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Dramatic Friday Review: King 2 Hearts ep 13

235 screenshots later...

Holy Moly this one ended really interesting.  All I could think was, "Well.  Crap." 

{giggle} I know so ladylike right? {blush}

What does Jae Ha have that John Mayor does not have?  People.  So simple.  Jae Ha has people who believe in him & support him even when he's not quite as lovable as he could or even should be.  His brother, Hang Ah, his mom & sister & the people of South Korea.  What was in the box that Jae Ha sent to John Mayor?  A pimped out Royal version of a Flash Drive.  Dang even flash drives for the royal family are gold encrusted bling! 

What is on the flash drive?  A video letter back to John Mayor from Jae Ha.  Jae Ha expresses his disappointment with Mayor for opening the box & for playing the flash drive.  Then he proceeds to tell John Mayor about his people.  And best of all he shows John Mayor video of Jae Ha & John Mayor's quasi-girlfriend.  I say 'quasi' because she is at the bar w/ Jae Ha running down Mayor.   Calling him disgusting, explaining his 'Napoleon Complex'.  Calling himself the King is laughable to her & that she is only w/ this loser because he has money, after all that is how the world works right?  Jae Ha understands her. 

Unfortunately, during the video playback, the girlfriend walks into the room & starts nagging John Mayor, who then reaches between the couch cushions, produces a gun & shoots her dead square in the chest.  While she lays on the floor already dead & bleeding out & while he is listening to her go on, via video, about how lame he is, he unloads two more rounds into her lifeless body.  Guess he wanted her to hurry up & bleed out faster.  Nothing more annoying than a slow bleeder, right?  I know it always bugs me. 

All week long we all wondered what was the Big Announcement going to be?  Remember Jae Ha & Hang Ah made a big deal about some big announcement they were going to be making together?  Dongsaeng was positive they were going to announce they had already gotten married (eloped).  I wasn't sure what it was going to be.  I had, I will admit, hoped it would be an elopement announcement myself.  But I just couldn't believe they would do something like that.  

Turns out I was right to not fall for such a romantic idea.  Instead, at the memorial for the former King, they announce that they are going to participate in the WOC, just as the former King, Jae Ha's Hyung, had wanted them too.  This includes Jae Ha btw.  Yes the current King will be participating as well.  Not only that BUT that the engagement between himself & Hang Ah will only continue IF they do well at the WOC.  WHAT?!?!  And the thing is that Kim Hang Ah is on board with this plan.  THIS it turns out is their big announcement. 

Which freaks out the Prime Minister who later, when alone w/ Jae Ha & Eun Kyu Tae, questions the decision emphatically.  Which prompts little Mary Sunshine...I mean Eun Kyu Tae to ask the King, "What happens if you lose?"  He's such a positive being, right?  Seriously he makes Shirley Temple look like Debbie Downer.  {really want someone to invent a 'sarcasm' font}

But Jae Ha refuses to be dissuaded from their plan.  It will go through as planned & they WILL win.  They have all the power of their strategists behind them helping to plot out....Oh wait, Jae Ha asks the Prime Minister if he will even understand any of this, since he was exempt from serving in the Korean military.  Oh Snap!  The look on the Prime Minister's face...
Especially when Jae Ha asks if he should have his, the Royal Doctor, come in & check the Prime Minister's blood pressure, because Jae Ha is worried about all the stress this is putting on the P.M.  Classic!
Hello Dimple. sigh.  I missed you all week, dimple.  I saw pictures of you on Pinterest etc...but it just wasn't the same. 

Sorry.  Uh...where was I? 

Oh yeah.  {giggle, oh come on you know you like the dimple too!  All I'm saying is... don't judge me!}

At which point the P.M. smiles...awkwardly & excuses himself & leaves it all up to the King's discretion.  It must be hard to be a spineless weasel.  It's at this point we find out that during the month long absence of Jae Ha that he will turn Korea over to the next rightful heir.... Princess Jae Shin.

Who obviously is still having issues adjusting to the life of the disabled.  As in the next scene we see her cruising at high speed through the palace...nearly running anyone & everyone down in her path.  Pity party for one please?  Not that I blame her.  I can't say how I would react to such a situation.  I just wish she were that brave, determined, refusing to back down, gonna do it her way chick, that I admired so much in the beginning of the show.  But we can really see how vulnerable she is when, during her cruise, she comes to the top of the stairs & you can see she is seriously tempted to drive her chair right over the edge of the top of the stair.

How does she react to her brother's decision to make her regent for the month?  Not well.  She's too scared, too unsure of herself.  And the Queen Mother is not helping.  She is on overprotective mode, though who on earth could blame her.  My son is in a wheelchair & it takes every ounce of discipline to not do everything for him & try to make his life as easy as possible.  I can totally relate to the Queen Mother here.  And yet while I can empathize I can also see how she is doing more harm than good by sheltering Jae Shin so sincerely.  She means well but she isn't doing Jae Shin any favors.  Jae Shin has to face her memories.  Which is what Hang Ah is trying to get her to do.  And when Hang Ah tries to do this, she kind of loses her cool & raises her voice, in front of the Queen Mother, to Jae Shin.  She thens turns on the aegyo & asks the QM in her sweetest voice if she could talk to the Princess alone.  Then the princess says, "no mom don't leave us, she has a horrible temper & the last time she threw me around & even beat me. Don't leave me with her."  (paraphrasing)  {Totally cracking up}

But the next day Jae Ha helps Hang Ah out.  He faces down his mom while Hang Ah takes on the princess. He's trying to explain to his mother that the people are saying Jae Shin is mad.  That she is locked up in the Palace because she's lost her marbles.  That they can't keep her hidden away from the world anymore.  And that they need her memories to get the people responsible for the former King's death & for making Jae Shin like this to begin with.  He explains that John Mayor has flat out claimed responsibility & that he is a monster & that they need to get him & punish him. 

But the Queen Mother is terrified of losing another child.  And it is here that I, once again, became way too caught up in the show.  As the Queen Mother sobbed repeatedly, "No Jae Ha.  Save me." I couldn't help but cry along with her.  Her fear was palpable.  And it didn't help that Jae Ha was crying along with his sweet little mom.  More than being the Queen Mother to an entire nation we are shown that she is first & foremost a mom.  A terrified mom.  Who just wants to keep, what's left of her family, safe from the big bad wolf.  I cannot blame her & I can't say I wouldn't feel the same way.  Even though as a 3rd party viewer I can say that she needs to be more proactive in the apprehension of the bad guy & forcing her daughter to fight.  Being a 3rd party viewer removes me from the same fear she feels.  Such an emotional scene.  Excellently portrayed by an amazing actress & actor. 

When Hang Ah & Jae Ha are discussing their results together that night Hang Ah asks Jae Ha how the location of the King & Queen even got out to begin with?  Which gives him pause.  Knowing that John Mayor knew the location never occurred to him before.  Only a few people knew about it after all.  The Royal Guard, the family, the head secretary & a few security members. 

Who could have leaked the information?  At this Hang Ah asks him if they can trust the Head Secretary?  And I wanted to shout, "Finally!  Someone there is looking in the right direction!" 

He can't believe it could be him.  The Head Secretary has worked there for over 30 years, since before Jae Ha was even born.  But Hang Ah tells Jae Ha about how Eun Kyu Tae lied to her about going before the trial.  Telling her that Jae Ha asked her to go, which we know is not true.  Jae Ha looks shocked by this news.  He wants to know if this is how she felt up till now, that he had sent her?  She says no, because Eun Kyu Tae told her afterwards, that he lied to her to get her to go.  Which is why she wants to know if he can be trusted.  This is what finally has Jae Ha doubting Eun Kyu Tae.

So the next day the Princess goes to Eun Shi Kyung & tells him she'll do it, she'll be the Regent for her brother, on one condition.  That he has to stay by her side.  That she is terrified & cannot go through with the plan, her brother has come up with, without Eun Shi Kyung by her side.  He's supposed to be a part of the WOC but he will find another person to cover for him.  How could he not when she says...

Eun Shi Kyung goes to Jae Ha & tells him what his sister has said to which Jae Ha replies with...

He wants to know how Eun Shi Kyung is able to get Hang Ah & Jae Shin to agree to things, he MUST be seducing them.  LOL  Poor Eun Shi Kyung gets all fumbly & blurts out that the Princess isn't his type when Jae Ha teases him about becoming an in law.  Is it just me or do these 2 guys really go well together?  The straight laced, sincere Eun Shi Kyung & the funny, irreverent Jae Ha?  Yin Yang if ever there was! 

Then Jae Ha gives Eun Shi Kyung an assignment.  To find out who is responsible for leaking the location of the vacation house.  He is to question everyone, with the exception of the Royal family themselves.  This includes Eun Shi Kyung questioning his own father.  Which, in case you were wondering, does NOT go well. 

Eun Kyu Tae then starts trying to get in touch with John Mayor whom he has found out is planning on attending the event where the Princess will be presiding, her first official duty after becoming Regent.  Eun Kyu Tae is starting to look worried.  And I am starting to feel satisfaction in that!  I think, at one point, he meant well, but I think he has allowed his position & title to go to his head.  I think he may have started out with pure intentions but it has gotten out of his control & now I think he'll do just about anything to save his own butt & cover it all up. 

In the middle of all of this & the evening before they head off to the WOC, we get to see the first & only romantic scene between our two leads.  Jae Ha is doing what all men must do...barbecuing.  Ugh fire good!  I guess I shouldn't say all men have to do this, there are exceptions to every rule.  However, this is unlike any barbecue I have ever been too.  Granted I don't have a whole lot of experience barbecuing in the backyard of a palace &/or with a King either.  So....

But there is a tent set up & a beautifully laid table & candles & flowers & lighting.  {hmmmm}

It's here we hear the heartbreaking tale of a very young Jae Ha & his experience with his first love. 

His mom had enrolled him in a normal school, where it was not known that he was the Crown Prince & he fell for a beautiful but stuck up little girl, who could not be bothered with the very ordinary Jae Ha.  3 days later when the news leaked out who he really was, she was all of a sudden his girlfriend.  And it disgusted him & now he just wants to forget his sycophant first love.  Can't say I blame him.  Unfortunately, it set a precedent for all the relationships he had afterwards.  No one really knew him or truly liked him, Jae Ha.  They all loved & adored the Crown Prince though.  Which made him very lonely.  {sad face}  Poor sweet Jae Ha.  I feel for the child & admire the man he became despite being used his whole life. 

How does Hang Ah react?  She falls even more for him, of course, just like she was (we were all) supposed to. 
Just a small kiss but such a romantic moment that I was BIG GRIN the whole time!
Then it was time for the WOC to begin.  We're reaching the end.  At the WOC all the countries come together & there are rounds.  Where 2 countries face off.  They all draw these big glass balls from a bowl & when they remove a sticker it shows which country will be facing which country.  The group from North/South Korea is sitting at their table debating which countries they need to get in order to pass the first round, remember an engagement hangs in the balance. 

{Yeah I know it's more than that but come on it's all you care about too}

At the same time this is going on the Princess is getting ready to make her first public appearance, since the accident & as Regent.  Eun Shi Kyung is by her side, as requested.  He tells her he can't be at the podium with her but he will be within eye sight the whole time.  She is still terrified of everyone staring at her & he kneels down in front of her chair & reminds her of the time they were wishing on the shooting star.  He tells her he wasn't looking at the shooting star.  He was looking at her.  That she was sparkling & still is....

OMGosh!!!  A total heart melting moment!  I was totally his in that moment.  I am so crushing on Eun Shi Kyung!!  Thinking my Pinterest Eye Candy board will be getting blown up with all sorts of pictures of him soon. {wink, wink, hubba, hubba, rowr!}

John Mayor is in attendance at the Princess' big moment...  The preview looks really good for episode 14 here...but no I won't say what I saw, in case you haven't seen it yourself.  Spoilers.  But since ep 14 should be done tonight sometime I guess we won't have to wait long.

Back at WOC, it's Korea's turn to draw.  Both Jae Ha & Hang Ah go up & Jae Ha begins to draw.  The balls do something funny & he picks one.  Remember they are praying for an easy country to Italy, Netherlands, Iran or Egypt.  Of course by the time they get up there Egypt & Italy are already spoken for...Netherlands.  Netherlands.  Netherlands!  Would this be nearly so exciting if an easy country is picked?  I don't think so.   

Jae Ha draws, peels off the sticker & reveals that the country Korea will face first is.....


And that my fellow K-addiKts is why I said, "Well. Crap." earlier. 

So many exciting things coming up in the next episode.  But I will let Dongsaeng review that one & I will now turn time over to her for her 2 cents. 


Dongsaeng's 2 cents:

Don't mind me.  I'm just in my post King 2 Hearts haze here.  *happy sigh*  I love this drama.  I do.  I really really truly do.  It may be an emotional roller coaster.  It may turn me into a great big jiggly pool of sentimental goo at times.  I may get too worked up and way more into it than is healthy, but heaven help me, I am in love with this drama 100%.  It is the best part of my week.  I cried during the scene with Jae Ha and his mother as he revealed to her the truth about Mayer's involvement in Jae Kang's death and when she pleaded with him (Jae Ha) to just let it go - "let's be cowards" she cries in order to protect her children.  She is afraid - afraid of this crazed lunatic who thought nothing of murdering a nation's king and who has his sights set on the rest of her family.  What mother wouldn't balk at that kind of threat against her family?  I am so happy that Jae Shin is starting to emerge from her post-accident dark place, albeit hesitantly and slowly.  Lucky for her she has the amazing and stalwart Shi Kyung by her side, adorable and sweet as ever.  This royal family has stolen my heart.  They are just all admirable in their own unique ways.  

How awesome was the scene where the other WOC members get in a tickle fight with Jae Ha?!  It was their way of saying, "sure, you may be a king now, but you're still the same guy you were back when we trained with you".  It turned an awkward formal moment into one where they were just guys, guys who I'm sure will soon bear the weight of the world and all the crazy of a psychopath, but still just young guys.  Young guys in hot military dress uniforms.  Oh yeah!  You know what I'm talking about.  Mmm hmmm.  Nice that.  Very nice.  Nothing like a man in uniform except for a whole slew of them in uniform goofing around and tickling another one.  Yup.  

Okay, this is looking more and more like a quarter than 2 cents, so I'll leave it at that.  I will be returning later with a review of 14.  Until then, happy viewing!

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