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Witch's Romance Episode 12 - 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover

As I started this episode I pretty much had a constant inner dialogue going on in my head that went something along these lines: "leave him.... leave him.....ugh I hate Polar Bears.... just die already.....Why?  Why are you dating him?"  Of course my mind wandered towards what I would write for my recap, since I am always trying to figure out new ways to portray similar information (Doesn't it feel like we have been wishing Polar Bear gone for a really long time now?) and then I swear the muses stuck this song in my head and it has been repeating for the last hour as I got more and more annoyed with Shi Hoon and his narcissistic annoying personality.  So this is my theme for episode 12 and feel free to listen to this great song by Paul Simon titled "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" as you read.  Also we will be counting down some of my favorite breakup lines, just in case Ji Yeon needs some help telling Polar Bear to get lost.

"50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" - Paul Simon

It's you, not me...I mean it's me, not you.
When I am in a pissy mood, my dear significant other knows about it.  When I am unhappy about something, I of course send out unhappy vibes into the universe and he figures out that I am upset.  If I have had a great day, my husband notices and usually comments upon it and asks how my day was.  What I want to know is, how Polar Bear can be so completely oblivious to the huge signals of despair that Ji Yeon is throwing out.  She might as well be wearing a T-Shirt that say "I don't love you", since the vibe can not be any clearer.

"Our relationship is like doing push ups on your knees... It's just not working out"
Ji Yeon gets more and more anxious as the wedding preparations begin to steamroll forward.  Not only does her mom have her getting married within a month, but Shi Hoon is already house hunting and writing out their 10 year plan.  When she musters up the courage to ask if they are maybe rushing too fast towards the wedding?  Polar Bear asks if it is because of Dong Ha, then tells her to not worry since she will forget as time goes by and it will get better.
If a guy, specifically your fiancee says the words "Don't worry, as time goes by it will get better" in regards to you be anxious over the wedding, DON'T BELIEVE HIM.  He is lying and trying to push you towards an unhappy future. You might think that you want to have a giant polar bear because they are exotic and larger than life, but what you really want and need is a cute puppy.  What happens when you are pushed into getting the Polar Bear and you are forced to actually deal with it.  Can you even imagine the amount of  cleanup and effort that would require? That is a level of crap that you don't want to commit to.  Take the perfect puppy that you fell in love with and fits your lifestyle.  At least he listens to you and is house trained.

"Hey baby, are you being followed? Because I've been seeing people behind your back."
No matter how hard Ji Yeon and Dong Ha try to stay apart, fate and the intertwining of their friends are thwarting them at every turn. Which is causing equal parts joy and despair for the couple.  They always seem to eat each other up with their eyes when they accidentally meet, go into their old camaraderie, and then deep depression when they must come back to their separate realitites.  It is a cycle that they can't seem to break no matter how much they each say they are going to let the other go. 
"Is it hot in here or is this relationship suffocating me?"
Even Ji Yeon's marriage obsessed momma is noticing that things are not all flowers and hearts between the couple.  She questions whether this really is the right decision for her daughter.  Poor Ji Yeon can't even seem to muster up fake joy and instead just looks more miserable as she says that Shi Hoon is a good man.  But her mother gently says that sometimes feelings change and that she is more invested in her daughter being happy than just having her marry because she thinks she ought to.  Such a wonderful scene between mother and daughter, and hopefully this much needed motherly advice will sink in to her stubborn daughters psyche.
  I have finished my unfinished business with you. 
Things come to a head when BFF Na-Rae has some stomach pains on the way to the wedding photographers.  Thinking she is in mid-miscarriage (actually was constipation and gas from overeating), Ji Yeon directs the driver to take them straight to the hospital where Na Rae's husband and Dong Ha meets them.  Time pauses as Dong Ha sees Ji Yeon in her wedding dress and I think he might have literally stopped breathing.  It is obvious that they are emotionally connected and it finally gets through to Shi Hoon, who sees the pair together (when Ji Yeon had not even bothered calling him to break the photography appt.).  Rather than interrupt the lovebirds he just stomps away.

Hum, sing, whistle 50 ways to leave your lover constantly.  
Shi Hoon finally gets the hint, and is a major narcissistic donkey, who deserves to be run over by a herd of rabid jackalopes, when he confronts Ji Yeon later that night.  (WARNING: I would just like to say that it is very late as I am writing this and maybe some of my comparisons and word choices might move towards the creative side of the spectrum. And for those of you wondering what a Jackalope is, I provided a photo below). 
Polar Bear tells her that this relationship is just not working for him since Ji Yeon refuses to put him first.  He also says that he knows that she waited for six years, but he can't even handle waiting the several hours at the studios without being angry.   And since he is now so angry with her selfishness they should just break off the wedding. 
SERIOUSLY?  That is how you do the right thing and break off your relationship when she can't?  Shi Hoon could have easily taken the higher road and broken things off in a mature and classy fashion (Seriously she would not have hung on to you), instead he acts like a total complete jerk and says hateful things to drive her away.   I truly think he was doing it to give her the out she obviously wanted, however the execution was very poorly done.
I feel that finally we are seeing the end of the Polar Bear couple and we can finally get to the good romantic OTP stuff that we have been waiting for.  It is time for Ji Yeon to become more proactive and go hunt down her man.  I just hope that he gives in quickly since I personally can't wait to see Dong Ha and Ji Yeon walk off into the sunset wearing couple T-shirts and annoying people with their high levels of cutesy love sickness.


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  1. Finally the end of Mr. Polar Bear!!! I am so excited for next week's episode. And I'm loving the bromance. Yan Cheoul sure knows how to make me laugh when my heart is aching with our Dong Ha.

  2. Oh and I love drunk Dong Ha yelling at polar bears poster at the bus stop from the previous episode. It was hilarious and he's so cute!!!

    1. I thought it was funny that he lost in a fight against Polar Bears poster. Drunk Dong Ha is adorable.

  3. I LOVE this drama SO MUCH <3 OTP feels ~

    Do you know what the name is of the instrumental song that plays when when Shi Hoo sees Dong Ha with Jiyeon in her wedding dress at the hospital? It's when DH and JY are sitting down and DH is looking at her helplessly in awe. When she looks at him, he turns away and this heart-achingly beautiful instrumental song plays; It's not in the official OST, so I can't find it anywhere.

    If you or anyone knows, PLEASE let me know, I'd greatly appreciate it! Thank you ^_^


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