North Korea ont he 24th of May.  

Now she has leverage.  She goes to the leader again & says, she won't tell them when the attack will take place unless he opens communications w the South again & agrees to the secret meeting, that they have been trying to get the North to agree to.  And that she has to be the one to meet with Jae Ha.  He doesn't want to but he gives in.  He asks her to tear up the engagement contract to prove her alliance to the Party, which she does easily.  He also tells her he will keep a hold of her father while she is at the meeting so she can't double cross them.  Not to mention that the entire thing will be recorded.  This last part she is ok with.  

So Jae Ha arrives & has no idea he is about to see Hang Ah.  He arrives in the room & sees the surveillance he is under.  Then Hang Ah arrives & offers to shake his hand & acts coolly towards him.  What'd you expect?  For her to run to him?  They are being watched & what's more, she is being fed her lines by the leader.  Jae Ha notices it all, her earpiece, the camera above & her attitude & he immediately knows what's going on.   How does he figure it all out?  Because he is Jae Ha & he is awesome!  I absolutely loved this incredibly intense scene.  I thought Lee Seung Gi was so incredibly cool.  

He refuses to answer her questions trying to get him to alleviate the fear of the North.  Instead he addresses the camera directly & immediately gives away the date of the expected attack by the US, because he is done screwing around!  He asks the leader questions about why he is using Hang Ah like this.  Why they aren't just  trying harder to understand each other?  He then asks Hang Ah what she's going to be doing on the 24th?.  That he wants to get married.  It comes out that if they do the big public wedding sending out invitations & everyone world wide sees that they have picked this day to finally join North & South Korea via marriage that they won't be able to attack.  

Then he tells them they have 5 minutes to say yes to the marriage or they might as well kill Jae Ha right then & there.  Then he presses the big red button calling in the guards from all sides & it's a standoff.  An attack on the king is the same as an attack on the South.  And what's the difference between dying now or dying later.  He'd rather do it right away so he looks at the guard from the North, one of the guys from the WOC days & reminds him that he's a sniper & that he should make sure to take out Jae Ha with one shot, right between the eyes.  All the guards have pulled their weapons.  

Then Hang Ah, who understands him best stands up & takes the North Korean WOC guys gun & aims it directly at Jae Ha's forehead.  If he's going she's going to go right behind him.  Because as soon as she shoots Jae Ha the other WOC South Korean guard is going to shoot her.  

What else can the North leader do?  He capitulates.  At the last possible second of course.  

Holy sigh Batman.  That's some good writing that is.  

And the marriage is on.  Thank goodness.

This really irks Bong Gu.  He calls up his contact who has had it & is about to lose his job & tells Bong Gu, it's over.  With the marriage about to happen who is going to attack them now?

There's a brief moment, on the day of the wedding when the US troops try to stop Jae Ha & his motorcade at the gate/border but he gets through.  Hang Ah is getting dressed in her Hanbok & her father is beside himself giddy, so cute!  I think I sense a happy ending nearing but I am almost afraid I'll jinx it. ^^

Then it's time!


Oh.  My.  Gosh!  It has been an incredibly long time since I last saw you!!  I have missed you so much!

Let's never go through this again?  Ok?  Good.  So whatcha been up to lately?  Oh.  Yeah, you're right, we can talk later.  

And of course we have to see Bong Gu get tried & found guilty.  That felt so good.  Chincha!

Then he's in jail, for the rest of his life, I might add.  {giggle}

And Jae Ha comes to visit him.  They have witty repartee which basically ends with Jae Ha walking away after thanking Bong Gu for helping to bring together North & South.  And Bong Gu gets all psycho & starts yelling about Club M still being there, new leader, same mission statement...blah blah blah blah who gives a crap.  

Then it's 4 years later.  Okay so I gotta admit, I'm a little miffed that we didn't get a honeymoon moment at all.  I'm not looking for an actual scene but a good kiss & a little door closing would have been nice, but whatever.  4 years later they have a little Crown Prince running around & saying Mother w North Korean accent & freaking out the South Korean peoples.  Princess Jae Shin, is about to go on a blind date & is talking it over w/ Eun Shi Kyeong.  No he's still passed away.  But she's talking to him & he urges her to go on & find happiness.  Aww even in death he is absolutely honorable man.  Grandpa is uber cute when he gets to see his grandson on the big screen TV via video chat.  There is a new group of WOC candidates & there is warmth & camaraderie between the originals, including Jae Ha. Life goes on.  That is how the story ends.  With our 2 wonderful leads walking hand in hand together to face the press.  Life goes on.  

That's all addiKts.  We made it through an incredibly compelling & exhausting emotional roller coaster of a drama.  Definitely in my top 3 favorites list.  As much as I loved this drama & as much as I have fallen for Lee Seung Gi & Jo Jeong Seok I am not going to miss the emotional upheaval week in & week out.  

I have loved reviewing this drama though & I will miss the amazing writing & the amazing acting.  It was an all around awesome drama.  Thank you for being with us through this drama, for supporting us & for reading & liking our recap/reviews.  I hope you keep coming back, even if we aren't reviewing a LSG drama.  

I send all my love out into the blogosphere & the around the globe tonight.  Looking forward to more reviews & dramas & K love in the future.  

Now it's time for my dongsaeng's 2 cents....

Dongsaeng, take it away gurl!  


Dongsaeng's Two Cents:

And then there were none.  No new episodes of TK2H to look forward to week after week.  I really truly enjoyed this drama.  I loved Lee Seung Gi and Ha Jiwon together, even with their 10 year age difference.  It was most definitely a roller coaster with a lot of ups and downs and even some bumps along the way, but oh, what a ride!  Have I ever told you how much I love and adore roller coasters?  I don't think I'd be such a drama addiKt if I didn't.  It kind of comes with the territory, don't you think?  

I like how the show resolved.  Except I wanted Bong Gu dead.  Life in prison was too good for him.  That's just more time for the crazy to fester and grow.  Oh well.  There was some sort of grim satisfaction to see him sitting in a cell all by himself with the knowledge that he lost (even though he claims to have won).

The wedding scene was beautiful.  I loved the barricade scene where Jae Ha nods at the guard who then nods back in return and opens the gate, all while the U.N. soldiers flip out.  Haha!  I loved the symbolism in having the wedding there at the border between the North and South.  I was choked up through the whole scene, not just because of the sweet love story between two characters that I absolutely adore, but at the peace and unification of nations.  Well, not official unification - they are still separate nations even four years later, but unification in spirit.  It was lovely.

And that's where I'll end it for now.  Unnie is waiting on me to finish up and it's late for her.  I could go on and on and on, but frankly, after the marathon crunch of watching and reviewing these final episodes of these two shows, I am drained.  I just don't have much else to say.  I loved this show.  I hope you loved it as well.  I hope that you have enjoyed our reviews.  It has been an adventure of epicness for both Unnie and myself.  We've enjoyed getting to know some of you better and hope to be able to reach many, many more in the future.  We love this stuff and like knowing that we're not the only weird ones out there that do ;)  So, thank you for visiting us and stick around to see what comes next!  We're not going away and we hope that neither do you!  Thank you all from the bottom of our addiKted hearts!

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